Tuesday, December 27, 2016

If I was King

Volume I

If I was King I would decree that all news persons and pundits would no longer be allowed to describe Supreme Court nominees as Liberal or Conservative.

The so-called Liberal nominee would be referred to as anti-Constitutionalist, Liberal-Activist, or Lawless-Tyrannical.  (Or Lawless-Tyrannical-Rex just for fun)

The so-called Conservative nominee would be referred to as a Constitutionalist, Strict Constructionist, or Originalist.

Note:  A Lawless-Tyrannical could also be a conservative who sought to accomplish, through judicial decree, a policy or law that could not be established legislatively by Congress or State Legislature.  A strict-constructionist by definition would be opposed to such a device.

It was an activist court (The Burger Court) that overturned the laws of 50 state legislatures when it legalized abortion and ignored the will of The People.

The Constitutionalist Justice by definition seeks to limit the power of the Federal Government (including the power of The Supreme Court) and allow the states, communities, and the people to govern themselves.

The terms Liberal and Conservative have political relationships and meanings which can only confuse the issue.


Thursday, December 22, 2016

2017 New Years Resolutions for White Guys | MTV News

Not Made for White Guys

This video was created to cast a bad light - not upon white guys, but rather conservative white guys.  Conservative white guys are the target here... And also angry white guys who are assumed to be conservative.

It's interesting that Kanye West was also demoted to the stature of white guys because he visited with Donald Trump after the election.  Well, he should know better.

The tendency is to ignore this kind of stupidity, but you have to realize that the ignorant, developing minds of many young people are absorbing this stuff as some kind of deep and meaningful truth that the rest of us are just too blind to see.

You see this kind of thing and it almost makes you miss the days of "Up With People."  (Well maybe not)

The entertainment industry in this country has been pushing this kind of honorless, iconoclastic, immoral bilge upon a willing audience since its first success with Saturday Night Live 40 years ago.  When I was young and ignorant I loved it. 

It now saturates all of entertainment and it's not going to change.  All responsible adults can do is laugh at it and call it what it is.


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Popular Vote

First of all, I suspect that many non-citizen votes were cast on election day, and we know there were Democrat precincts that counted more votes than there were registered voters to cast them.  So I'm convinced that if Hillary really won the popular vote, it was not by the margin reported.  (We need the Electoral College because Leftists cheat.)

That said, I welcome the Democrats' fixation upon the popular vote and their prostrations, gyrations, and conniptions in an attempt to cast doubt on the election.

The latter makes them look like petty poor losers, and the former gives them the certitude that they need change nothing to be successful with their left-wing, unpopular ideology and style.

I know that they are confident that they need not change because Nancy Pelosi is still their leader in The House.  Their Former standard bearer Bill Clinton is insulting angry white guys, who I believe are still a rather large voting block.  Their enablers in the news media are still showing their bias and confirming the fact that they can't be trusted to report the truth.

As annoying as it all is, I believe that if Trump accomplishes anything good in the next two years, the midterm elections in 2018 should be very satisfying entertainment for Conservatives.


Friday, December 09, 2016

An Activist Court and the Electoral College

I have to wonder what would have happened with the 2016 election if Justice Antonin Scalia had died a year earlier and Obama had placed another leftist-activist judge on the Supreme Court.  I have to wonder if there would have been a challenge to the fairness of an election in which someone won who had fewer votes than the loser.

I have to wonder if the Democrats would have found a vehicle in which to place the issue before the Activist Supreme Court to decide the fairness of the results and rule on whether or not the Electoral College was outdated and had trampled the rights of the majority of voters.

I have to wonder if Trump would still be the President-Elect.

I know what the Constitution says, but an activist court cares nothing for the Constitution... It cares only about results.


Saturday, November 19, 2016

To the Democrats Who Crossed Over and Voted for Trump and Other Republicans...

1)  If you want to secure the border... We don't think you're racists.  The Democrats and the Media think you're racists.

2)  If you're concerned about Radical Islam and if you ever use the term Radical Islam... It's the Democrats and the Media who think you're Islamophobes, not us.

3)  We won't call you racists for things you said 30 years ago... That would also be the Democrats and the Media.

4)  If you support the police and want law and order to prevail on our streets... We don't think that makes you a racist... It's the Democrats and Media that think that.

5)  If you think a child's privacy rights are as important as the rights of a transgendered person, we don't think that makes you a hater... Again, that would be the Dems and the Media.

