Friday, April 29, 2016


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I'm sure I've used "your" when I should have used "you're" many times... But surely if I was making a poster for the internet...

But perhaps today's standards are different and I'm being a grammarphobe or something.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Quote of the Day

"Trump is certainly not the answer for our mess, but he is not the cause of it either. His supporters are not saints, but they embrace the argument that elites promote policies in the abstract whose negative consequences in the concrete always fall on someone else less wealthy and well-connected. Their anger at those hypocrisies deserves to be heard with respect. For the most part, they are supporting a candidate who, by the standards of a debased age, is no more disingenuous or disreputable than he who currently sits in the White House or she who will likely sit there in 2017."

--Victor Davis Hansen


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Look Who's Back

A time traveler in military uniform wakes up on a sunny Berlin afternoon in 2011, looking up at a blue sky without enemy aircraft overhead. He hears no shelling, explosions or sirens.  You know his name. You know his face.

I love Netflix... No Madison Avenue, and I get to watch movies that I would never otherwise get to see. 

I recently suffered through the subtitles of a German film named Look Who's Back, which places a time travelling Hitler in modern day Berlin.  Much of the movie is played for comedy, but the underlying theme is a people frustrated with immigrants coming into, and changing their country... And this strange man saying the things they've felt about the situation but never expressed.

A German television station finds him, and believing he is an actor and comedian, enlists him to come and drive up their ratings.  The first time he appears on live TV he just stands there for a full minute, silently looking at his audience, just as Hitler did before his speeches back in pre-war Germany.

At the end of the movie, film is shown of right wing hate groups protesting along with clips of the time traveling Hitler riding through the streets... And he exclaims, "I can work with this."

I recommend the film.  It shows how when a government is deaf to the concerns of its citizens, the way is paved for the ascendance of the most outrageous characters...

(If you're not thinking about Donald Trump by now... you may be a Trump Zombie.)

I'm sure it was meant to be a left wing warning against right wing extremism in Germany, but the overwhelming popularity that the film has enjoyed may suggest an effect that is something contrary to the filmmaker's intent.


Wednesday, April 06, 2016

How a Contested Convention Could Save Us

I watched MSNBC's Morning Joe this morning because I simply couldn't stomach another episode of Trump and Friends over on Fox News.  Well, I did peek for a few seconds and predictably it was all about how Cruz's victory in Wisconsin would effect Donald Trump's triumphant march to the nomination.

Call me crazy, but with the Supreme Court on the verge of becoming the Supreme Beings... the secular version of Iran's Council of Guardians... I'm thinking Republicans should be focused upon winning the election in November.

And when over half of his own party's voters consider Donald Trump scary (see Wisconsin exit polls) he isn't going to win in November.

My hope is that come convention time we will all take a deep breath,  look at the polling,  and nominate someone who has a chance to win.  That someone may be neither Donald Trump nor Ted Cruz. 

I'm fine with that.


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Forgetting the Buckley Rule

While our border is a joke and Muslim Extremists threaten the civilized world, America is threatened in a more personal way by a coming identity change that will effectively eliminate the Constitution and render the House and Senate a lesser branch of the Federal Government.  That means that we the people lose our ability to choose the kind of country we want as the Supreme Court substitutes liberal politics for the Constitution. 

With the Supreme Court up for grabs this was a bad year to forget the Buckley Rule:  “Nominate the most conservative candidate who is electable.”

We can argue about whether Donald Trump is a Conservative, but it really doesn't matter.  He isn't going to win. 

Trump has one third of the Republican voters behind him and a longstanding 60% disapproval rating against him.  Too bad.  With the Democrats nominating the most unattractive candidate it could find, this was an election a Conservative could have won.

The average Trump Zombie has never heard of William F Buckley Jr... He's not a TV star.


Saturday, March 05, 2016

This Endorsement Should Surprise No One

Chris Christie wants to be president... He wants to be the first really big president since Howard Taft... And early in his campaign he could see that it wasn't going to happen... At least not in 2016.

