Friday, May 05, 2006


The tiny village of Greentown awoke this morning to Mother Nature's finest offering of the year as she kissed the rooftops with the golden glow of soft morning sunshine through a cloudless sky. She spread her dress of light dew over bright green lawns, as the breeze of her sweet breath carried the fragrance of her sweet flowers through the tidy streets of the town. Her tiny birds chirped and chanted a cheery message to all... as they winged their way above the dancing treetops.

It was enough to make you sick.



Christina said...

Ah...Springtime in Mayberry north. I'm looking forward to experiencing it myself this weekend.

See you at Peter's shindig...and probably your mom's house, that is if you're not too sick of spring.

janice said...

Good one Chris, I needed the chuckle.