6)  If you question climate change and EPA heavy handedness, we question that, too.  It's the Democrats and Media that will call you a Denier, or worse.

7)  If you want to lower corporate taxes to stimulate manufacturing in this country, we won't call you greedy... It's the Democrats and Media that will call you that.

We won't call you rednecks or rubes.  We don't think we are smarter than you are.  Our Supreme Court Justices will respect your right of self -governance and will not cancel your vote and decide what is best for you.

And if your vision and values differ greatly from those of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, Van Jones, and other heroes of the Democrat Party, please take a look at us again in 2018.


Friday, November 11, 2016


This cartoon by Michael Ramirez best explains the reason why I voted for Donald Trump.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Quote of the Day

"Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a function."
--Garrison Keillor


Friday, September 09, 2016

Quote of the Day

“To say that the CIA and the KGB engage in similar practices is the equivalent of saying that the man who pushes an old lady into the path of a hurtling bus is not to be distinguished from the man who pushes an old lady out of the path of a hurtling bus: on the grounds that, after all, in both cases someone is pushing old ladies around.”
--William F Buckley Jr


Sunday, September 04, 2016

Quote of the Day

"Keith remembered a time, before television and other electronic devices had taken a firm hold, when meetings of one sort or another were deeply ingrained into rural life.  His parents were always going to a club meeting, a church meeting, a civic meeting, or something of the sort.  And there were sewing bees and quilting groups for the women, and political meetings and the grange meetings for the men...  there had been a time when rural people had depended upon themselves for entertainment.  But more important, many of the great social movements in the nation, such as abolition and populism, had begun in small country churches."
--from Nelson Demille's  Spencerville


Friday, August 26, 2016

My Uncle and the Tire Iron

My Uncle Sherril is the young man in the picture without a tie.  Dad is at the top left.

In April of 1945 my Dad's 12 year-old sister Joyce went down the lane to pick up the mail and found a letter from the Navy Department.  She didn't know what was in it, but she knew it was important so she sped back to the house waving the letter in the air.

The letter was from The Casualty Notification and Processing Section and stated that Dad had been "wounded in action" and had "sustained multiple wounds." 

My grandfather, a very gruff man, broke down in tears and said to Grandma, "You promised he'd be OK!"  Grandma had promised him that Dad would come home safe from the war because she and the women at Maple Run Friends Church were praying for him.

Soon after that my Dad's 17 year-old little brother, my Uncle Sherril, was at Cole Station on State Road 22.   A neighbor farmer named Abe, who was doing quite well financially because of the war, was also there and casually said, "If the war can last a couple more years, I'll have my farm paid off."

Having just heard his big brother had been wounded and not knowing the extent of the damage done, Abe's words struck Uncle Sherril the wrong way.  He picked up a tire iron and went after him.  He had to be restrained by two men as Abe took off.

I just heard this story last night from my half-brother John.  I didn't ask... but knowing Dad, I'm sure Johnny heard it from Uncle Sherril, not Dad.

I love these little snapshots of the past.


Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bill Nye, The Science Guy vs Young Earth

William Sanford Nye’s scientific bona fides consists of an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from Cornell, and a stint at Boeing. But you can be anything you want on television...

It was Bill Nye who debated Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham to answer the question, Is Creation a Viable Model of Origins. 

The Left and other enemies of God have been wielding science for years in an effort to promulgate their own particular gospel, and ordinary individuals generally are impressed into believing that men who talk of things so difficult to understand must surely be onto something.

I have an undergraduate degree with a double major in chemistry and biology which means that I have studied just enough science to know that I have no business scientifically arguing the age of the Earth.  I know of smart people that claim the Earth was created in six 24 hour days and I know of other smart people (both Believers and non-Believers) who claim it took billions of years and a big bang.

So!  What do I believe?  I believe God spoke the universe into existence and until He tells me differently, I will accept literally the Bible which He directed into existence.

But I will not argue about it.

I believe arguing about the age of the Earth is just another distraction that rich, worldly Believers use to avoid dealing with their miserable efforts at being pure, Holy, and set apart for the Bridegroom, Jesus Christ. 

Putting out a scientific argument for the existence of God or the literal veracity of scripture is all very nice, but people are going to choose to believe who they want to believe... They've been doing that for many years. 

I believe that a Holy Life is so strange to the World (and to most Believers) that it will be more remarkable and influential than any argument.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Quote of the Day

"In a country where the Believers are thoroughly polluted by the world, Personal Holiness is the prerequisite for any effective venture into evangelism.  Polluted Believers making more polluted Believers saves no one, and only perpetuates the Cult of the Moral Lifestyle."


