Saturday, December 30, 2006

Family Guy - Death Dates a Liberal

I love this.

Hussein Executed

David Horowitz writes:

As the decent world rejoices let us remember why his rape rooms and acid baths, his plastic shredders and mass graves are now shut down; why his plans to build nuclear and chemical and biological weapons and use them on his enemies are aborted; why his reign is over. For Saddam would be a force for evil in the world today if brave and courageous men and women had not been determined to take him down and had not stayed the course until it was done.

I don't think any man's death is a reason to rejoice, but this execution had to happen. Until his death, this butcher still cast a very long shadow on the people he had terrorized - and the new Iraqi government.

It's obvious that Iraq's road to security and peace will be difficult, but today there is one less impediment.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Deep Thoughts to Ponder Before a Hanging

“One should forgive one’s enemies, but not before they are hanged”
...Heinrich Heine

"When you hit the end of the rope...
your muscles lose control. I'm afraid I'll mess myself."
...Perry Smith, In Cold Blood 1967

"Ordinarily, I'd take you in my court - and try you - and hang you. But if you've got money for whiskey, I guess we can dispense with those proceedings."
...The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean 1972

This time tomorrow reckon where I'll be
Down in some lonesome valley
Hanging from a white oak tree.
Hang down your head, Tom Dooley...

Weight - Drop
14 stone (196 lbs.) 8 ft. 0 in.
13 1/2 stone (189 lbs.) 8 ft. 2 in.
13 stone (182 lbs.) 8 ft. 4 in.
12 1/2 stone (175 lbs.) 8 ft. 6 in.
12 stone (168 lbs.) 8 ft. 8 in.
11 1/2 stone (161 lbs.) 8 ft. 10 in.
11 stone (154 lbs.) 9 ft. 0 in.
10 1/2 stone (147 lbs.) 9 ft. 2 in.
10 stone (140 lbs.) 9 ft. 4 in.
9 1/2 stone (133 lbs.) 9 ft. 6 in.
9 stone (126 lbs.) 9 ft. 8 in.
8 1/2 stone (119 lbs.) 9 ft. 10 in.
8 stone (112 lbs.) 10 ft. 0 in.
Why not give everyone a ten foot drop? Turns out that with too much of a drop, if you're too heavy, you decapitate yourself, which is quite messy.

Dang me, dang me
They oughta take a rope and hang me
High from the highest tree
Woman would you weep for me.
...Roger Miller

Saddam Hussein will have an easier death than that of the children he gassed. His death will not involve the tortuous pain he inflicted upon so many of his people. But I suspect this unrepentant monster will receive a justice fitting his crimes... And 77 virgins will not be involved.
Edwards for President?

Mark Belling, hosting for a vacationing Rush Limbaugh, said he is picking Edwards to win the Democrat nomination.

So when was the last time a failed Vice Presidential nominee was:
1) nominated for president?
2) elected president?
Thought for the Day...

Better to live on a corner of the roof
than share a house with a quarrelsome wife.

Proverbs 21:9
Wisdom Acquired...

If you ever hope to be a credible adult and want a job that pays better than minimum wage, then for God's sake don't pierce or tattoo every available piece of flesh. If so, then plan your future around saying, "Do you want fries with that?" ...George Carlin

I find it interesting that this is the same kind of statement and point of view that Carlin lampooned back in the 60's and 70's when he was young and cool.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Gerald Rudolph Ford R.I.P.

I actually saw the "Whip Inflation Now" speech in which President Ford encouraged us to wear "WIN" buttons. And I think the WIN button pretty much sums up the Ford Presidency.

This button sums up the brilliant and sophisticated Ford campaign of 1976.

If Ford had beaten Carter - I like to think the Iran Hostage Crisis wouldn't have happened - or it would have been handled better... But I'm not sure. I don't think there was that much difference between Gerry and Jimmy. During our country's post-Vietnam illness (a lingering malady among Democrats today) it would have taken a "Reagan" to march into Tehran and explain a few things. But that train has left the station, and here we are today.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I Once Had a Doll Named Nancy

When I was very young... while playing doctor, I put merthiolate on a couple of my sister's dolls - and voila' - My mother bought me my very own doll. And I believe there was some talk of me staying away from my sister's stuff. I named the doll Nancy after my sister's friend on whom I had a huge crush.

Eighteen years ago I was involved in a romantic dalliance of seismic proportions - the type of steamy relationship in which you lose weight - because you forget to eat. To describe her face I would say that - if God had made Reba McEntire beautiful, she would have looked like this girl. She was a brown-haired, brown-eyed, coltish-legged, petite little thing that might have tipped the scales at 100 pounds, if soaking wet - but she was stronger than I could ever hope to be and I was helplessly wrapped about her finger.

In the summer of 88' she ate me up and spit me out, and I said never again. She came back in the summer of 95', did the exact same thing, and it was delightfully painful.

Anyway, where am I going with this? Well, as I get older my mind is beginning to play little tricks on me. My memories are being edited by my brain as it fills in holes by incorporating dreams, images on TV, and scenes from movies. Distinct experiences, faces, and times are blending together to make an out-of-sync, out-of-context mish mash of names, faces, and experiences from my past.

Once a memory has been infected by this process, it becomes a reoccurring and haunting misrepresentation of my past.

Current events are making this phenomenon unnerving and quite disturbing.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Working on Christmas

When you work in a hospital you often end up working holidays... So here I am at work on Christmas morning. I always volunteer to work Christmas because the females I work with have kids and grand kids. I, of course, have no one. I'm childless, loveless, friendless, and even my parents aren't terribly fond of me. Yes, it's very sad.

Do the females I work with appreciate me for working Christmas? No, they do not. They say, "You're such a loser - you might as well work Christmas, what else have you got to do?"

At that, I simply smile humbly and say Merry Christmas... and slowly walk away...

Though I'm unappreciated and misunderstood, I carry on - knowing that Jesus and the apostles are up in heaven and looking down on me in my selflessness. They no doubt whisper amongst themselves, saying - "That Malott is some guy!

My only complaint is with all these sick people. If they had a little more consideration, they'd be home for Christmas and I wouldn't have to work so hard.

Well, Merry Christmas from Malott's Blog.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Just a Note...

I was recently involved in a blogging argument at "Fundies Say the Darndest Things" where I was ripped for calling Great Britain a very secular country.

An overwhelming number of Britons believe religion does more harm than good while non-believers outnumber believers by nearly two to one, an ICM poll suggested.

But in general, The Guardian survey confirmed the overall decline in religious observance in recent years, particularly in Christian denominations: only 13 percent said they visited a place of worship at least once a week.
Forty-three percent said they never attended.

Although Britain is Protestant, with its monarch Queen Elizabeth II the "defender of the faith", only a small minority (17 percent) described it as a Christian country.

So there.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Rule Britannia!

Mohammed and its alternate spelling Muhammad have overtaken such stalwart monikers as George and Joseph on the list of the most popular name for boys born in England and Wales.

There have been 2,833 babies named Mohammed born so far this year, and 1,422 named Muhammad, for a total of 4,255 – compared to 3,386 Georges and 3,755 Josephs, the Telegraph reports.

Rule Britannia!
Britannia rule the waves.
Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

At least... not just yet.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Message for Miss U.S.A.
(CBS/AP) Miss USA, Tara Conner, has agreed to go into rehab and will be allowed to keep her title, Donald Trump announced Tuesday.

