Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kerry's View of the Military

While stumping for local Dems in California Kerry stated,
"You know education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. And if you don't, you get stuck in Iraq."

The National Commander of The American Legion called on Sen. John Kerry to apologize for suggesting that American troops in Iraq are uneducated.
"As a constituent of Senator Kerry's I am disappointed. As leader of The American Legion, I am outraged," said National Commander Paul A. Morin. "A generation ago, Sen. Kerry slandered his comrades in Vietnam by saying that they were rapists and murderers. It wasn't true then and his warped view of today's heroes isn't true now."


"I believe Sen. Kerry owes an apology to many thousands of Americans serving in Iraq, who answered their country's call," said Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., campaigning in Indiana.

A Democratic congressman told ABC News Tuesday, "I guess Kerry wasn't content blowing 2004, now he wants to blow 2006, too."

Kerry does blow.

But like other Democrats - among them a former president - Kerry loathes the military. He believes the military is for losers. The military is for those who have no other options. Kerry trashed our soldiers when he came back from Vietnam, and he is still trashing them today.

That's why he represents the Democrat Party so well.

Update: "I called them Smart before I called them Stupid." John Kerry
Hat tip to http://sacredscoop.com/?p=493
Ann Coulter - Video Collage

I think my blog needs a weekly "Ann Coulter Corner."

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Malott Gets DSL

This past week Malott finally "got around to" switching from AOL Dial-Up to ATT DSL-Pro.
Amazingly, he was able to install it himself.

What does this mean for Malott's Blog?

Practically nothing.

However with dial-up, Malott was unable to post pictures on his blog at home, and had to take his camera to work and load them there.

The entire staff at Malott's Blog wishes to apologize in advance for what we fear will be an endless parade of self portraits and other forms of self promotion indicative of the pathetic craving for attention and transparent narcissism which has plagued this blog from its inception.

Thank you.

Friday, October 27, 2006

A Cut and Run Republican Speaks


Thursday, October 26, 2006

World War III

The battle is currently in Iraq. Where do you want to fight it?

Mark Steyn writes:

...it's not the end of history; it's the end of the world as we know it. Whether we like what replaces it depends on whether America can summon the will to shape at least part of the emerging world. If not, then it's also the end of the American moment, and the dawn of the new Dark Ages (if darkness can dawn): a planet on which much of the map is re-primitivized.

Now we switch on the news every evening and, though there are many trouble spots around the world, as a general rule it's easy to make an educated guess at one of the participants: Muslims vs. Jews in "Palestine," Muslims vs. Hindus in Kashmir, Muslims vs. Christians in Africa, Muslims vs. Buddhists in Thailand, Muslims vs. Russians in the Caucasus, Muslims vs. backpacking tourists in Bali, Muslims vs. Danish cartoonists in Scandinavia

We take for granted our wonderful laws and legal system that protect the weak and innocent - but you need look no further than the Middle East to see what happens when laws crumble and evil rules the day. Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, and Sexual Domination by the Strong, Ruthless, and Cruel pervades these sad cultures.

Will the new Iraqi government have to meet the militias, insurgents, and terrorists with the same brand of ruthlessness if they are to restore order? Will our civilized approach to war be enough to stay the approaching jihadist juggernaut?

Historically, freedom is an aberation among human civilizations. Hopefully when the Europeans lose theirs - America will wake up. The fact that the cut-and-run Democrats have a chance to gain majorities in both houses of Congress - confirms that for now, we sleep.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Michael J Fox and the Democrats

After working the weekend, I had Monday "off", and listened to the Rush Limbaugh Show. I was listening when he made the infamous comments about Michael J Fox - that he was either "off his medication" - or he was "acting" in the Democrat add about embryonic stem cell research that was played during the World Series.

I knew immediately that Limbaugh's words would come back to haunt him... And evidently he did too, because he spent the rest of the show first apologizing and then justifying his comments.

My take?

Well, now that Mr Fox has turned his disease into a weapon to be used against my Party - and mislead the gullible, I have very little sympathy for Mr Fox. After all, he is obviously first and foremost a Democrat, and we know how these people suffer with their lack of integrity. We've seen these people in action and we know that the end always justifies the means - no matter how disingenuous.

I know Parkinson's is a terrible disease and I doubt that Mr Fox was faking his movements. But my point is: How would we know?