Sunday, August 21, 2016

Thanks Harry...
Seventy-one years ago this month my dad was healing from battle wounds and preparing to return to the South Pacific to participate in the invasion of Japan.  Perhaps a million American soldiers would die in Normandy-Like invasions followed by the slow and deadly march to secure the island. Millions upon millions of Japanese would die in combat, and many others would end their lives by suicide as they did on the cliffs of Saipan.

Instead, Harry Truman made the difficult but humane decision to drop the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki... And he saved millions of American and Japanese lives.

Today, ignorant and politically motivated people condemn President Truman and America for ending the war as they did... but in spite of the fashionably stupid, it's and undeniable fact that a great many people owe their lives to  Harry Truman and his decision to drop the bomb.


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Truth About Hillary's Bizarre Behavior

Nothing Surprises Me in this Election

At the very least, this is one strange woman.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton "our kids are watching"

Our Kids Are Watching

This is a great campaign commercial and it illustrates perfectly Donald Trump's personal weaknesses.  I mean really... How smart can you be when you record on tape this kind of ammunition for your opponent to use?

Now back in 1998 our kids were watching when the Clintons made oral sex a matter for public discussion, but I'm not sure that's going to matter now.

For me, I'll just sit back and enjoy the irony of Hillary Clinton asking America to reject Trump on moral grounds.

It's kind of like Christians who pollute themselves and their families with network television and then claim that Donald Trump just isn't holy enough to be their nominee.  But I guess there is a lot of hypocrisy out there.


Monday, July 11, 2016

Cops and the Black Man

From Robert VerBruggen in The National Review:

Let’s start with a fact everyone should be able to agree on: There is a disparity. Blacks are about 13 percent of the American population, yet according to data collected by the Washington Post in 2015 and 2016 thus far, they are about 27 percent of those killed by police. (For all the numbers in this article, I exclude any cases for which the race is “unknown.”)

But this isn’t the end of the discussion. Police are allowed, indeed often expected, to kill in certain circumstances — namely, when they reasonably think it is necessary to stop a threat to life or limb. People who pose such a threat are not necessarily representative of the entire population. So the question is, if not 13 percent, what baseline should we be comparing that 27 percent against?

One possible comparison group is murderers: According to the FBI, about half are black. Another is cop-killers, i.e., those who demonstrably presented a lethal threat to police: Again according to the FBI, about 43 percent are black. Still another is violent criminals in general: Most of these commit relatively minor offenses (such as simple assault, where there is no weapon or serious injury), but according to victimization surveys, about 24 percent are black. In other words, violent-crime rates roughly explain the gap — indeed, they over-explain it in the case of murderers and cop-killers, who are far more likely to be black than police-shooting victims are.

Assuming that police are aware of these numbers and percentages, there would have to be a built-in prejudice against blacks solely based upon (a politically incorrect) reality.  But that prejudice does not appear to be reflected in the police shooting data.

The peaceful black man's biggest problem is the violent black man's effect upon society's fears,apprehensions, and prejudices... Just as the peaceful Muslim's biggest problem is the Muslim extremist.


Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Quote of the Day

"Why should not an inner-city resident wish to buy a legal weapon, when armed security guards patrol America’s far safer gated communities? For most of the Clintons’ adult lives, they have been accompanied by men and women with concealed weapons to ensure their safety — on the premise that firearms, not mace, not Tasers, not knives or clubs, alone would ultimately keep the two safe.
The very wealthy can afford to be more concerned for a three-inch smelt than for irrigation water that will ensure that there are jobs for tractor drivers and affordable food for the less-well-off. When Hillary Clinton talks about putting miners out of work, she’s talking about people she has no desire to see unless she needs their votes.
Outsourcing jobs affects predominantly the lower middle classes; no pundit, D.C. staffer, or New York lawyer is replaced by some cheaper English-speaker from the Punjab. Obamacare follows the same pattern. Elites who praise it to the skies either have the money or the Cadillac plans to navigate around it. I doubt that Rahm Emanuel and his brothers queue up at a surgery center, hoping to win five minutes with an ophthalmologist who now treats 70 patients a day to survive under Obamacare."
--Victor Davis Hansen


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Candidates Who Excite the ignorant

In 2008 the Democrat Party introduced a very exciting presidential candidate that actually won in Indiana... You have to be a very exciting Democrat Candidate to win in Indiana.