Like a gold ring in a pig's snout
is a beautiful woman without discretion.
Proverbs 11:22

Sometimes the Bible is just too cool.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Time Magazines's Person of the Year

The common geek.
Gutsy Prediction for December

And now, a regular feature here on Malott's Blog - The Monthly Gutsy Prediction - where I go way out on a limb and make a truly amazing and courageous prediction, putting my blog's hard earned credibility and spotless reputation on the line - leaving my readers mystified and just a little bit overcome with admiration.

So here we go.

I predict that in the struggle between the Israelis and their Muslim neighbors - the next barbaric and murderous act committed - the next futile and senseless act of cruelty - the next murdering of innocents - will be perpetrated by- wait for it... the Muslims.

Call me crazy, but I live in a universe governed by cause and effect. And in the world of the Middle East, the cause is always a suicide bomber or a rocket launched from Lebanon... And the effect is always Israel retaliating - with amazing restraint.

The "cause and effect" concept affords even the simplest mind an avenue to escape pain. I drink champagne - I get a headache... What to do?

We attack Israel - we get our butts kicked... How can we avoid this painful outcome?

At some point you figure it out, unless you're a hate-filled nut... Or a member in good standing - of the United Nations.

Monday, December 18, 2006

The Iran Follies

Iranian student activists who staged an angry protest against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad last week have gone into hiding in fear for their lives after his supporters threatened them with revenge.
One student fled after being photographed holding a banner reading, "Fascist president, the polytechnic is not for you", during Mr Ahmadinejad's visit to Tehran's Amir Kabir university. At least three others have gone underground after being seen burning his picture. Vigilantes from the militant Ansar-e Hezbollah group have been searching for them.

Students now fear an even fiercer crackdown. "We believe [the authorities] will react much worse than before," said Armin Salmasi, 26, a leading activist. "We are already under constant surveillance. The student movement in Iran is going to be driven underground - just like it was before the revolution.",,1974334,00.html


TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Opponents of hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took an early lead in key races in Iran's local elections, according to partial results announced Monday, with moderate conservatives winning control of councils across Iran.
If the final results hold - especially in the bellwether capital, Tehran - it will be an embarrassment to Ahmadinejad...

A political analyst, Mostafa Mirzaeian, said Iran's political lineup was changing in favor of more moderate voices - although he stressed those winning were still within the ruling Islamic establishment.
"Results also show that a new coalition has developed between reformers and moderate conservatives, at the expense of hard-line extremists who support Ahmadinejad," he said.

It sounds as if all is not well in the Wonderful World of Islam.

My question is - where is the CIA? Why aren't we helping opponents to this government of nutjobs?
Maybe we already are - but I don't think so. Surely if the CIA was involved the Democrats would leak it - and probably call for hearings denouncing it.

Michael Jackson in South Park

One of the things I'm most thankful for is that I was raised by two relatively normal Christian parents.
Fairly normal.
Well, they had their normal moments.

They're Coming

For the past year, a secret has been slowly spreading among Taliban commanders in Afghanistan: a 12-man team of Westerners was being trained by Al Qaeda in Pakistan for a special mission. Most of the Afghan fighters could rely only on hearsay, but some told of seeing the "English brothers" (as the foreign recruits were nicknamed for their shared language) in person.

U.S. and British security agencies have known this threat would come sooner or later. While saying he could not confirm the English brothers' case specifically, a spokesman for Britain's Foreign Office (unnamed as a matter of standard policy) calls it "common knowledge" that jihadist recruits have been traveling from Britain to Pakistan for indoctrination and training.

And the scariest part is not what M.I.5 knows but what it doesn't know: there's no way the authorities can watch more than a tiny percentage of the 400,000 British residents who visit Pakistan every year.

American intelligence officials tell NEWSWEEK that their people are definitely concerned about terror suspects and operatives shuttling back and forth between Britain and Pakistan. One particular worry is that under current practice, British visitors to the States are not required to apply in advance for temporary visas, which are routinely granted to any British passport holder who is not on a watch list. In other words, the door is wide open for Britain's growing ranks of young jihadists, even those who have attended Al Qaeda training camps, if they are unknown to intelligence agencies.

Europe with its liberal, multiculturalist-loving governments isn't up to the task of dealing with this sort of threat. But I'm not sure the Democrat Congress we just elected is any more capable of making the tough decisions necessary to protect us here in the States. Maybe if they take a poll...

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Star Parker: A Christian Woman's View on Racism

Paula Zahn and CNN recently aired a program on racism in America - whose message apparently was, "Why yes, there is some." While I'm always appreciative of brilliant deductions, Star Parker's comments on the piece were more interesting than... the piece.
She writes:

It ignored the most destructive and widely prevailing racist attitude in our society today, one of which both blacks and whites are guilty. This is the attitude that blacks cannot be held to the same standards as whites.

Recently, Donald Rumsfeld, talking about the need to turn Iraq over to the Iraqis, used the analogy of teaching a kid to ride a bike. He said that if you never let go of the bicycle seat, the kid will never learn to ride.

An attitude still prevails in America today that we can't let go of the black bicycle seat, that blacks cannot be left alone to compete head-to-head, to fend for themselves and play by the same rules that every American lives and plays by.

...soon it will be a half-century since the passage of the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. A quarter of black America remains in poverty, the state of our inner-city black families is disastrous, and destructive behavior by our inner-city youth is widespread.

These problems will not get solved if the hand of the state remains on the bicycle seat of this community. And the attitude that we can't let go defines today's most virulent strain of racism.
So, in answer to the CNN crew's question, there is indeed racism under the surface in our country today that we're neither really aware of nor willing to admit.

It's a racism of diminished expectations. A racism that says blacks still need special treatment in education and job placement, that we can't give black parents freedom to choose where to send their kids to school, that we can't let low-income black workers build wealth through a personal retirement account, instead of paying Social Security taxes, because they won't know what to do.
This is the racism that will keep this community disproportionately in trouble.

And if you're interested in this amazing woman's life - an incredible story of the Gospel's ability to change people, read here:

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Merry Christmas to our Troops

Here is a wonderful flash tribute
Skyepuppy's "Stutthof"

Skyepuppy has a great pictorial post from her trip to a concentration/death camp in Poland.

She writes:
"...the only people who deny the Holocaust these days are the ones who want to finish the job."

Can you imagine the faith required to not-believe in things that are seen?
But all humans are religious in one way or another. We all serve a master.

However, I don't understand the Left's metamorphosis from the pro-Jewish, pro-Israel stance of my childhood - to the pro-Palestinian, Muslim-apologist stance of today. Is it because Evangelical Christians now embrace Israel? Is it some self-serving attempt at self-preservation - obeisance to a growing Islamic threat that they fear? Whatever it is, it's been an amazing leap for the Left.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Fix Bayonets, Mr President

Powerline has some interesting advice for President Bush:

Is Jimmy Carter Afraid?

The Associated Press:
BOSTON (AP) — Former President Carter has decided not to visit Brandeis University to talk about his new book "Palestine: Peace not Apartheid" because he does not want to debate Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz as the university had requested.

"I don't want to have a conversation even indirectly with Dershowitz," Carter told The Boston Globe. "There is no need to for me to debate somebody who, in my opinion, knows nothing about the situation in Palestine."

I think I heard on the Peter Heck Show yesterday that Carter supposedly wrote his latest book to encourage debate over the Israeli-Palestine issue.

So Jimmy, here's your chance.