When you place little value on honor and truth, and are focused only on regaining power, regardless of the means employed - your speech and actions must be questioned - and your outrage and self-righteous indignation have a tinny and shallow ring to them.

Mr Fox, I do feel sorry for you. But now that I know you've aligned yourself with Democrats, I neither respect or trust you. You value your health more than you value innocent human life, and so I'm not surprised that you would sink so low as to use pity as a political tool.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Finally Some Important News

1,500 cruise ship passengers without toilets for 'three days'

Around 1,450 passengers on a luxury cruise ship have been left without toilets for three days, according to people on board.
A series of blockages in the plumbing system is said to have led to "mayhem" on board Thomson's Destiny cruise ship.
Tour operator Thomson admitted that there have been problems with the vacuum system of the toilets, but said it was bringing in a team of "super-technicians" to fix the system overnight.

Now there is a job I'd like. "Super Toilet Technician." Where do you go to school for that? And, just what is the school's mascot?

Mrs Twigg, 51, said Destiny had been without toilets for three days and hot water for at least 24 hours.
She said there was "mayhem" on board the ship, which is full, and a protest meeting was being held by passengers.


No chamber pots on board? And I have to wonder if the problem has dampened the passengers' enthusiasm for the all-you-can-eat buffets? I wonder, if when the announcement comes that the toitees are fixed, will the rush to make dookey overwhelm the system once again? And who is the guy that clogged the system in the first place? I'd like to meet him. I'd like to shake his hand.
A Picture Sometimes Says it All

Have you ever wondered why Israel prospers while those around them flounder?

Gaza's greenhouses in Jewish hands.

Gaza's greenhouses in Palestinian hands.

In September of 2005 they descended like locusts on Gush Katif, pillaged and destroyed what took a generation to build. One year later, the desert that bloomed is a barren wasteland, ravaged by palestinians who know nothing, care for nothing, and think of nothing except death and destruction.


Monday, October 23, 2006

MSM Filters News for Election

With Democrats seen as soft on terrorism - With many Democrats saying that there is no war - the Mainstream Media is doing a swell job at hiding WWIII.
I do not share their agenda.

On Sunday, a band of about 30 youths, some wearing masks, forced passengers out of a bus in a southern Paris suburb in broad daylight Sunday, set it on fire, then stoned firefighters who came to the rescue, police said. No one was injured. Two people were arrested, one of them a 13-year-old, according to LCI television.

In France, a high school teacher received death threats, forcing him into hiding, after he wrote a newspaper editorial in September saying Muslim fundamentalists are trying to muzzle Europe's democratic liberties.

On a routine call, three unwitting police officers fell into a trap. A car darted out to block their path, and dozens of hooded youths surged out of the darkness to attack them with stones, bats and tear gas before fleeing. One officer was hospitalized, and no arrests made.
The recent ambush was emblematic of what some officers say has become a near-perpetual and increasingly violent conflict between police and gangs in tough, largely immigrant French neighborhoods that were the scene of a three-week paroxysm of rioting last year.

Michel Thooris, head of the small Action Police union, claims that the new violence is taking on an Islamic fundamentalist tinge.

Oh really?

"Many youths, many arsonists, many vandals behind the violence do it to cries of 'Allah Akbar' (God is Great) when our police cars are stoned," he said in an interview.

Where do the Dems stand on all of this?

IOWA CITY,Iowa --Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., said he regretted being talked out of filibustering tough new tribunal legislation signed by president Bush on Tuesday, and plans to seek new legislation to overturn portions of the bill.
"It's a major, major retreat for us as a people," Dodd said during a visit to Iowa on Tuesday afternoon. "
The measure signed by Bush sets up military tribunals to try terror suspects and allows the introduction of evidence obtained through tough interrogation procedures.


The Dems want to protect the rights of terrorists. They join the ACLU and other liberal organizations in their efforts to drag the United States towards the same Multiculturalism that is destroying Europe - and seem determined not to quit until we become "Ameristan."

But you won't hear about all this from the Mainstream Media. It's election time.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hewitt on the Democrat Voter

From Hugh Hewitt's blog page:

My theory on this is that Republicans are serious adult citizens, Democrats and Independents are not. Republicans by and large take their citizenship seriously, inform themselves and vote accordingly. The rest of the population doesn’t even register to vote, or only vote when they are sufficiently ginned up, or when they are herded on busses to the polls. They base their opinions on chanted slogans or newspaper headlines, and take their responsibility to vote about as serious as all their other responsibilities as citizens.