He had no accomplishments but he was "the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean" according to Joe Biden... and for expressing so remarkable a compliment for an African-American male, Joe was made his running mate...  The reasoning being that for Joe to go out upon such a tenuous limb as to call a black man bright and clean, he deserved the Vice Presidency.

Obama lacked any credentials in his first campaign and brandished no accomplishments in his second campaign... but he was exciting.  And, he looked nice and had a nice voice... just like people on TV... And in the spirit of Affirmative Action... Well, you know the outcome.

This year the Republicans are offering up a very exciting candidate of their own, and just as with the Obama campaigns, ignorant people are lining up to get excited over him.  He is a vulgar ignoramus... just like people on TV.

This may be an ongoing trend in America as our citizens become more TV-entertainment fixated and more ignorant of history and its lessons.

Quote of the Day

"The choice this November is tragic. As happens often in life, this choice is between bad and worse, not bad and good.
But America has made that choice before. Forced to choose between bad and worse, we supported Stalin against Hitler and supported right-wing authoritarians against Communist totalitarians."
--Dennis Prager

Prager makes a good point and numbers his reasons for choosing the lesser of two evils:

1. Prevent a left-wing Supreme Court.
2. Increase the defense budget.
3. Repeal, or at least modify, Dodd-Frank.
4. Prevent Washington, D.C., from becoming a state and giving the Democrats another two permanent senators.
5. Repeal ObamaCare.
6. Curtail illegal immigration, a goal that has nothing necessarily to do with xenophobia or nativism (just see Western Europe).
7. Reduce job-killing regulations on large and small businesses.
8. Lower the corporate income tax and bring back hundreds of billions of offshore dollars to the United States.
9. Continue fracking, which the Left, in its science-rejecting hysteria, opposes.

For me, reason number one is the only argument for pulling the lever for Trump.  An activist Supreme Court torches The Constitution and changes our country forever.


Monday, May 23, 2016

An Undivided Party has its Advantages

Many Trump supporters and haters have decided that Trump will most certainly win in November based upon the present polls that show a tight race or Trump with a narrow lead.

I'm a little bit surprised myself.

But Clinton is still in a fight with half her party over the nomination.  Bernie will eventually go away, and I expect the numbers to favor Clinton at that time.

So please don't get excited Mr. Trump Supporter... Heartache may be coming your way this summer and fall.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Quotes of the Day

"America was founded on the idea of small government. But the Left is based on big government.
America was founded on the principle that human rights come from the Creator. For the Left, rights come from the state.
America was founded on the belief that in order to maintain a small government, a God-fearing people is necessary. The Left opposes God-based religions, particularly Judeo-Christian religions. Secularism is at the core of Leftism every bit as much as egalitarianism is.
It took generations, but the Left has succeeded (primarily through the schools, but also through the media) in substituting its values for America’s."
--Dennis Prager


"If a boy who identifies as female has a right under Title IX to use the girls’ restrooms and showers, then it would clearly be discrimination on the basis of gender identity to bar a boy who identifies as male from also using them. After all, the difference between these two biological males is that they have different gender identities. How could one of the males be allowed to use the girls’ facilities and the other be barred from doing so if Title IX bars discrimination on the basis of gender identity? In short, contrary to everyone’s (including the Obama administration’s) understanding of Title IX, the transgender illogic would disallow any system of single-sex facilities to survive."
--Ed Whelan


Saturday, May 07, 2016

The Rulers, The Authorities, And The Powers

There was a time when I regularly watched Bill O'Reilly talk about the world's problems for an hour without ever mentioning the Enemy or our Lord.  Bill obviously doesn't know what is really going on.   But my heart is so earthbound that I regularly fall prey to the fantasies of the false teachers and the ignorant and actually work up an anger against men with whom I know I do not struggle.

But when I push myself away from the world's table long enough to sober up from the alcohol of entertainment... When I empty myself of network television and am subsequently filled with you know Who... When I discard the habits of the rich man and embrace the life of the poor man, say... In rural China,  who can afford neither television nor the antenna to receive its signal... When I live the life I was created to live between earth and God... then I actually feel the peace the Bible promises.

Even before death there is a price to pay for loving the world... the world inspired and run by the rulers, the authorities, and the powers.  Even before death there is a price to pay for inviting the enemies of God into your home and heart. 