It's very convenient to duck out of a debate because your opponent is somehow unworthy. Or is Jimmy afraid he'll get his rear end kicked?

Holocaust - Shoah

We've heard all week about the Iranian Holocaust Conference. Maybe those attending haven't seen these images.

It seems the more things change - the more they stay the same. The Nazis are back. They look different, and speak in a different language... But they still hate and are telling the same lies. And they are using propaganda in the very same way.

I guarantee you that there are weak-minded, pathetic souls throughout the world - and even in this country - who are beginning to question the holocaust. They are being suckered-in by these history revisionists.

But then... What to do with these images?


Perhaps the fine individuals at the Iranian Holocaust Conference haven't heard of the 1.5 million children who were killed.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

It's Not Just Iraq, Kiddies

KHAN YOUNIS, Gaza Strip — Palestinian gunmen forced a Hamas commander to his knees and shot him to death early Wednesday outside the courthouse where he worked as an Islamic judge, escalating factional tensions in the Gaza Strip and prompting the Palestinian prime minister to cut short a trip abroad.

The death came two days after three young sons of a Fatah-allied Palestinian intelligence officer were killed in a drive-by shooting, sparking renewed conflict between the rival Hamas and Fatah factions. The violence has reduced chances for a unity government and pushed the two sides closer to civil war.

Fatah and Hamas have been locked in a power struggle since Hamas ousted Fatah in parliamentary elections. More than 40 Gazans have died in battles between the two groups since Hamas took power in March.

How do these gentlemen manage to whack each other and still find time to kill innocent Israeli women and children? Islam is definitely a full-time job.

I'm having a hard time keeping my factions straight... Fatah fighting Hamas... Sunni fighting Shiite... and I certainly have no idea who to root for.

Now what we have here (below) is a little something called the Shiite Crescent. The Muslims in the green shaded area are Shiites and the rest of the Arab world is Sunni. The two groups hate each other almost as much as they hate Israel and the good old U.S.A.

From CNN: WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has warned Vice President Dick Cheney that Saudi Arabia would back the Sunnis if the United States pulls out of Iraq, according to a senior American official.
The official said the king "read the riot act" to the vice president when the two met last month in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

Get the picture? This entire region could blow (Yes... I know) and if that happens the most devastating aspect will be the increased migration and immigration of refugees throughout the world - carrying this lovely peaceful religion and culture with them.

If for no other reason than preventing the further spreading of all this fun, we need to give the new government in Iraq every chance to survive.

Check out "If Israel Ceased to Exist..." over at Logic Lifeline to get the skinny who's threatening who in Lebanon. Great reading.

SNL -- Apocalypto Recut

Poor Mel.

Young Frankenstein

Peter Boyle RIP

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Mitt Romney and Illegals
Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who is weighing a White House bid, signed an agreement Wednesday that allows Massachusetts State Police troopers to detain illegal aliens they encounter over the course of their normal duties.
Under the terms of the agreement, made with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, an initial group of 30 troopers will receive five weeks of specialized training next year, paid by the federal government.

The governor, who has been burnishing his conservative credentials in anticipation of a campaign for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination, has advocated building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border to check the flow of illegals into the country.

Already I like Romney more than George W.

But the Wonkette trashes the would-be candidate:

The Mormon Masshole and his bid for the White House are in serious trouble, due to the fact that Americans are creeped out by Mormons. New polls show 43% of voters will never pick a Mormon for president, because the Church of the Latter Day Saints isn’t crazy in the same exact way as Christianity.

The American people may give Romney a chance, just as they did a Catholic (oh my!) back in 1960. And Romney might turn the "illegal thing" into a winning issue. The picture below was taken in the West Wing of the White House circa 1970. Mitt is on your right. The "dish" is his wife.

Mitt Romney was born March 12, 1947 in Detroit, Michigan. He is the son of Lenore Romney and former Michigan governor, Housing and Urban Development Secretary and presidential candidate George W. Romney. Romney has three siblings: Lynn, Jane, and G. Scott.
Romney has been married to his wife, Ann Romney, since 1969. They have five sons (Tagg, Matt, Josh, Ben and Craig) and ten grandchildren. Ann Romney was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1998.

After attending Stanford University for two quarters, Romney served for 30 months as a Mormon missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in France. Upon returning from France he transferred to Brigham Young University, where he was valedictorian, earning his B.A. with Highest Honors in 1971. In 1975, Romney completed the degree of M.B.A., graduating in the top 5 percent of his class from Harvard Business School. He was named a Baker Scholar. In 1975 he also received his J.D. cum laude from Harvard Law School. He is also an Eagle Scout. (from Wikipedia)

America will trust an Eagle Scout, even if he is a Mormon.

Attractive African-American to Run for President

Gentlemen's Quarterly recently caught up with a very busy Howard Dean and asked about the reaction among Democrats to the meteoric rise in popularity of their newest Presidential Candidate.

GQ: What is the reaction among Democrats to the meteoric rise in popularity of your newest Presidential Candidate?

Dean: There are high-fives and backslapping like you wouldn't believe. We've got a winner here.

GQ: And it's not all just a bunch of hype?

Dean: No, we've checked this one out and we're convinced that we've got a Negro we can sell. And it's about time. The Republicans have been snatching up all the good ones.

GQ. You've fielded other black candidates. Why is this man special?

Dean: Oh, please.... This one's smart! And, he's educated. He's articulate for crying out loud. He's even half white, so his skin color isn't too dark, if you know what I mean. Well just look at him, he stands up straight and has good teeth... If he can dance around the issues, this boy is going to rise to the top in no time.
GQ: We understand he is very liberal. He even supports partial-birth abortion.
Dean: Hey, this guy is teflon-incarnate. He has the ability to talk and say absolutely nothing. Besides, anyone who criticizes him in anyway has got to be a racist - and we all know the power of the race card!
GQ: But he has authored no meaningful legislation in his first two years as Senator. The only accomplishment we've been able to turn up is that he gave one speech at the Democrat National Convention.

Dean: Well now that sounds like something a racist would bring up. Gentleman's Quarterly isn't...

GQ: Oh, no no no... you misunderstood. I would never suggest that any African-American was inexperienced or unaccomplished in any way at any time...

Dean: Well alright then... You may proceed.

GQ: Oh thank you. Thank you very much. No really, thank you... Really.
Uh, this man's father was an upper class Kenyan who divorced his mother when he was two years old. Your candidate was raised by whites and educated in a private school in Hawaii.

Dean: Yeah, ain't it great!

GQ: But will American Blacks support a man who may be black, but has nothing in common with them?

Dean: As always, the Coloreds will vote for whomever we tell them to.

GQ: You mean African-Americans?

Dean: Uh, yeah, you know, the Negroes. Besides, they're not the target audience. We're looking to solidify the "white-liberal guilt-vote", and we've got the guy who is just black enough to get the job done, but not so black as to scare anybody away. Shoot, he sounds white on the radio! He's perfect!

GQ: But what if the Republicans counter with Condoleeza Rice, a sharecropper's grand-daughter, raised in Alabama...

Dean: No, Condi Rice is a right-wing, Uncle Tom, buck-toothed, Oreo-Bitch.

GQ: Oh. Of Course.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Yesterday I listened to as much of Kofi Annan's farewell address as I could stomach, which wasn't much. He took a few self-righteous moments to scold the Bush Administration.