Come November 7, I am confident (as is Karl Rove) that more serious adults will show up at the polls than Democrats. All our election experience tells us that 2006 will be a status quo election, a small number of seats gained in the House by the Democrats, and a small number of seats gained in the Senate by the Republicans. The ONLY evidence offered of this “Blue Wave” that will supposedly change the course of history are these aforementioned polls, which we KNOW are faulty and biased.

I wouldn't bet my left leg that Hewitt is right about the outcome of next month's election, but I love the way he characterizes the Democrat voter because - well - he agrees with me.

Have I written on this humble blog that Democrat voters are less informed and more focused on the fashionable and "pop" political culture? Oh yes... Yes I have.

But somehow it means more when someone with a smidgen of credibility says it.
Grisly Murder in N.O.

A suicide note in the pocket of a man who jumped off the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel late Tuesday led police to the grisly scene of his girlfriend’s murder, where they found her charred head in a pot on the stove, her legs and feet baked in the oven and the rest of her dismembered body in trash bag in the refrigerator, according to police and the couple’s landlord.

Reads like a bedtime story, doesn't it? It makes me glad that we're spending billions of dollars so that New Orleans can survive - and people can live below sea level and provide a place where drunks can go and be serviced by prostitutes - and men can saute' their girlfriends.

Ladies, I guess the moral is: If you go to New Orleans and you meet a man there who tells you that you look good enough to eat...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Liberal Talk Radio

Oh excuse me... Progressive Talk Radio. The word liberal, which best describes such drivel, is a losing term which must be avoided.

Air America has filed for bankruptcy, but another liberal radio network appears poised to see if the concept can work if done with others in charge.
Nova M Radio, Inc. based in Phoenix, Arizona officially announced the formation of its new progressive talk radio network, which will feature former Air America host Mike Malloy as one of its on-air personalities. The network is scheduled to debut October 30, just prior to the November elections.


And I will predict that the network will close down immediately after the election.

Liberalism hasn't nearly the following that conservatism has. Democrat politicians embrace liberalism when it's time to vote on bills, but run from the word on the campaign trail. Hence the clever "Progressive" mislabeling.

Democrats can be clever, fashionable and many other popular things...But their political beliefs - socialism - military weakness - and an anti-American kind of pseudo-patriotism... all these are losers.
...and no one wants to listen.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Gerry Studds RIP

BOSTON (AP) - Former Rep. Gerry Studds, who became the first openly gay member of Congress when his homosexuality was exposed during a teenage page sex scandal, died early Saturday. He was 69.
Studds died at Boston Medical Center several days after he collapsed while walking his dog, his husband said. Doctors determined his loss of consciousness was due to a blood clot in his lung, Dean Hara said.

I'm not writing this to condemn Mr. Studds - I figure a man who dies with a husband has already done that himself - but I think his situation and the way it was handled by the Dems shines a harsh light on the Democrat's hypocritical stance surrounding the Mark Foley situation, and the Dem's accusations that the Republicans have a morality problem.

In an effort to separate the Republicans from their Evangelical voters, Democrats both in politics and the media have run the Foley story into the ground with wall to wall coverage. This kind of moral outrage was lacking in the Studds case, which involved activity far beyond emails.

And of course last night's 60 minutes featured David Kuo, an Evangelical that worked in the current Administration, who says the religious Right is laughed at in the White House and Christians are being used - that "God and politics had become very much fused together into a sort of a single entity. Where, in a way, politics was the fourth part of the trinity. God the father, God the son, God the holy spirit, God the politician..."

Kuo said, "I think that Christians, particularly evangelical Christians need to take a step back. To have a fast from politics... People are being manipulated."

Yes, David. People are being manipulated. And the manipulators want the Religious Right to sit-out this election so that Democrats can take control of Congress.

So the Democrats fear us and the Country Club Republicans laugh at us... I don't care! I'll figure out which candidate is more likely to vote the way I want, and I'll arrive at the polls early on election day.

Oh, and I won't forget that the Democrats gave a pass to... and today are eulogizing a Congressman who sodomized a boy.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

A Noble Nobel

Skyepuppy has a wonderful post about how the Nobel Prize people got it right this year. She also has a link to former Prize winners, but go there at your own risk - you risk outrage and nausea.