Peace is better, and its abundance or meagerness identifies that which I love and portends my future.


Friday, May 06, 2016

Living in a Red State has its Advantages

In a year in which Democrats nominated one of the most unlikable persons that ever walked the planet, the Trump voters decided that nominating someone even more unlikable was a good idea. 

Well the drunken night has run its course, the sun has risen, and Hillary Clinton is up 13 points over Trump... And Indiana is only leaning red.  Who saw that coming?

I can't stomach the Trump News Network (The News Network formerly known as Fox) so this morning I tuned in to MSNBC, where Rachael Maddow is so so so so happy.  The Democrats are like the Allies of World War II having learned that Hitler has committed suicide.

So a special thanks to Donald, Sarah, Jeff, Chris, Sean, Ann, Rush, Bill, Laura, the twits on Fox and Friends, Mitch, John, and the rest of the insipid Republican Establishment for their help in establishing the Democrats as the ruling Party in America for the next one hundred years.

So where was I going with this?

Oh yes, living in a red state has its advantages... and here it is:
There is no reason for me to sully myself by voting for Donald Trump.  If Trump needs my vote to win Indiana, then the swing states are already lost, and the election is already over.

Which it is.


Thursday, May 05, 2016

 Quote of the Day

Trump won’t win. And his loss, and Hillary’s presidency, will be the fault of the people who nominated him. It is outrageous and dishonest to blame Trump’s loss on the very people who warned you for months that he would lose. The fact that Trump is roundly despised, mocked and dismissed by the general electorate is not a new revelation. It’s been the case since his announcement speech, and for many years before that. The blame for President Hillary falls on those who ignored this reality, not on the ones who’ve been shouting desperately about it since July.
Speaking of which, please take a bow, Sean Hannity.  Also, Laura Ingraham, Bill O’Reilly, etc. These paragons of conservatism worked tirelessly for many months to destroy their movement and assure a Hillary Clinton presidency. This morning, their victory on both counts is all but assured. We should congratulate them on their achievement, and, out of respect for their tireless efforts, we should be sure to remember their names and what they did. I imagine Hillary Clinton and the DNC are writing personalized thank you notes to every Trump shill on cable news and talk radio as we speak. They deserve the recognition. Truly, no one has done more to advance the Democrat cause than Sean Hannity and his fellow Trump lickspittles.
--Matt Walsh


Friday, April 29, 2016


Saw this on Facebook.

I'm sure I've used "your" when I should have used "you're" many times... But surely if I was making a poster for the internet...

But perhaps today's standards are different and I'm being a grammarphobe or something.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Quote of the Day

"Trump is certainly not the answer for our mess, but he is not the cause of it either. His supporters are not saints, but they embrace the argument that elites promote policies in the abstract whose negative consequences in the concrete always fall on someone else less wealthy and well-connected. Their anger at those hypocrisies deserves to be heard with respect. For the most part, they are supporting a candidate who, by the standards of a debased age, is no more disingenuous or disreputable than he who currently sits in the White House or she who will likely sit there in 2017."

--Victor Davis Hansen


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Look Who's Back

A time traveler in military uniform wakes up on a sunny Berlin afternoon in 2011, looking up at a blue sky without enemy aircraft overhead. He hears no shelling, explosions or sirens.  You know his name. You know his face.

I love Netflix... No Madison Avenue, and I get to watch movies that I would never otherwise get to see. 

I recently suffered through the subtitles of a German film named Look Who's Back, which places a time travelling Hitler in modern day Berlin.  Much of the movie is played for comedy, but the underlying theme is a people frustrated with immigrants coming into, and changing their country... And this strange man saying the things they've felt about the situation but never expressed.

A German television station finds him, and believing he is an actor and comedian, enlists him to come and drive up their ratings.  The first time he appears on live TV he just stands there for a full minute, silently looking at his audience, just as Hitler did before his speeches back in pre-war Germany.

At the end of the movie, film is shown of right wing hate groups protesting along with clips of the time traveling Hitler riding through the streets... And he exclaims, "I can work with this."

I recommend the film.  It shows how when a government is deaf to the concerns of its citizens, the way is paved for the ascendance of the most outrageous characters...

(If you're not thinking about Donald Trump by now... you may be a Trump Zombie.)

I'm sure it was meant to be a left wing warning against right wing extremism in Germany, but the overwhelming popularity that the film has enjoyed may suggest an effect that is something contrary to the filmmaker's intent.