"Human rights and the rule of law are vital to global security and prosperity," Annan's text said. When the U.S. "appears to abandon its own ideals and objectives, its friends abroad are naturally troubled and confused," he said.
"[President Truman] believed strongly that henceforth security must be collective and indivisible. That was why, for instance, that he insisted when faced with aggression by North Korea against the South in 1950, on bringing the issue to the United Nations," Annan said.
"Against such threats as these, no nation can make itself secure by seeking supremacy over all others."

Gee Kofi, some of us think Harry Truman would have done exactly what George Bush and Congress chose to do - bypass the impotent and corrupt U.N. and build its own coalition.

And speaking of corruption.

Srebrenica is rarely mentioned nowadays in Annan’s offices on the 38th floor of the UN secretariat building in New York. He steps down in December after a decade as secretary-general. His retirement will be marked by plaudits. But behind the honorifics and the accolades lies a darker story: of incompetence, mismanagement and worse. Annan was the head of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) between March 1993 and December 1996. The Srebrenica massacre of up to 8,000 men and boys and the slaughter of 800,000 people in Rwanda happened on his watch. In Bosnia and Rwanda, UN officials directed peacekeepers to stand back from the killing, their concern apparently to guard the UN’s status as a neutral observer. This was a shock to those who believed the UN was there to help them.

Annan’s term has also been marked by scandal: from the sexual abuse of women and children in the Congo by UN peacekeepers to the greatest financial scam in history, the UN-administered oil-for-food programme. Arguably, a trial of the UN would be more apt than a leaving party.

The charge sheet would include guarding its own interests over those it supposedly protects; endemic opacity and lack of accountability; obstructing investigations, promoting the inept and marginalising the dedicated. Such accusations can be made against many organisations. But the UN is different. It has a moral mission.,,2099-2368626_1,00.html

Hearing Kofi pontificate about the shortcomings and excesses of the Bush Administration is very much like listening to Ted Kennedy lecturing conservative Supreme Court nominees on morality. It's like hearing Jimmy Carter criticize a sitting president - offering the same wisdom and expertise that drove this country to perhaps its lowest point in its history... Mmm... That would be the Carter years.

Goodbye, Kofi. Perhaps your greatest accomplishment is that through your corruption and incompetence, the cold light of truth was shined upon the biggest global joke in the history of the planet... Mmm ...That would be the United Nations.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Common Thread

The following is excerpts from a speech by Don Feder:

Consider the inter-connectedness of the following incidents, all of which took place in the past few months:

In Indonesia, three Christian schoolgirls were beheaded.
In Iraq, a Syrian Orthodox priest was kidnapped, tortured, and murdered.
In Somalia, a nun was shot to death as she left the hospital where she worked, tending the sick and dying.
In Lebanon, just days ago, a cabinet minister was assassinated.
In Britain, authorities uncovered a conspiracy in which native-born Brits plotted to blow up several trans-Atlantic flights, killing as many as 3,000.
In Afghanistan, suicide bombers are at work again.
In Iraq, they never stopped. Additionally, the week before last, a group of worshippers were abducted from a mosque, doused with gasoline and burned to death in what’s described as “sectarian violence.”
In France, a high school philosophy teacher is in hiding after very credible death threats following publication of a September 19th commentary in Le Figaro.
Some 139 people died in riots in Nigeria, Libya, Pakistan, and Afghanistan – following the publication of Danish cartoons.
Europe is experiencing the worst wave of anti-Semitic violence since Kristallnacht. The former director of the U.S. Holocaust Museum reports there an average of 12 assaults a day on Jews in Paris.
In Kosovo, 90 percent of Serbs gave been ethnically cleansed from the province since 1999. The rest live in a state of siege.
In Mumbai, India, a series of blasts killed almost 200.
In Gaza, terrorists recently celebrated the latest “ceasefire” by raining more rockets on southern Israel.
And the leader of more than a billion Catholics received death threats and demands that he convert after giving a speech in which he called for a balance of faith and reason, and quoted a 14th century Byzantine emperor.

What do the foregoing have in common?

To quote columnist Mark Steyn, in his excellent book America Alone: The End of The World As We Know It, it begins with an “I” and ends with a “slam.”

I am not saying that all Muslims are terrorists. I am saying that almost all terrorists are Muslims – the mother of all no-brainers – and that Islam is a faith that is, shall we say, terrorism-friendly.


But we make a fatal mistake if we think of Islam only in terms of suicide bombings, sniper attacks, death threats, forced conversions, female genital mutilation, honor killings, jihad-this and fatwah-that.

Every bit as important is what’s going on in maternity wards from Brussels to Bombay.

Fertility rates in the Muslim world look like this: Niger (7.46 children per woman), Mali (7.42), Somalia (6.76), Afghanistan (6.69), and Yemen (6.58).

You can talk all you want about population control being the happy result of higher standards of living, careers for women, sex education, contraception and access to abortion. In fact, it’s becoming the assisted suicide of the West. What it really comes boils to is this: Confident societies have babies. People with a sense of mission have children. Nations with a sense of destiny and faith in the future fill maternity wards, and nurseries and cradles.

Those that believe in God as a vague, philosophical concept (if He exists at all), don’t. Instead of the future, they put their trust in 401(k) plans, elaborate state welfare systems, and gated retirement communities.


In retrospect, it’s easy to see that a number of events in the 1930s were steps leading to the Second World War: Hitler’s rise to power, the remilitarization of the Rhineland, the Italian invasion of Ethiopia, German and Italian intervention in the Spanish Civil War, the Japanese conquest of Manchuria, and so on. It’s always easier to see the interconnectedness of events and the significance of trends in retrospect – well after the fact. But at least after Pearl Harbor, most Americans understood that they were at war. It’s been five years since this generation’s Pearl Harbor, and most of us still don’t have a clue.

Well, my friends, we truly are all in this together – Jews and Catholics, Lebanese Christians and Hindus, Orthodox Serbs, and Indonesian Christians. Until we begin to understand that, we have no hope of countering the global jihad. When Zionists start caring about the fate of Serbs in Kosovo, when Hindus support Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria (designated the West Bank), when Serbs stand up for Indian Kashmir, then we will begin making progress.

Unfortunately we just elected a majority in Congress whose heroes are not young soldiers on a battlefield, but rather those who hold up placards and march in front of the White House. This new Congress sees all war as a replaying of Vietnam - where victory comes only when we withdraw. To them, policy is not the making of tough decisions, but rather a scheme used to acquire power - and is determined by polls.

The Democrats have been wildly successful in their use of propaganda to sabotage our efforts in Iraq and hamstring the efforts of any future President who would be so foolish as to attempt to make war against Radical Islam.

But one day we will have to face this growing menace - when they are stronger - and I predict the Democrats will once again be there - to give away our secrets, encourage our enemies, and protect the rights of those who would destroy us.

Friday, December 08, 2006

The Golden Globe Awards

I'm re-submitting this post because I've recently been blogging at a site that I suspect many gays frequent. I would be interested in hearing their comments. They may not accept my invitation and follow me here to comment, but it's worth a try.

Hollywood isn't just about making money. They have several liberal causes that they promote through their products and these promotions are more a kind of subtle societal indoctrination than entertainment. One of these causes is to change the way America perceives homosexuality, and those who are most susceptible to their influences are the young.

While I'm sure for many in Hollywood their motivation is compassion, there is nothing compassionate about facilitating the development of appetites and habits that lead to disease and an early death.