He can't run against a sitting Republican president in 2020 and he doesn't want to wait eight years.

So when the candidate most likely to beat Hillary Clinton (Marco Rubio) ascends in Iowa, Christie savagely attacks him in the next debate.  When Rubio receives attention for attacking and rattling Trump in the February 25th debate, Christie jumps in the next day and endorses Trump, the candidate most likely to lose to Clinton.

Not likely, my theory?  We could ask Mitt Romney if he thinks Christie is capable of sabotaging another Republican's candidacy to enable his own future run.

For Chris Christie, it's all about Chris Christie.


Friday, March 04, 2016

Mitt Romney's Speech

I don't know Mr. Romney, but I'm guessing that he may be a guy that loves to say I told you so... Come next November that is exactly what he will be saying. 

Romney performed a humanitarian service for those poor gullible people who think that in Donald Trump they have latched on to a bold and brilliant savior and sure thing. 

As soon as The Donald secures the nomination, FOX News and unenthusiastic Republican politicians will be the only positive voices supporting Trump... And it won't be nearly enough.  Every foreign policy expert, every economist, every newspaper, every celebrity, every pundit, late night host and comedian will be calling Trump out as an extremely dangerous empty suit and they will have ample video to prove it.   By the time they're done, even the low information Trump Zombies will stay home on election day and the rest of us who see the disaster looming... The landslide for Hillary and the loss of our majorities in both houses... We will be expected to dutifully go to the polls and try to save something... Anything.

With the loss of the Supreme Court and the Conservatives in Congress, nothing will stop the Democrat Congress from  gun legislation, Book of Romans Hate Speech legislation, and immigration legislation that allows Illegals to vote. 

So thank you Mr. Romney for softening the blow and preparing us for the end of those things we hold most dear.


Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Grammy's Flight Tracker Site

This site shows all the flights in the air on a world map.  If you have a flight in your near future, try not to think about bumper cars.


Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Hug of Death

In the last debate Marco Rubio not only exposed Donald Trump as a ridiculous empty suit, but gave us a glimpse of what will happen if Trump appears on a debate stage with Hillary Clinton.  Trump, who polls already show would lose to Clinton, will serve up the greatest election disaster in the history of this country, losing miserably to the most unattractive candidate the Democrats have ever nominated.

But have no fear Donald.  The day after you looked feckless and rattled on the debate stage, here comes Chris Christie to the rescue.

Mitt Romney's campaign  was the last recipient of Christie's hug of death when he slobbered all over Obama... And now, when things look bad for the party's version of the Titanic, here comes Christie again with an endorsement.


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Fear of Flying

I watched the movie Gran Prix recently and was struck by what the Yves Montand character said about the fear involved in auto racing.

He said: 
"I think if any of us imagined - really imagined - what it would be like to go into a tree at 150 miles per hour we would probably never get into the cars at all, none of us. So it has always seemed to me that to do something very dangerous requires a certain absence of imagination."

Exactly.  When I fly I'm meticulously considering every tragic possibility that my mind can come up with... From the cabin suddenly filling with flames... To a crack forming  in the fuselage that spreads until the aircraft buckles into itself.   Friendly skies... I think not.

I'm the same way with elevators.  I imagine that in the split second I board or get off... the cable snaps and catches me half on and half off... And I'm cut clean in half.   (That's not how I wish to go.)  So I fly in... And leap out... And probably look ridiculous.

But a commercial jet's seat for me is like the dentist's chair... Sitting there expecting the pain at any moment. 

Now I know that getting into a Formula One race car and driving 200 miles per hour has a different risk level than flying in a commercial aircraft... But that doesn't help me. 

I think Valium would help me.