Wednesday, April 06, 2016

How a Contested Convention Could Save Us

I watched MSNBC's Morning Joe this morning because I simply couldn't stomach another episode of Trump and Friends over on Fox News.  Well, I did peek for a few seconds and predictably it was all about how Cruz's victory in Wisconsin would effect Donald Trump's triumphant march to the nomination.

Call me crazy, but with the Supreme Court on the verge of becoming the Supreme Beings... the secular version of Iran's Council of Guardians... I'm thinking Republicans should be focused upon winning the election in November.

And when over half of his own party's voters consider Donald Trump scary (see Wisconsin exit polls) he isn't going to win in November.

My hope is that come convention time we will all take a deep breath,  look at the polling,  and nominate someone who has a chance to win.  That someone may be neither Donald Trump nor Ted Cruz. 

I'm fine with that.


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Forgetting the Buckley Rule

While our border is a joke and Muslim Extremists threaten the civilized world, America is threatened in a more personal way by a coming identity change that will effectively eliminate the Constitution and render the House and Senate a lesser branch of the Federal Government.  That means that we the people lose our ability to choose the kind of country we want as the Supreme Court substitutes liberal politics for the Constitution. 

With the Supreme Court up for grabs this was a bad year to forget the Buckley Rule:  “Nominate the most conservative candidate who is electable.”

We can argue about whether Donald Trump is a Conservative, but it really doesn't matter.  He isn't going to win. 

Trump has one third of the Republican voters behind him and a longstanding 60% disapproval rating against him.  Too bad.  With the Democrats nominating the most unattractive candidate it could find, this was an election a Conservative could have won.

The average Trump Zombie has never heard of William F Buckley Jr... He's not a TV star.


Saturday, March 05, 2016

This Endorsement Should Surprise No One

Chris Christie wants to be president... He wants to be the first really big president since Howard Taft... And early in his campaign he could see that it wasn't going to happen... At least not in 2016.

He can't run against a sitting Republican president in 2020 and he doesn't want to wait eight years.

So when the candidate most likely to beat Hillary Clinton (Marco Rubio) ascends in Iowa, Christie savagely attacks him in the next debate.  When Rubio receives attention for attacking and rattling Trump in the February 25th debate, Christie jumps in the next day and endorses Trump, the candidate most likely to lose to Clinton.

Not likely, my theory?  We could ask Mitt Romney if he thinks Christie is capable of sabotaging another Republican's candidacy to enable his own future run.

For Chris Christie, it's all about Chris Christie.


Friday, March 04, 2016

Mitt Romney's Speech

I don't know Mr. Romney, but I'm guessing that he may be a guy that loves to say I told you so... Come next November that is exactly what he will be saying. 

Romney performed a humanitarian service for those poor gullible people who think that in Donald Trump they have latched on to a bold and brilliant savior and sure thing. 

As soon as The Donald secures the nomination, FOX News and unenthusiastic Republican politicians will be the only positive voices supporting Trump... And it won't be nearly enough.  Every foreign policy expert, every economist, every newspaper, every celebrity, every pundit, late night host and comedian will be calling Trump out as an extremely dangerous empty suit and they will have ample video to prove it.   By the time they're done, even the low information Trump Zombies will stay home on election day and the rest of us who see the disaster looming... The landslide for Hillary and the loss of our majorities in both houses... We will be expected to dutifully go to the polls and try to save something... Anything.

With the loss of the Supreme Court and the Conservatives in Congress, nothing will stop the Democrat Congress from  gun legislation, Book of Romans Hate Speech legislation, and immigration legislation that allows Illegals to vote. 

So thank you Mr. Romney for softening the blow and preparing us for the end of those things we hold most dear.


Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Grammy's Flight Tracker Site


This site shows all the flights in the air on a world map.  If you have a flight in your near future, try not to think about bumper cars.


Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Hug of Death

In the last debate Marco Rubio not only exposed Donald Trump as a ridiculous empty suit, but gave us a glimpse of what will happen if Trump appears on a debate stage with Hillary Clinton.  Trump, who polls already show would lose to Clinton, will serve up the greatest election disaster in the history of this country, losing miserably to the most unattractive candidate the Democrats have ever nominated.

But have no fear Donald.  The day after you looked feckless and rattled on the debate stage, here comes Chris Christie to the rescue.

Mitt Romney's campaign  was the last recipient of Christie's hug of death when he slobbered all over Obama... And now, when things look bad for the party's version of the Titanic, here comes Christie again with an endorsement.