Walter E Williams writes:
According to a study titled, "The Longevity of Homosexuals," in the Omega Journal of Death and Dying in 1994, the median age of death from AIDS is 37 and death from other causes 42. In another study, "Does Homosexual Activity Shorten Life?" in Psychological Reports in 1998, the average life expectancy of homosexuals is 20 to 30 years less than heterosexuals.

Today, confused young men who are looking for identity, love, and acceptance are lured into a destructive life-style... the same young men that would perhaps have grown past this vulnerability 50 years ago.

What I have heard from sources I trust is that human sexuality is not black and white, or positive and negative. It lies on an arc. There is a gray area and that gray area is more expansive and accessible in the young.

I know every human being is different, but I figure there are many men and women walking around out there who are leading healthy heterosexual lives only because of the positive and moral influences that accompanied their adolescence and young adulthood.

So here enters Hollywood. Last evening "Brokeback Mountain," the movie about two Gay cowboys, won four Golden Globe Awards and will probably do as well at the Oscars. While Hollywood supports their friends who have already made a perhaps deadly choice, they influence many who are teetering in an insecure world and struggling with their needs, conscience, and self control.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


This is the female I used to sleep with. Her name was Helen.

I snapped this photo after one of her baths. Don't get the wrong idea. We slept together, but we bathed separately. That's how Helen wanted it.

She was Laborador Retriever, born on June 1st 1986. On July 19th I carried her into my house in one hand.

Helen developed a cancer on her nose and I had to have her put to sleep, October 7th, 1994.

In her 8 years, 4 months, and 7 days, Helen never bit anyone. She never even growled at anyone, except in play. I miss her.

Malott Nominated

A left-wing site has nominated me for the "Pot, Meet Kettle" Award.
Evidently someone cherry picked a couple paragraphs from a recent post of mine. The comments are pretty amazing.

You can defend my honor here:
Graduation Rates

When you got up this morning you probably wondered, "What are the graduation rates among the Bowl teams?"

Ohio State
White: 85
Black: 32

White: 91
Black: 74

White 91
Black: 50

Southern Cal
White: 61
Black: 46

White: 73
Black: 37

White: 65
Bklack 47

White: 72
Black: 44

Boise State
White: 76
Black: 50

White: 85
Black: 52

White: 67
Black: 43

White: 72
Black: 24

White: 48
Black: 38

Notre Dame
White: 100
Black: 90

College Football is what it is, but I wish there was another option for kids who have no interest in getting a degree. Same for College Basketball. The "Student Athlete" concept loses much of its charm when it is really just another bunch of professionals getting paid with room and board.

Source: 2006 NCAA Graduation Rates Report

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Warren and Obama

I was over at Josh's Blog (nice site) reading about Barrack Obama's invitation to the 2nd Annual Global Summit on Aids at Rick Warren's (of -A Purpose Driven Life- fame) Saddleback Church.

Josh says: I don't get this. Here we have a very influential leader in the church community who is going above and beyond his pastor calling to help those around the world who suffer from a devastating aliment, and he is criticized.

I assumed that Obama wasn't invited for his pro-partial birth abortion stance. And as a reminder to all the "Can't we just all get along" Christians out there - PBA is the procedure in which the abortionist delivers everything but the infant's head - and while the little legs are kicking - the "Doctor" cuts a hole in the baby's head and suctions out its brains.

Obama thinks this should be legal - which makes him a monster. Giving this man any kind of face-time before Evangelical Christians, regardless of the merits of the cause, perpetuates the myth that Obama is something other than evil, and strengthens his run for the 2008 Democrat Nomination - which I figure is the only reason why Obama chose to be there.

This was a bad idea, regardless of the cause, and Rick Warren should be taking some heat.
Interrupted Prayers

DEARBORN -- Fitness USA, a gym chain, is investigating an alleged civil rights violation involving a local Muslim woman who says her afternoon prayer was interrupted by a fellow patron, and that her complaint to management about the situation was rejected.
"The manager told me, 'You have to respect her (the patron), but she does not have to respect your God,' " said Wardeh Sultan of Dearborn. "I've had my membership for seven or eight years, and I've never had a problem with praying there.

Born in Jordan, of Palestinian descent, Sultan arrived in Detroit 17 years ago, before moving to Dearborn. She is an American citizen.
Sultan said she came to the United States to secure her freedom and to avoid intolerance.
"We're here in the great United States and for this happening, it truly breaks my heart," she said. "You know, things are starting to change backwards, instead of frontward. We need to keep this United States, our country, up on our shoulders. We don't want it to go down."

Ms. Sultan needs to remember one of the basics that makes this country great... freedom of speech, which includes the freedom to be rude. And, it sounds as if Sultan's tolerance is a one-way street.

Muslims in this country walk around like they own the place... because they're beginning to think they do... and we know they think that they should. There is a "racist-like" element in their attitude towards their fellow Americans. They don't like us. They want us to adapt to them and be subservient to their religious needs and preferences.

Giving in to their nonsense is the first step down a road that we don't want to travel. It's a road known very well in Europe.

We each victory of Jihad in the world, and each concession made in the U.S. - the American Muslims' audacity and brazenness will increase.

So bring out the cartoons, interrupt the prayers, and throw Imam from the plane. We will not be intimidated. Our laws will not be infected with Sharia. We will not be colonized.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Family guy

This little scene captures the essence of my strong feelings about people with cell phones.
Daily Definition
for Tuesday, December 5th

Aleve (uh-leev') n. 1. placebo 2. any analgesic sold to the public that is totally worthless. 3. an expensive drug that performs poorly. [Fr Aleve']

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Can You Find the Immigrant in This Picture?

Not all immigrants are created equal. That is to say, when the "golden door" opens and a new immigrant passes beneath the "lifted lamp," sometimes we get a deal... and sometimes we don't do as well.

I've been working with the lady in the picture - the one that doesn't look like your typical Hoosier - for over ten years now. Everyone is always glad to see her when she arrives at work because she works hard and is in a perpetual good mood. When she's not working with us us, she is at her second job. There are rumors that she actually does take a day off now and then.

She was born in the Philippines - her father participated in the Bataan Death March. She came to this country the old fashioned way...legally. She paid the money... She did the paperwork... And one day she lifted her right hand, said a few words, and became an American.

I've met and worked with many people who were born in the Philippines. When two of them are alone together they usually chatter away in Tagalog, but when an Anglo enters the room they generally switch to English - because anything else would be impolite.

Unlike Muslim immigrants, Filipinos have found no need for a Council for American-Filipino Relations. And, unlike many illegals, they don't demand that their children be taught in their native tongue - oddly these people expect to speak English in the United States. They don't whine, they don't complain - they just work and raise their families.

From my experience with these people I've come to the following conclusion: If one day you miraculously transported half the Philippine population to America, two things would be true.

1) There would be a big jump in unemployment... but just for a couple days. These people would find work.

2) Our culture would not change.

Why do these Filipinos - unlike others - make such great and successful immigrants? Simple. First of all they come from a Christian Country with Christian values - a country whose citizens are not raised to expect the government to take care of them. They have pride in themselves. They don't come here to hide and rip us off. They come to play by the rules and make a better life for themselves - and they're ready to work for it. They don't expect us to change for them - they expect to adapt.

And how does my immigrant friend feel about illegal immigration? How does she feel about the years and money she's spent trying to get her daughter - a registered nurse - legally into this country through legal channels - while freeloaders illegally cross the border with impunity?

