Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Pruning, The Perfecting, & The Polishing Up

Watching my parents age has been an interesting and sometimes painful experience. My dad told me last week that he doesn't intend to drive anymore because his macular degeneration has done sufficient damage that he questions his driving abilities. My once hard-working mother sometimes spends her entire day in bed, and sometimes shies away and hides from people and situations that are just too hard... Suggesting that her old confidences are no more.

I have a theory about this. You see, my parents have always been faithful to God with their time and their giving. But like most of us - the rich of the world - they are also very proud and independent. But in old age my parents' pride and independence... Their basic confidences are quickly eroding.

The Lord started a good work in them many years ago... And I believe I can see His mercy as my parents' steps become more unsure day by day... I think He is being faithful, completing the work He started... As their eyes turn from a now painful, difficult pilgrimage to a new home that is becoming more real and desirable every day.

My sister and I have new responsibilities, so we are being worked on, too. We have a new appreciation of how our mother cared for her mother when she was old and failing.

Maybe our nursing homes are places of intense pruning and perfecting as God polishes up his servants... Gently, and sometimes not-so-gently, prying their hands away from a world they loved perhaps a little too much... As He faithfully completes His work... Getting them ready for their trip home.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Janeane Garofalo - Countdown - Keith Olbermann - April 16 2009

This would be upsetting if Olbermann had an audience.

You watch this sort of thing and your mouth just drops open... And then you have to smile.

These are angry people. Their Obamessiah and his Cabinet crew of misfits are totally unimpressive... And they're very upset that people have the nerve to point it out.


Actually, the only thing I like about Barack Obama is his race. I hoped Codoleeza would throw her hat in the ring... Mostly because she is capable... And Black. That would have been cool.

So maybe it is about the spending and the taxing...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Quote for the Day

Barack Obama is building a new economy on a foundation of so much debt that he has reached into our children's and grandchildren's pockets... They will be born broke... It's called generational theft... He calls it his new foundation... The foundation is debt... Printed money... We know that, but we don't hear that... And that's because Obama can't get what he wants by telling the truth... No liberal can.
--Rush Limbaugh

Pastor Rick Warren: "I Am Not Anti-Gay Marriage"

Please see the video below.

This guy is a fraud.

I don't believe in persecuting anyone trapped in sin, but this guy seems more concerned with his image than with the truth.

How sad.

Rick Warren Endorses Prop 8

Thats very nice, but recently on Larry King Live he said he was not Anti-Gay Marriage.

Then Joel Osteen appears with King and seems confused about the whole thing.

Who are these guys? Are they the new face of Christianity in this country?

Neither bothered to mention that homosexuality is sin. I shudder to think that these two don't know that it would be better that they have a millstone tied about their neck and be tossed in the sea - than that they mislead anyone.

What are they thinking? Do they have no appreciation for Biblical authority?

Certificate of De-Baptism
More than 100,000 former Christians have downloaded "certificates of de-baptism" in a bid to publicly renounce the faith, according to the London-based National Secular Society (NSS).
Terry Sanderson, the society's president, says the group started the online de-baptism initiative five years ago to mock the practice of baptizing infants too young to consent to religious rites.
But in recent months, as tens of thousands began to download the certificate, organizers realized that they had struck a chord with atheists and once-devout church members who are leaving churches they see as increasingly out-of-tune with modern life. "Churches have become so reactionary, so politically active that people actually want to make a protest against them now," Sanderson says. "They're not just indifferent anymore. They're actively hostile."
Here we go... The Church is well past Palm Sunday with the singing of hosannas and the waving of palm branches. We are quickly approaching Good Friday.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Patriot Extremists

The Department of Homeland Security is warning law enforcement officials about a rise in "rightwing extremist activity," saying the economic recession, the election of America's first black president and the return of a few disgruntled war veterans could swell the ranks of white-power militias.

A footnote attached to the report by the Homeland Security Office of Intelligence and Analysis defines "rightwing extremism in the United States" as including not just racist or hate groups, but also groups that reject federal authority in favor of state or local authority.

That's about right. Iran is developing nuclear weapons, our borders are porous, and Obama's Homeland Security is worried about people who have read the 10th Amendment.

"It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single-issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration," the warning says.

Let's see... There was that one abortion protester that shot the doctor... And then there was the USS Cole, 9/11... I make the odds at about 4000 to 1 that the next terrorist-caused death will be due to radical Islam rather than some middle-aged mother protesting at an abortion clinic.
I'm sure President Horse's Ass and his cabinet are nervous about the Tea Parties. I guess when your political beliefs are best described with the term Marxist-Light, Patriots may be the most terrifying extremists of all. So I'm sure the FBI, the ATF, and other Obama Brownshirts will be out taking pictures of people at the festivities.

But there are dangerous Conservatives out there. The staff at Malott's blog has studied their general characteristics and come up with the following composite:

Friday, April 10, 2009

Biden and the Elusive Truth

I learned very early in life that lying and boastful exaggerating was an embarrassing and costly enterprise. I learned that if you stuck to the truth, you didn't have to remember who you told what to.

Vice President Joe Biden is evidently a slow learner.

"I remember President Bush saying to me one time in the Oval Office, Well, Joe,' he said, 'I'm a leader.' And I said: 'Mr. President, turn and around look behind you. No one is following.'"

"It didn't happen," Rove, a FOX News contributor and former Bush adviser, told Megyn Kelly in an interview taped for "On The Record."

Rove's skepticism was echoed by a variety of other Bush aides, including former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer, chief of staff Andy Card and legislative liaison Candida Wolff.