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Fear of Flying

I watched the movie Gran Prix recently and was struck by what the Yves Montand character said about the fear involved in auto racing.

He said: 
"I think if any of us imagined - really imagined - what it would be like to go into a tree at 150 miles per hour we would probably never get into the cars at all, none of us. So it has always seemed to me that to do something very dangerous requires a certain absence of imagination."

Exactly.  When I fly I'm meticulously considering every tragic possibility that my mind can come up with... From the cabin suddenly filling with flames... To a crack forming  in the fuselage that spreads until the aircraft buckles into itself.   Friendly skies... I think not.

I'm the same way with elevators.  I imagine that in the split second I board or get off... the cable snaps and catches me half on and half off... And I'm cut clean in half.   (That's not how I wish to go.)  So I fly in... And leap out... And probably look ridiculous.

But a commercial jet's seat for me is like the dentist's chair... Sitting there expecting the pain at any moment. 

Now I know that getting into a Formula One race car and driving 200 miles per hour has a different risk level than flying in a commercial aircraft... But that doesn't help me. 

I think Valium would help me.


Empty Trucks Make the Most Noise

Sunday, February 14, 2016

 When Giants Fall

Last night Ted Cruz said, "Justice Scalia was a legal giant. He was somebody that I knew for 20 years. He was a brilliant man. He was faithful to the Constitution. He changed the arc of American legal history. And I’ll tell you, his passing tonight, our prayers are with his family, with his wife, Maureen, who he adored, his nine children, his 36 grandkids. But it underscores the stakes of this election. We are one justice away from a Supreme Court that will strike down every restriction on abortion adopted by the states. We are one justice away from a Supreme Court that will reverse the Heller decision, one of Justice Scalia’s seminal decisions that upheld the Second Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms. We are one justice away from a Supreme Court that would undermine the religious liberty of millions of Americans..."

If Democrat judicial appointees respected, and deliberated under the authority of... The Constitution, the death of one man wouldn't endanger our freedoms and threaten our right to govern ourselves.  But Democrat appointees rule by personal preference and the dictates of the liberal elites.

Our 2nd amendment rights... Our freedom of speech... Our freedom to teach and live by the truth of scripture... All in jeopardy.


Quote of the Day

"On a day when America lost a great patriot — a Supreme Court justice who defended the Constitution and upheld its vital principles until the very day that he died — it was particularly sad to see the hijacking of constitutional conservatism in a race that is quickly degenerating into a dangerous farce at the very time when the nation so desperately needs principled, courageous leadership. Dear candidates, if you can’t win, step aside. If you can win, step up. Otherwise, we are lost."
--David French...  Commenting on the February 13th Debate.


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Understanding the Christian Support of Donald Trump

There is a reason why so many believers in this country support Trump and it isn't pretty. 

Trump is pompous and arrogant... He uses filthy language.  His fame is a product of greed and a sinful American pop culture... A Hollywood entertainment system that is run by the enemies of God.

So why do moral, church-going Believers support this reprobate?

Idolatry.  The Bible tells us that we must not love the world system, and yet most of the Believers in this country, who deny themselves nothing... Are bathed, tutored, and inebriated in an entertainment culture that perverts and corrupts their fidelity to the Bridegroom.  I would argue that the vast majority of Believers in America are much more the bride of this world than the bride of Christ.

So is it surprising that when their security, their bank accounts, and their freedoms are threatened, they blindly embrace the cult of celebrity and seek the wisdom of the god most real in their lives?

Greed.  How many Believers backed Bill Clinton because he was good for their pocketbooks?

Ignorance, foolishness and a lack of Holy Leadership.  In this country of the rich, a holy man who empties himself of the world and is subsequently filled and led by the Holy Spirit into truth and wisdom... Just where is that guy?  Where is the guy that is fixated upon the pearl of great value that has cost him everything

The Christian Leaders in this country have found the small gate, but have no interest in the narrow way.  They are just like us... Which is why we hired them.

So when you have mastered compromise and rationalized the ingestion of every pollutant that cheers and entertains... When you have fashioned a more practical god that fits your lifestyle... you have the tools and know-how to unashamedly embrace The Donald.

My Conclusion:  The Christian support of Donald Trump is the sad reflection of our devotion to this world and our casual tolerance of the spiritual entity that runs it.



Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Donald Trump's Profanity Revisited

Dennis Prager wrote a great column on the subject over at the National Review Online... You'll find it HERE.