You don't want to get her started.
IED Hunter

A real hero. A Marine.

Friday, December 01, 2006

In Afghanistan

While Liberal Women's Groups fight for abortion and rally for pacifist, cut and run Dems...

The gunmen came at night to drag Mohammed Halim away from his home, in front of his crying children and his wife begging for mercy.

The 46-year-old schoolteacher tried to reassure his family that he would return safely. But his life was over, he was part-disembowelled and then torn apart with his arms and legs tied to motorbikes, the remains put on display as a warning to others against defying Taliban orders to stop educating girls.

I guess the Taliban will have to come out against abortion before NOW or NARAL will find the War on Terror appealing.

But to be fair, if Hillary Clinton is elected President - she could make Women's Rights in Islam an effective call to arms. Well, any pro-choice Liberal probably could, once they extracted the issue from George Bush and his policies. But favoring the death of the dreaded fetus - the cure for sperm poisoning - that disease spread by the hated males... that must come first.
Muslims May Boycott U.S. Airways

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- Six Muslim clerics who were refused tickets by US Airways booked a flights back home Tuesday on another airline, but it still wasn't clear what led to their removal from their original flight.

"They took us off the plane, humiliated us in a very disrespectful way," Shahin said after the incident on Monday night.

The next morning Shahin called for Muslims and non-Muslims to boycott US Airways unless the company changes its ways.

The next day U.S. Airways responded with a new advertising campaign.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The New Democrats

Languishing in the minority of both houses of Congress, and losing the White House - twice - to a man whose political instincts are only a couple notches above those of one Mr. Quayle, the Democrats have taken on, or perhaps absorbed, a new personality and character. Gone are the moderate patriots of the World War II generation. Gone are the staid and balanced liberals whose politics - did not include - the destruction of our culture and traditional values. Somewhere - the Socialists of the Democrat Party became Multiculturalists, Secularists, and Neo-Globalists. The power - and the money - behind the new Democrat Party is something that our government has never seen before - both in its suspect vision and its ruthlessness.

Gone is Frank Church and Sam Nunn... Replaced by the likes of Russ Feingold and Dick Durbin. Gone are the John Breaux's and Richard Shelby's... replaced by a different breed with names like Schumer and Boxer.

Rostenkowski is gone, but Charlie Rangel will be taking his place as Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. Democrat House Speaker Tom Foley, with his ACLU rating of 91, will be replaced by Nancy Pelosi with an ACLU rating of 100.

Could it be argued that when the Republicans were swept into power - that it was mostly the kooky liberal areas that hung on to their representatives - and that these Far-Lefties are the ones who now have seniority - and control the purse strings - and will run the show?

Last evening O'Reilly said that he was surprised that Pelosi and other Liberals weren't more "buoyant" after the elections - He suggested that there is a disproportional anger among Democrats even after winning control of Congress. Is this the personality of the New Democrat Party?

For the past 6 years the Dems have been have been bomb throwers - a Washington Taliban of Liberal Elites with a "baying at the moon" kind of political strategy, discourse, and diplomacy. Now that they have power - can we honestly expect them to somehow turn the corner and develop dignity and manners? With success at the ballot box, will these roguish boors suddenly exchange hyperbole for statesmanship? Will a new strategy - something other than "Bush Lied" - emerge enabling them to solve the monumental challenges this country faces?

Having adopted outrageousness as their modus operandi, how will this wartime less-than-loyal opposition suddenly become a band of patriots with the discipline and seriousness necessary to deal with a worldwide Islamic Jihad?

The answer is simple - they won't. They will investigate. They will obstruct. They will treat our ills by dispensing sound bites. They will threaten impeachment. They will blame.
These are the "ideas" they have developed in the past few years.

In November the Liberal Jihad conquered reason with audacity. Propaganda proved itself a mighty tool when used upon the gullible and distracted.
But now that it's time to govern... God help us.
The New Britain

Islamic sharia law is gaining an increasing foothold in parts of Britain, a report claims.
Sharia, derived from several sources including the Koran, is applied to varying degrees in predominantly Muslim countries but it has no binding status in Britain.

However, BBC Radio produced evidence yesterday that it was being used by some Muslims as an alternative to English criminal law. Aydarus Yusuf, 29, a youth worker from Somalia, recalled a stabbing case that was decided by an unofficial Somali "court" in south-east London.
Mr Yusuf said a group of Somali youths were arrested on suspicion of stabbing another Somali teenager. The victim's family told the police it would be settled out of court and the suspects were released on bail.

However, [a spokesman for Scotland Yard] said cases of domestic violence, including rape, might go to trial regardless of the victim's wishes.;jsessionid=Y3UZA1RZGTHK5QFIQMFSFGGAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2006/11/29/nsharia29.xml

Oh really, they might? This is what happens when your liberally-governed multiculturalism-embracing country becomes colonized by a type of invader that has no interest in assimilating into your culture.

And the U.S.? Well, we have the government in place. Now all we need are more of these immigrants.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Steve Martin Magic

Steve Martin is just the best. If you haven't seen "The Man With Two Brains"... Do yourself a favor.
But now, a little magic.

Women Love Me

No matter where I go I'm always being accosted by some ivory-skinned lovely who falls prey to the Malott charm.

Is it the dimples? The fashionable eyeware? That boyish, unassuming come-hither-smile that holds such promise?

I have no idea who this woman is... probably some poor soul who one day in an inadvised fit of desperation walked down an aisle somewhere and tethered herself to a deadbeat... and now she latches on to complete strangers in a futile attempt to rekindle the passion she once held for life.

Bless her heart. I wish her well.
Removing Christ from Christmas

CHICAGO (AP) - A public Christmas festival is no place for the Christmas story, the city says. Officials have asked organizers of a downtown Christmas festival, the German Christkindlmarket, to reconsider using a movie studio as a sponsor because it is worried ads for its film "The Nativity Story" might offend non-Christians.
New Line Cinema, which said it was dropped, had planned to play a loop of the new film on televisions at the event.

"The city does not want to appear to endorse one religion over another," said Cindy Gatziolis, a spokeswoman for the Mayor's Office of Special Events.
"Our guidance was that this very prominently placed advertisement would not only be insensitive to the many people of different faiths who come to enjoy the market for its food and unique gifts, but also it would be contrary to acceptable advertising standards suggested to the many festivals holding events on Daley Plaza," Jim Law, executive director of the office, said in a statement.

Ah... It's for the good of the people.

My first impression is that we must be doing something right if the world will jump through such hoops of logic to protect itself from the Baby Jesus. Such an offensive display as the Christmas Story has no place in a Christmas Festival.

I'll agree that Jesus is offensive to the world... That is, if we're following Him in the right way. Sadly, the Mayor's office serves a higher power that would strike the Son of God from every facet of American Life - especially the Religious part. The world's religion, man's religion - religion without Jesus - is the goal, and always has been.

Nothing new here.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Saudis Play Joke on Cheney

There are so many negative things said about Muslims, but you just can't beat their sense of humor. That's probably why there are so many incredibly light-hearted and funny Palestinians.

Oh sure, there are pratfalls and the cleverly delivered one liner, but somehow placing a little paper palm tree in someone's hair just does it for me.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

One Place

This is a post that you might want to link to and pass along.

Most every night I wind down by playing Freecell, Hearts... sometimes a little Solitaire... while listening to something that really settles me down and gets me ready to get a good night's sleep.