You'd think that you'd find Jesus on the list - some sort of lifetime achievement award, but no. However, the list of former winners contains Mother Theresa, who wouldn't be there but for Jesus. And looking at the list you might wonder how many of these lives and accomplishments were inspired by that guy that changed the world when he did that sermon-on-the-mount thing.

In my perfect world, Jesus would get the Nobel Prize - nowhere in the announcement would you find the word "posthumously" - and flying to Europe to accept the award for Jesus would be some "street preacher" who works with drunks and crack whores when he isn't manning the grill at Wendy's. Yes, that sounds about right.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Fed Ex en espanol

I called Fed Ex to schedule a pick-up and the recording wasted my time by spewing a couple sentences in Spanish, followed by a few moments of silence - in which I assume I was supposed to answer in Spanish.

I hung up and called UPS. All English.

Thank you.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Glenn Beck

So CNN's Headline News must be looking for better ratings?

Last night I heard Glenn Beck give the best step by step analysis and proof of bias and outright campaigning on the part of the media for Democrats. And I had to hear it on CNN Headline News?

If you love Sean (Shawn?) Hannity but you hate listening to pundits rudely interrupt each other, flip the dial over a few clicks and check out Glenn Beck. This is from last night:

Now I'm going to rattle off some numbers that you will and won`t be hearing a lot about as the election season enters its final few weeks.
Because we are getting close to an election, half of the real news is being intentionally withheld from you...

The first number is 655,000; you probably read about it today or heard about it on the radio. It is the number of Iraqi civilians that have been killed since the war began. No, I don`t consider it a credible report. Neither does General Casey, and neither do Iraq officials.

It was a number taken from a study, published Thursday on the web site of "The Lancet". Forget that it was based on a survey of households in Iraq, not a body count. Basically, they went door-to-door and said, "Bring out your dead."
Let`s just assume that number is true. This leads us right into the second number I gave you a couple of minutes ago, 69. Sixty-nine is the percentage of the 655,000 Iraqi civilians who did not die at the hands of American soldiers. That leaves 451,950 Iraqis who were killed by someone else other than Americans. Gee, who else is killing people over there? This number leads me to believe that the Iraqis would be saying, "Good God, Americans, please don`t leave us now. We`re surrounded by people trying to kill us."

The third number, 11,687, that is the number the Dow Jones closed at yesterday. That number is the highest ever, and the fourth time the Dow broke the all-time high in the last two weeks. Don`t you always hear people saying, "People vote with their pocketbooks" or my favorite, "It`s the economy, stupid." Well, how come nobody`s saying that this time around, with the election only weeks away? What a surprise.

The fourth number, 248 billion, that`s the one you will be hearing a lot about. That is our budget deficit, $248 billion. What you won`t be hearing is the number 22.3. Our budget deficit has actually shrunk by 22.3 percent since last year. Well, how is that possible?

Well, more numbers you`re not going to hear about. Revenues are at an all-time high, which means that, by cutting taxes, we`ve actually grown the economy and are getting more tax revenue. Gee, I was told by the liberals in the media that that sort of thing just doesn`t happen. Well, it just has, America. The reason you`re not hearing it is because the liberal left would then have to accept this as fact, and then they`d have to shift their argument. They`d have to tell you what they really have been trying to do the whole time. They would no longer be able to say, "We can`t afford these tax cuts" because we can, clearly. They`d have to make the case for their real plan, redistributing wealth. That`s what they really want to do. Go ahead, make the argument for that. But they can`t, because they`d have to say things like, well, it`s for social programs. But socialism isn`t a real destination. Socialism is a middle step between capitalism and communism. Look it up in the dictionary. I did. It will blow your mind. Good luck selling that to the American people.

This all leads me to a question: is the media truly not biased, or does it have an agenda? I`ve got to say, it seems like the agenda thing is working right now. Four weeks before an election, why else would you have to go to a yahoo like me to get the real story behind these numbers?