Rove continued, "If you notice, all of these incidents have the same structure: Joe Biden courageously raises the impudent question; the president befuddles the answer; and Joe Biden drives home the dramatic response."

The article lists other examples of our Vice President's veracity-challenged history.

Rick Warren Abandons Truth

California mega-church pastor and author of The Purpose Driven Life Rick Warren says he apologized to his homosexual friends for making comments in support of California's Proposition 8, and now claims he "never once even gave an endorsement" of the marriage amendment.

Maybe Rick's book sales are sagging and he figures this will help. Maybe Rick wants to be popular with his liberal friends in the mainstream media. Maybe Rick is afraid someone will compare him to the late Jerry Falwell. Maybe Rick is more interested in Rick than the truth.

Actually, Id like to cut my Christian brother some slack... Maybe he thought this new stance would help his ministry with gays. I didn't hear this interview with Larry King, but I haven't read that he even acknowledged homosexuality as sin... And that is an important point.

I have much more respect for Peter Heck, who wrote in OneNewsNow, the American Family Association's News Network: "Urging another human being to engage in a risky behavior that will leave them dead at nearly half the age of the general population is an odd definition of love in my book."

Odd indeed. We have to consider the possibility that Rick loves Rick a whole lot more than he loves gays.


Thursday, April 09, 2009

Seder-Day Night Fever

The Passover Seder Meal is a Jewish ritual feast held on the first and the second nights of the Jewish holiday of Passover (which begins on the 15th day of Hebrew month of Nisan). In Israel, the Seder is held only on the first night.

So here's to all my Hebe and Hymie friends of the Kike persuasion... Who didn't invite this honkie, whitey descendant of French immigrants to dinner.

Don't expect to get any of my Jesus Birthday Cake next December!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Quote for the Day

In terms of time dedicated to one or the other, my life displays a much closer relationship with Hollywood than with Jesus Christ.
-- Malott


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Malott to Form CRACR

We have all heard of CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations... We've all heard their suggestions and pronouncements about how America can be better Americans by doing things that please Muslim-Americans.

Well, the entire staff at Malott's Bog plans to charter an organization named The Council of Real-American Christian Relations... or CRACR... pronounced Cracker. CRACR will venture to educate CAIR, and other Muslims in ways in which they might be better Americans and please their Christian friends.

In keeping with this theme, CRACR feels strongly that American Muslims should make an effort to appear more patriotic. Maybe Muslims could attach an American flag decal to their prayer rugs. On their web site, perhaps CAIR could place an image of Mohamed dressed as Uncle Sam. CRACR would like that!

CRACR feels that Muslims could honor the Judeo portion of America's Judeo-Christian Tradition by inaugurating Take a Jew to Lunch Day. Or, perhaps Muslims could pronounce their mosques to be honorary synagogues during Passover. CRACR would like that!

CRACR believes American Muslims might demonstrate their desire to assimilate into the American Culture by inaugurating a yearly event in which Muslims abandon habits of dress which might make their Christian friends uncomfortable... And call it Tender the Towel Day.

Muslims will be able to visit the CRACR web site where they will regularly find suggestions on how they can please their Christian friends!


Sunday, April 05, 2009

Gun Restrictions Coming

The Obama Administration believes it should never allow a crisis to go to waste, and proved it by passing a stimulus package that will further stimulate the crisis in the economy.

The recent shootings in Oakland, Binghampton, and Pittsburgh offer the Obama Regime another opportunity... Another crisis to further liberalism... Another opportunity to stimulate a crisis.

The crime rate will naturally rise as Obama, Pelosi, and Reid combine their axis powers to destroy businesses, increase unemployment, create inflation, and generally trash the economy. Their solution to the increasing crime will be to disarm the law-abiding public.

This policy will produce more chaos, more vulnerability, more unrest, and more events like the one in Pittsburgh where the shooter feared the Obama administration was poised to ban guns.

But it is written... Sometimes a socialist savior has to cripple a nation before that nation will be receptive to an authoritarian state and collectivism.

It's all very troubling, but remember that Fidel Castro had to break a few eggs to produce his socialist paradise.


Thursday, April 02, 2009

Democrat Christians and other Oxymorons

Are there Christians that own and run bordellos? Are there Christians who financially back the production of pornographic movies? Are there Christians who make their living selling illegal drugs?

I don't think so.

Are there Christians who support atheistic organizations bent on the silencing of Biblical truth and principles? Are there Christians who facilitate the legalization of partial birth abortion and the abortion industry in general? Are there Christians who would expedite cultural changes such as gay marriage and the acceptance of cross-dressing or transsexual teachers in public schools?

Yes. These are Christians who vote for Democrats.

When I was in high school there were men in my church who supported the Democrat Party. I thought they were wrong to do so because of economic and defense issues. It was a friendly, sort of blurry difference of opinion.

But since then, Roe vs. Wade, the ACLU, and the Gay Lobby have sharpened the picture and delineated the political map.

In every contentious, moral issue facing this country that challenges Biblical teaching or seeks to undermine the church and the gospel, there is one political party that consistently sides against the Church. Does anyone not find amazing the consistency and faithfulness to all things spiritually subversive that distinguishes these Democrats?

So don't tell me that candidate so-and-so is a Democrat, but an elder in his church. Don't attempt to persuade me by saying that it's only local politics. Christians don't join organizations that prop up sin. People who seek the Kingdom don't facilitate evil with their vote. Men of God no longer choose the Democrat Party.

The principalities, the rulers of the darkness of this world, and the spiritually wicked in high places are at work on this planet, and it should surprise no one that politics too, reduces to good vs. evil.

For now, there is still a party that offers a few Godly candidates. For now.