Throughout the day, Moody Radio out of Chicago has many 15-25 minute Bible lessons and sermons from some of the best teachers and preachers in the country. And now, through the internet, you can listen to any of these guys - anytime you want.

It's great! One of my favorites is a black guy named Tony Evans. He really hits the basics, and hits them well. You'll find him here:

Another is Walk in the Word with James MacDonald.

If you want your mind stretched a bit - and you're up to it - try Ravi Zachariah and "Let My People Think."

Erwin Lutzer always has a good point to make, and you can listen to the hour of the Moody Church service:
... or his daily lesson:

Dr. David Jeremiah is also one of my favorites:

You can even introduce your children to old time radio drama with Focus on the Family's Adventures in Odyssey and Adventures in Odyssey Weekend:

But you definitely want to bookmark into your "favorites" the entire list of Moody Radio's offerings here:

Give it a try and enjoy.

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Man that Democrats Won't Vote For

The U.S. Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, launched a scathing attack on the United Nations Friday.
Bolton was furious over the adoption by the General Assembly of a resolution which said the assembly regretted the deaths of 19 civilians in an attack by the Israeli military in the town of Beit Hanoun last week.
"Many of the sponsors of that resolution are notorious abusers of human rights themselves, and were seeking to deflect criticism of their own policies," he said. "This type of resolution serves only to exacerbate tensions by serving the interests of elements hostile to Israel's inalienable and recognized right to exist."
"This deepens suspicions about the United Nations that will lead many to conclude that the organization is incapable of playing a helpful role in the region,"
Bolton continued. "In a larger sense, the United Nations must confront a more significant question, that of its relevance and utility in confronting the challenges of the 21st century. We believe that the United Nations is ill served when its members seek to transform the organization into a forum that is a little more than a self-serving and a polemical attack against Israel or the United States," he said. "Meanwhile, it has failed to address real human rights abuses in Burma, Darfur, the DPRK, and other countries," Bolton charged.
The United States, and Australia joined Israel in voting against the motion, together with four small Pacific island nations. All countries in Europe, including Britain, voted to support the resolution.

Bolton gets it. Bolton calls a spade a spade. Bolton supports Israel. Democrats won't support Bolton. American Jews vote for Democrats.

I don't get that.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Generosity of Words

Is there anything more satisfying than being right? ...OK, but besides that?

I've written before about how Evangelical Christians are the most caring and generous people in this country... And now an economist agrees.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Syracuse University professor Arthur C. Brooks is about to become the darling of the religious right in America -- and it's making him nervous.

The child of academics, raised in a liberal household and educated in the liberal arts, Brooks has written a book that concludes religious conservatives donate far more money than secular liberals to all sorts of charitable activities, irrespective of income. In the book, he cites extensive data analysis to demonstrate that values advocated by conservatives -- from church attendance and two-parent families to the Protestant work ethic and a distaste for government-funded social services -- make conservatives more generous than liberals.

The book, titled "Who Really Cares: The Surprising Truth About Compassionate Conservatism" (Basic Books, $26), is due for release Nov. 24.

The book's basic findings are that conservatives who practice religion, live in traditional nuclear families and reject the notion that the government should engage in income redistribution are the most generous Americans, by any measure.

Conversely, secular liberals who believe fervently in government entitlement programs give far less to charity. They want everyone's tax dollars to support charitable causes and are reluctant to write checks to those causes, even when governments don't provide them with enough money... he says it forcefully, pointing out that liberals give less than conservatives in every way imaginable, including volunteer hours and donated blood.

His main finding is quite startling, that the people who talk the most about caring actually fork over the least.

"People who talk the most..." Liberals talk a good game. They effortlessly claim the moral high ground for themselves... with words, catch-phrases, and sound bites that fall noble on the ear and stir our innermost desires for justice and equality. Their kind and politically correct words have been duping the masses for decades.

We Evangelical Christians are as hypocritical, spoiled, and hedonistic as the next rich American, but we should never fall prey to the fable that we are somehow callous and less caring than the secular liberals. It seems that liberal charity is limited to a generosity of words.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Roadkill Moment

This is an opossum. Didelphus marsupialis, as we say in Greentown.

It's dead now. Too bad it wasn't a cat.
Summing Up the Election's Lesson :

Sparks from the Anvil

December 7, 2008

It could happen this way.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Please Don't Miss...

Glen Beck's special on Radical Islam - CNN Headline News

I believe I heard it will be on tonight, November 15th at 7, 9, and 11PM Eastern.

It sounds as if this is something you need to watch and then talk about. I think I will be taping it.
John Murtha and the Abscam Scandal

Soon to be "Speaker Pelosi" is pushing hard to get Congressman Murtha voted into the second most powerful job in the House of Representatives. Evidently this is Pelosi's way of dealing with the "Culture of Corruption."
The Nuts Find Their Tongues

From coast to coast before the election we heard from "moderate" Democrats about how we needed a change - and no sir, they were not liberals. Meanwhile, the liberal nuts who own the Democrat Party were silently hiding... biding their time...

Well here is a little message for all the Independents who voted for Moderate Dems, and for all the Conservatives who pouted at home on election day: The nuts are back out.

Barbara Boxer is taking over the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee and is already planning her hearings on global warming. Don't expect expanded drilling for oil and cheaper gas prices anytime soon. Do expect more environmental regulations and higher prices for automobiles - and maybe an SUV tax.

When Democrat Representative Bennie Thompson takes over the House Homeland Security Committee, he plans to revisit the law mandating 700 miles of fence along the U.S.-Mexico border. Interpretation: The border is open for business...

The gay lobby is now more powerful than it has ever been before - now that Ms. Pelosi runs the House of Representatives. Get ready to hear about hate-speech laws and their effects on tax-exempt status... Stuff like that.

John Conyers will chair the House Judiciary Committee, and though Dems have said that Bush will not be impeached, Conyers will not be able to resist hearings into the possibility. He also owes the growing Muslim population back in Michigan - and who knows where that will lead.

House Ways and Means- Charles Rangel - enough said. Kiss tax cuts and the economy good-bye and get ready for the mainstream media to blame it on Bush.

Committee on Government Reform – Henry Waxman - During the Clinton era, it was Henry’s job as ranking Democrat on the Government Reform committee to obstruct Republicans’ investigations in the scandal-ridden Clinton Administration - but now he promises to open up investigations on a number of fronts targeting the Bush Administration. That's nice.

I'm not sure my friends in Kokomo, who sent a moderate Democrat to Washington, realize that they also voted for Pelosi, Reid, and their band of big-government-Leftist nuts. I'm not sure they intended to empower people who in no way share their values. But they foolishly did.

All those moderate Dems in Washington... with no power.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Difficult Question

Last Sunday my Sunday School Teacher, an early-retired United Auto Worker, told us how he had met a Hispanic Preacher who wanted to start training and educating local Hispanic People - to become Preachers in Indiana and to start new Hispanic churches - and how he wanted to develop a curriculum in Spanish to accomplish this. My Sunday School Teacher thought our church could look into financing this. (I think you know where this is headed?)

At the time I said nothing. If I had, perhaps the conversation would have gone something like this:

Malott: Uh, I have a problem with this... I mean, if you want to start a Bible College in Mexico, I'm right there with you. But when we start providing non-English help to non-English-speaking people in this country, we will likely be working with undocumented people and contributing to the illegals' infrastructure... and I'm opposed to that.

Sunday School Teacher: Yes, but they're already here and this is a Christian Outreach that...