Empty Trucks Make the Most Noise

Sunday, February 14, 2016

 When Giants Fall

Last night Ted Cruz said, "Justice Scalia was a legal giant. He was somebody that I knew for 20 years. He was a brilliant man. He was faithful to the Constitution. He changed the arc of American legal history. And I’ll tell you, his passing tonight, our prayers are with his family, with his wife, Maureen, who he adored, his nine children, his 36 grandkids. But it underscores the stakes of this election. We are one justice away from a Supreme Court that will strike down every restriction on abortion adopted by the states. We are one justice away from a Supreme Court that will reverse the Heller decision, one of Justice Scalia’s seminal decisions that upheld the Second Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms. We are one justice away from a Supreme Court that would undermine the religious liberty of millions of Americans..."

If Democrat judicial appointees respected, and deliberated under the authority of... The Constitution, the death of one man wouldn't endanger our freedoms and threaten our right to govern ourselves.  But Democrat appointees rule by personal preference and the dictates of the liberal elites.

Our 2nd amendment rights... Our freedom of speech... Our freedom to teach and live by the truth of scripture... All in jeopardy.


Quote of the Day

"On a day when America lost a great patriot — a Supreme Court justice who defended the Constitution and upheld its vital principles until the very day that he died — it was particularly sad to see the hijacking of constitutional conservatism in a race that is quickly degenerating into a dangerous farce at the very time when the nation so desperately needs principled, courageous leadership. Dear candidates, if you can’t win, step aside. If you can win, step up. Otherwise, we are lost."
--David French...  Commenting on the February 13th Debate.


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Understanding the Christian Support of Donald Trump

There is a reason why so many believers in this country support Trump and it isn't pretty. 

Trump is pompous and arrogant... He uses filthy language.  His fame is a product of greed and a sinful American pop culture... A Hollywood entertainment system that is run by the enemies of God.

So why do moral, church-going Believers support this reprobate?

Idolatry.  The Bible tells us that we must not love the world system, and yet most of the Believers in this country, who deny themselves nothing... Are bathed, tutored, and inebriated in an entertainment culture that perverts and corrupts their fidelity to the Bridegroom.  I would argue that the vast majority of Believers in America are much more the bride of this world than the bride of Christ.

So is it surprising that when their security, their bank accounts, and their freedoms are threatened, they blindly embrace the cult of celebrity and seek the wisdom of the god most real in their lives?

Greed.  How many Believers backed Bill Clinton because he was good for their pocketbooks?

Ignorance, foolishness and a lack of Holy Leadership.  In this country of the rich, a holy man who empties himself of the world and is subsequently filled and led by the Holy Spirit into truth and wisdom... Just where is that guy?  Where is the guy that is fixated upon the pearl of great value that has cost him everything

The Christian Leaders in this country have found the small gate, but have no interest in the narrow way.  They are just like us... Which is why we hired them.

So when you have mastered compromise and rationalized the ingestion of every pollutant that cheers and entertains... When you have fashioned a more practical god that fits your lifestyle... you have the tools and know-how to unashamedly embrace The Donald.

My Conclusion:  The Christian support of Donald Trump is the sad reflection of our devotion to this world and our casual tolerance of the spiritual entity that runs it.



Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Donald Trump's Profanity Revisited

Dennis Prager wrote a great column on the subject over at the National Review Online... You'll find it HERE.


Monday, February 08, 2016

To be fair to the Donald:
Christie Threatened to Drop "F-Bomb" at the 2012 GOP Convention

Ultimately, Christie was given the keynote address at the 2012 GOP convention - a coveted speaking slot reserved for rising stars. There, his "big" personality came out in a big way: when organizers told Christie that they were scrapping a three-minute introduction video before his speech due to time constraints, the governor insisted they reconsider. When they pushed back, according to Balz, Christie told a member of the production team "to ask the director if he had ever heard anyone say 'f***' on live television, because that's what he was about to do if the video didn't run."
After another sharp exchange, Christie said he wouldn't deliver the speech if the video didn't run. Romney's convention team leader, Russ Schriefer, intervened, instructing the director to play the video.

Are all the Republican candidates more or less immoral in their speech?

I reject Christie because of his liberal record, his lack of enthusiasm and team play for Romney... His Obama Hug and his keynote Flop at the convention... But now I have another reason.