Monday, February 08, 2016

To be fair to the Donald:
Christie Threatened to Drop "F-Bomb" at the 2012 GOP Convention

Ultimately, Christie was given the keynote address at the 2012 GOP convention - a coveted speaking slot reserved for rising stars. There, his "big" personality came out in a big way: when organizers told Christie that they were scrapping a three-minute introduction video before his speech due to time constraints, the governor insisted they reconsider. When they pushed back, according to Balz, Christie told a member of the production team "to ask the director if he had ever heard anyone say 'f***' on live television, because that's what he was about to do if the video didn't run."
After another sharp exchange, Christie said he wouldn't deliver the speech if the video didn't run. Romney's convention team leader, Russ Schriefer, intervened, instructing the director to play the video.

Are all the Republican candidates more or less immoral in their speech?

I reject Christie because of his liberal record, his lack of enthusiasm and team play for Romney... His Obama Hug and his keynote Flop at the convention... But now I have another reason.


Saturday, February 06, 2016

We’re gonna bring businesses back from Mexico so you can tell them to GO...

Trump May Not Be as F-ing Devout as He Claims

Yesterday Donald Trump mouthed the F word at a rally in New Hampshire, startling any deaf lip readers that may have been watching, and disgusting the Christians who had foolishly bought into his conversion story.

Someone needs to quickly mail him a WWJD bracelet along with the suggestion that "go F themselves" is never found, nor highlighted in red, in the Gospels.

I believe Trump's Evangelical support just got a lot smaller... and a lot less enthusiastic.


Friday, February 05, 2016

The Problem with Ted Cruz

Cruz is a guy I would love to stick in the White House without having to worry about his electability. 

There is something in his manner and facial expressions that scream "fake" and "creepy" and it makes me want to shake him and say, "Ted... You come across like a very poor high school drama student."

I have read two articles from two very different sources that comment on the way he emotes.

In Psychology Today Richard Cytowic M.D. writes, "It’s hard to look at Ted Cruz’s face. He’s a brilliant orator with a sharp legal mind. But his expression unsettles me. I know my reaction is visceral and automatic, but as a neurologist it is my business to notice things out of the ordinary and probe them. The Senator’s atypical expressions leave me uneasy.

And then there is that open “O” of the Senator’s mouth that photos capture over and over. I don’t know what to make of it. But he makes it when he overtly emotes—shows us as well as tells us that he is determined, irritated, or above it all—whereas speakers who are angry, indignant, or rhetorically displeased push their mouth forward in a pout. He doesn’t. Google “Ted Cruz smiling,” and judge for yourself. For the record I am not a Democrat. I’m at a loss to verbalize what unsettles me so when I watch the freshman senator. But it leaves me cold."

Of the Republican field, I think Ted Cruz would make the best president.  But I work with little girls who are in their twenties and thirties who are as conservative as I am, but don't do politics... And when they tell me that Ted Cruz is creepy... I know Ted has a problem with his image.

And that needs to be considered, because we have to win this election.


Monday, February 01, 2016

Quote of the Day

"I do not believe the election next fall can be won by a vulgar, profane, mannerless Manhattan Hillbilly."
-- Malott ... January 31, 2016


Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Trump Tapes: Vol. 1

How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Donald?

Trump is saying exactly what conservative Republicans want to hear... But after listening to the video above you may come to only one of the following conclusions:

1.  Trump was lying before.
2.  Trump is lying now.
3.  Trump underwent an amazing transformation.
4.  Trump has no core values.

I am having a difficult time believing number 3.

We are one liberal supreme court justice away from losing much of the freedom and autonomy we currently enjoy. 

I believe it is in our best interest to pick the most conservative politician that can win.

I believe I know who that is... And it isn't Donald Trump... Nor is it the guy I like the most.


Saturday, January 09, 2016

Surely the Democrats Can Do Better

If Brian Williams, who lied about being forced down by enemy fire in a helicopter over Iraq, is deemed unworthy to be an anchorman...

Then surely Hillary Clinton, who lied about landing in Bosnia and running with her head down because of "sniper fire," is unworthy of the presidency.

She lied about being named after Sir Edmund Hillary... She lied to the families of the victims of the Benghazi attacks.

I don't expect the Democrats to nominate a conservative.  But can't they find someone with at least a modicum of character?

Across the breadth of this nation I'll bet there are ten, maybe even eleven Democrats with more character than Hillary Clinton.