Malott: interrupting...But we will be treading closely to the territory of the radical priest or the politically-liberal Mennonite who actively supports illegal activity by facilitating illegal immigration - And then when the illegal shows up at the hospital where I work and rips-off a system into which he doesn't pay - ultimately effecting my income - I've noticed that the Mennonite never shows up to pay the bill. Come to think of it, he doesn't pay for the Illegal's children's education, either. Or anything else...

SST: I think someone needs to work on his Christian attitude...

Malott: face reddening... I'll try to develop the Christian attitude of the United Auto Worker when GM or Chrysler relocates a plant among the poor people of Mexico...

SST: interrupting...Now I think that is an entirely different thing...

Malott: I expect you would!

Now, wasn't I wise to keep my mouth shut?

Monday, November 13, 2006

Versailles on the Potomac

With the Democratic victory in the midterm elections, one big winner was the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). The American Islamic pressure group now has a chance to advance its agenda in numerous ways, with energetic water-carrying by, among others, the Speaker of the House, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee...

Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, who is likely to be the next House Speaker, has announced her intention to “correct the Patriot Act” and wants to criminalize scrutiny of Muslims at airports and elsewhere: “Since September 11, many Muslim Americans have been subjected to searches at airports and other locations based upon their religion and national origin. We must make it illegal.” Since religion is the one factor that the jihadists themselves invariably point to as the motivation for their violent actions, Pelosi is calling upon investigators to ignore the single most important key to understanding jihadist strategy and goals.

Helping pass such a law will be John Conyers, D-MI, the probable new chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. “The policies of the Bush administration,” he has declared, “have sent a wave of fear through our immigrant communities and targeted our Arab and Muslim neighbors.”

Conyers has also masterminded House Resolution 288, which condemns “religious intolerance” but clearly singles out Islam as needing special protection from such criticism. It states that “it should never be official policy of the United States
Government to disparage the Quran, Islam, or any religion in any way, shape, or form...”

Nothing scary or radical here, surely... Just the probable first steps toward granting the United States the same problems that France now enjoys.

We can only hope that Conyers is distracted from doing the bidding of Radical Islam - by his concentration on investigating President Bush for possible impeachment.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ball State University

If you can't make it at a real college... then try Ball State.

I always thought it was embarrassing enough that a school of Ball State's "stature" was located in my state and was actually allowed to hand out diplomas. Now I find out that this deservedly little known teacher's college is a den not only of left wing radicals, but stupid ones. Then again, why would Ball State attract smart people of any stripe?

Conservative activist David Horowitz got a 50-foot "not welcome" sign, 15 cheese pizzas and nearly a cream pie in the face before speaking at Ball State University about political agendas of professors Wednesday night.
Two women were arrested by university police near the Teachers College in connection with the pie-throwing incident, but the identity of the pizza pranksters remains a mystery.

What clever students, these. I guess the short-sheeting of Horowitz's bed wasn't deemed newsworthy.

This is the Left at its most transparent. Don't attempt debate. Don't submit a different opinion. Else the Ideological Fascists of the Tolerant Left will trump you with their sophisticated response... A pie in the face.

The article I read featured the mug shots of the two girls who were arrested. To me, their pictures seemed to scream out, "Hold me!" No doubt too few hugs from Daddy.

I may take it upon myself to pen a few words of advice to these young felons. I might suggest that the right man might straighten out their lives and give them meaning and purpose. One day they might look me up and thank me.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Victory for Who?

Al-Qaida in Iraq claimed in a new audio tape Friday to be winning the war faster than expected in Iraq and said it had mobilized 12,000 fighters who had "vowed to die for God's sake."
On the audio tape made available on militant Web sites, the al-Qaida in Iraq leader also welcomed the Republican electoral defeat that led to the departure of Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld. He added that the group's fighters would not rest until they had blown up the White House.

Encouraged by election results that went their way, the enemy seems totally incapable of grasping the fact that the American people voted last Tuesday and decided that "we don't want to fight anymore! We're tired of all this fighting! Now stop it! Quit saying mean things to us! Come on, you guys!"

This latest audio may illustrate to all those pathetic dreamers who voted to make our government more "French"- that we are in a world war - and no matter what jokes Jon Stewart makes about Republicans - no matter how stupid President Bush is - we will fight this war, or we will lose this war.

Let me make a prediction. A worthless prediction... but hey!

On Tuesday Radical Islam was given an incredible gift by the American people. Moderate Muslims' IQ - Intimidation Quotient- skyrocketed. The American "paper tiger" image was enhanced in a big way. So???

Step by step we will lose this global war until America (or maybe Israel) steps up and starts fighting World War II style. By that I mean using every weapon in our arsenal - regardless of world opinion - regardless of women and children - carpet bombing or yes, nuking Fallugias and other trouble spots until the enemy relents or is dead. Every country that has Islamo-Crazies marching around threatening us - they're all in our cross hairs. Our message: Get control of these nuts, or we'll send your culture back to the 19th century.

The question is, how bad will it have to get before we elect a leader that would rather kill a few million nut-jobs, rather than lose another American soldier in vain? And will it be too late?

Friday, November 10, 2006

Will Radical Islam Be Our Cross?

And he went a little farther, and fell on his face, and prayed, saying, O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt. Matthew 26:39 KJV

A great many Christians in this country start their day on their knees praying a similar prayer concerning Radical Islam. They see what is happening in Europe and they consider the worldwide birth rates among Muslims - and they wonder just what could stem the oncoming inevitability. They cling to the notion that America is blessed by God and that this Christian Nation would never be forsaken by the Almighty. After all, the Christians in this country support Christian Missions throughout the world and are surely the last hope for the message of Christ. They feel entitled to the freedom to worship and the comfortable lifestyle they have come to take for granted.

It's pretty to think that we are immune from persecution because of our token monetary and personal expenditures towards the Kingdom, but I believe certain facts dowse such confidences.

How many babies has America aborted? Has this rich country instilled sufficient materialism to poison its future, to taint what's left of its values - producing a culture bereft of decency and moral resolve?

And the Church? Moody Radio estimates that 50% of American males and 20% of the females in the Church are addicted to pornography on the internet and via other sources.

Is it indicative of our lukewarm faith that most American church-goers are better equipped intellectually to quote Seinfeld episodes than scripture? And what percentage of the world's richest Christians actually tithe? Even if we believe that God awards protection to faithful countries and peoples - we hardly rate His intervention.

I believe that God will mold and structure worldwide events in such a way that will bring glory to Him. In the spiritual realm, the Principalities of Good and Darkness pay attention to more salient realities than our little sense of justice - our perceived notion of entitlement - and glean more spiritual gravitas from a persecuted huddling of believers in Iran, or a tormented Christian in China, than all the comfortable praise elicited for 60 minutes every week in American Churches.

The "blood of the martyrs" has always been the essence, the nourishment of Faith and Evangelism - sustaining a God-Ordained movement that transcends cultures and countries. Rich and distracted American Christians might be wise to consider how their spiritual pittance weighs against a greater Glory that might weigh upon their future.

Radical Islam may be the Cross that separates "the sheep from the goats" and distinguishes the Holy Vestiges from the Lukewarm Enclaves of traditionalist sopophiles. We may pray that this cup passes, but that may not be the plan.

"Embracing the Cross" may become for the American Church a more defining and unpleasant exercise than the ritual mumblings of a spoiled and forgetful flock.