So here`s what I know tonight: numbers are an amazing game. To say that we have caused 655,000 deaths in Iraq, wow, that`s like saying Americans killed 10 million people in World War II, even though six million of those died in concentration camps at the hands of Adolph Hitler. I also know the economy is in fine shape. Why is it that when the economy is weak, it`s all you hear about? But when it`s strong, like it is now, oh, it`s invisible, especially when a Republican`s in charge? You remember when the Dow was breaking all the records when Bill Clinton was in charge? That`s all they could talk about. Now they say that good news doesn`t sell. I say, bull crap. Good news just doesn`t sell some people`s agenda.

Wow. How come FOX News, which liberals would tell you is an arm of the Republican Party - How come FOX News doesn't give a guy like this a microphone and 15 minutes to state his case? Oh, maybe FOX really is fair and balanced and the libs just can't stand hearing the other side aired.

Anyway, check this guy out. I believe it's 9 PM Eastern - Headline News.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Got Carrots?

Now I have never been one to boast or brag about my truly incredible gardening skills. No, that kind self-promotion is for losers who have no life - who sit around at home every Saturday night watching TV and playing computer games - eating frozen dinners - knowing that it's the women who are the real losers here, and I could get a date any time I really... Oh... Excuse me.

Anyway, though some may define greatness by the abundance miraculously brought forth from a small plot of ground - and some may sit in stunned silence as they try to grasp the majesty of the horticultural arts - I let such accolades and praise run off my back like so much rainwater. I tend to remain silent - restrained by my boundless humility. It's just the way I am.

I started harvesting my carrots last night. I should get a total of at least 100 pounds from my raised beds. They keep incredibly well in humid-drawers and my family and I shouldn't have to buy carrots until next summer.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Speaker Pelosi

Will the agenda of the House of Representatives soon reflect the morals, the dubious defense posture, the anti-war stance, and the liberal politics of the voters of San Francisco?

Pelosi voted against the reauthorization of the Patriot Act. She also vigorously opposed Congress’ establishment of procedures to govern custody and interrogation of detainees and the military tribunals to try them... It is no surprise, then, that Pelosi was given a 100 percent rating for supporting the interests of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in 2005.

The Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi told the Washington Post last month that this year’s midterm congressional campaign “shouldn't be about national security.” Thanks to an obliging mainstream press that continues to make the Foley cybersex page scandal the lead story day after day, she and her fellow leftists are escaping accountability for doing everything in their power to tilt our legal system in favor of terrorists’ rights while undermining our military and intelligence services.

One of Pelosi’s most shocking votes was against consideration of appropriations for intelligence and intelligence-related activities in fiscal year 2007 since there was no funding for something called a
“Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board.” Declaring that the NSA warrantless electronic surveillance program is illegal, Pelosi also voted against a compromise that would have required judicial oversight but still provided the President with some additional flexibility during wartime. In Pelosi’s world – which will turn into nightmarish reality if she becomes the next Speaker of the House – the privacy rights of terrorist suspects and their friends under surveillance would trump our right to be protected against the execution of their murderous plans.

In keeping with her radical civil liberties philosophy, Pelosi voted against the REAL ID Act of 2005, which was aimed at stiffening federal laws to protect against terrorists’ entry to the country and their abuse of the state driver's license process to obtain false identification. She also led the Democratic opposition and voted against the Secure Fence Act of 2006, signed into law by President Bush, to establish operational control over the international land and maritime borders of the United States, including the building of a 700 mile long fence along the U.S.-Mexican border.

She voted NO on a measure to protect U.S. citizens, including our soldiers, from being arbitrarily arrested and brought before the unaccountable UN-sponsored International Criminal Court for a kangaroo trial.

Pelosi voted NO on deploying a national missile defense system, even in the face of North Korean and Iranian development of long-range missile and nuclear capabilities. She voted NO on continuing military recruitment on college campuses, even though this would upgrade the quality and breadth of our military forces.

Pelosi opposed both the first Gulf War to remove Saddam Hussein from Kuwait in 1991 and the second war twelve years later to forcibly remove him from power altogether ...

It is no wonder that Pelosi wants desperately to change the subject of this campaign to anything but national security. Coming from someone who scoffs at traditional moral values by voting against the Defense of Marriage Act and the ban on partial birth abortions, Pelosi’s sudden protestations of moral outrage over Foley’s salacious e-mails would be laughable – until her political strategy becomes clear. With her self-righteous posturing, she wants to distract people from asking whether they are willing to take a chance on a leftist clique that places terrorist rights before the security of our families and believes that using our military to take the fight to the terrorists abroad is a bad thing. “I don't really consider ourselves at war,” Pelosi has said in describing her views on the struggle against global terrorism. With such a philosophy governing the House and creating more obstacles to defeating the Islamic-fascists, the risk of another catastrophic terrorist attack reaching us soon in our homes, at work, at school, while traveling or in our places of worship will increase exponentially – a debacle in the making that we simply cannot afford at this crucial time in our history.

To consider that this Leftist from San Francisco might soon be second in line to the Presidency behind VP Cheney - sends chills both up and down my spine. But the more immediate and proximal threat would be the rise of her influence in the House of Representatives.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Foley and Self Control

Definitions and labels are good. They help us differentiate objects and concepts that otherwise might be lumped together and misunderstood.

When I hear that a person is gay, I figure he has same sex attractions and acts upon those attractions. When I hear that a person is a heterosexual, I figure that he has opposite sex attractions that he may or may not act upon. Why the difference?

From Newsmax:
Conservative gay columnist Andrew Sullivan wrote that he was among many in Washington who had heard that Foley was gay yet unwilling to come out.
"What the closet does to people - the hypocrisies it fosters, the pathologies it breeds - is brutal," Sullivan wrote on his Web site. "From what I've read, Foley is another example of this destructive and self-destructive pattern for which the only cure is courage and honesty."


I disagree with Mr Sullivan. The answer to Mark Foley's dilemma was self control, which he evidently lacked. It's the same self control exercised by heterosexual men when they see a pretty little teenage girl and choose not to entertain inappropriate thoughts about her. A good man develops integrity, discipline, and standards that steer him through a daily minefield of opportunities to be a creep. These qualities work for heterosexuals, men with same sex attractions, and even old bachelors like me. I'm still attracted to young women - I like them - but part of growing up and being a man is developing a character that resides above the gutter. It's simply saying no to unworthy things. It's learning how to address an inappropriate thought by mentally changing the subject... a practiced discipline.

Historically, homosexuality has featured adult men with youths, just as inappropriate heterosexual encounters usually involve young women. Both scenarios involve appetites developed and characters underdeveloped.

Whether it's at work, on the street, or at church - every day we rub elbows with all sorts of personalities and all sorts and degrees of sexuality. We all have things hidden in our closets that never see the light of day- and we store them right behind our integrity, discipline, standards, and self control.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A People Flushed with Anger

Janice over at Nuggets of News relates an interesting development in the crazy world of the American Muslims and their rabble-rousing representatives at the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Janice writes:

Yesterday's whine-o-gram news brief details what CAIR believes to be a possible hate crime at Pace University in lower Manhattan. A paperback copy of a koran was found in the men's room toilet. CAIR-NY is calling on the university to treat the incident as a possible hate crime and sees this incident as evidence of the growing phenomenon of islamophobia in the United States.

CAIR and their followers are turning the... "growing phenomenon of islamophobia in the United States"... into a "growing phenomenon of islamo-contempt and islamo-resentment and islamo-let's-kick-their-butts-outta-here." A Koran in the toilet sounds like a kind of free speech to me. Tasteless free speech - but free speech. I realize that many of these people come straight from the armpit of the world - where there is no free speech... But how hard of a concept is it to grasp? I'M SURE THEY'RE NOT SUGGESTING THAT ALL OF AMERICA SHOULD CHANGE JUST TO SUIT THEM!

CAIR struts around presuming to tell Americans how to act. They remind me of the strutting Major Strasser in Casablanca when he says, "Oh, we Germans must get used to all climates from Russia to the Sahara..." Sounds like something an Islamo-fascist intent on world domination would say.

Janice continues:

...a town hall meeting was held yesterday for the Pace student population in order to create a better understanding of islam. http://19jancan66.blogspot.com/2006/10/cair-believes-koran-found-in-toilet-is.html

That's nice. But we could spend billions of dollars to sensitivity-train all Americans to be more respectful of Muslims - And we could change our laws to curtail our free speech where Muslims are concerned. Or, we could tell the American Muslims where to get off.

How can we get this point across to them? How many public restrooms are there in America?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Democrats and Their Tricks

Is anyone surprised at the timely revelation of the Mark Foley sex scandal?

Six years ago the Dems were formulating the timing of the George Bush DUI scandal, which almost cost Bush the 2000 election. Now with the president's popularity rising and oil prices falling, the Dems need a boost for the fall elections and... well....

From Yahoo news:

The fact that Foley resigned virtually within minutes of being told that ABC News had copies of his salacious e-mails and text messages indicates he at least felt shame for his actions. Can the same be said for Democrats?

In 1983, then-Democratic Rep. Gerry Studds of Massachusetts was caught in a similar situation. In his case, Studds had sex with a male teenage page -- something Foley hasn't been charged with.
Did Studds express contrition? Resign? Quite the contrary. He rejected Congress' censure of him and continued to represent his district until his retirement in 1996.

In 1989, Rep. Barney Frank, also of Massachusetts, admitted he'd lived with Steve Gobie, a male prostitute who ran a gay sex-for-hire ring out of Frank's apartment. Frank, it was later discovered, used his position to fix 33 parking tickets for Gobie.
What happened to Frank? The House voted 408-18 to reprimand him -- a slap on the wrist. Today he's an honored Democratic member of Congress, much in demand as a speaker and "conscience of the party."

In 2001, President Clinton, who had his own intern problem, commuted the prison sentence of Illinois Rep. Mel Reynolds, who had sex with a 16-year-old campaign volunteer and pressured her to lie about it. (Reynolds also was convicted of campaign spending violations.)

You get the idea. Democrats not only seem OK with the kind of behavior for which Foley is charged, but also they protect and excuse it.

We have a lot more questions about this whole affair. The timing of the revelations, as we noted, couldn't be more propitious for the Democrats. Turns out both the Democrats and several newspapers seem to have known about Foley's problem as far back as November, according to research by several enterprising blogs.

Why didn't they come forward then? Who dredged up these e-mails -- and why did they hold them until now? This reeks of political trickery.

Look at all the problems this country faces, and then look what is splashed all over the headlines. It's not about solving America's problems - It's all about regaining power. This is the Democrat plan for America: Just keep throwing the mud and surely some of it will stick.
The Now Famous Amish Girl Killer

I watched the news during lunch which featured a law official from the state of Pennsylvania going on and on about the loser who killed the little seven and eight-year-old Amish girls. Now this loser is famous and all America knows his name - and about the notes he left - and about the objects be bought before the murders, and on and on.

When a sick loser takes a gun and shoots little girls - it makes me angry - it dosn't make me want to get to know him. Going in, he had to know that he would be awarded fame - as was the Columbine losers, the sand-trash losers of 9/11, all the pervert serial killer losers, etc.

I don't want to know why this cowardly and evil piece of crap did this. I don't want to know his name, his reasons, or his life history. And I don't want some other sick S.O.B. sitting at home watching the news to get any ideas about becoming the next media-produced death-cult hero.

The news media should just assume a few obvious facts and report them.

They should report that the guy was obviously a total psychotic jerk. They should report that he probably had the smallest penis in Pennsylvania. They should report that this loser hadn't the personality, the brains, nor the character to do anything meaningful with his pathetic life.

They should talk about the poor victims in this senseless tragedy - and not give this loser everything he was after - attention and fame.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Cable News Poll

AOL customers are being asked to rate the cable news networks. Now while I'm convinced from previous polls that the AOL subscribers are mostly liberal - I don't think liberals watch that much news or are that well informed. They are more interested in style than facts... they're more interested in what is fashionable than developing personal political principles. OK... that's a BIG generalization, but I think it's a good one. I think that conservatives are more likely the news junkies... and more likely to be interested in addressing this AOL poll. That said...

Which of these cable news networks do you prefer to watch?
Fox News 60%
CNN 27%
Total Votes: 17,625

What do you think of Fox News?
It's balanced 59%
It's too conservative 38%
It's too liberal 3%
Total Votes: 17,318

What do you think of CNN?
It's too liberal 58%
It's balanced 35%
It's too conservative 6%
Total Votes: 17,158

What do you think of MSNBC?
It's too liberal 55%
It's balanced 36%
It's too conservative 9%
Total Votes: 16,798

And how about cable news' biggest star, Bill O'Reilly?

Do you watch him?
Yes, on occasion 36%
No, I can't take him 34%
Yes, I can't get enough of him 29%
Total Votes: 15,598

How would you describe him?
He's balanced 55%
He's too conservative 40%
He's too liberal 4%
Total Votes: 15,443