Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What Caused Our Economic Crisis?

Obama said. "But one thing I know is this - we can't afford to gamble on four more years of the same disastrous economic policies we've had for the last eight."

No. We can't afford four years of unbridled Liberal tinkering with our economy!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Roe vs. McCain

The Road Back to January 21st, 1973

I turned 19 that day, and on the next day, January 22nd, 1973, the supreme court decided Roe vs Wade.

Because we all now know that human life begins at conception, the lawmakers and Supreme Court Justices in Washington should simply sit down together and do the right thing... Make abortion illegal. After all, the unborn have civil rights... Rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. There! The solution is simple!

But since the unborn cannot vote, and because there is little honor or moral decency in Washington, this will not happen.

Another possibility is a pro-life amendment to the Constitution, but Roe has done its job and has changed the thinking of America... And there is simply insufficient support for such an amendment.

So what is the first step?

The road back to January 21, 1973 will be as methodical and gradual as Roe was abrupt. But by definition, it must start with overturning Roe.

I've heard some say that overturning Roe is not enough! That abortion will simply fall to the states to decide, and the states no more have the right to make laws concerning the fate of the unborn than does the Supreme Court!

That thinking is principled and very pretty, but it does nothing to deal with the reality we face. It does not offer a first step.

But if after Roe is overturned and abortion is still legal... Nothing changes?

No. Everything changes.
Everything changes when state legislators begin making laws restricting abortion. Everything changes when the first state bans it outright. Everything changes when city councils get to decide if they want an abortion mill in their town. Everything changes when abortion is not a decree sent down from the black-robed gods on Mount Olympus, but rather becomes the responsibility of the voter to decide... And fair-minded people will slowly choose to do the right thing... As they take that responsibility. Their hearts, and the law, will slowly begin to change.

In November either we will take a step towards this change, or the process will be set back 20 years.

So to all you Conservative Christians and Constitutional Purists, standing on your principles and soap boxes, with your arms folded and your jaws set... I say this: Good for you! But it's time to step back into reality and do what is best for the unborn.

There is a first step... And we need to work towards it.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paul Newman RIP

He was 5'9" tall... Or short.

In my humble opinion he gave the performance of his career in 1982 when he played the alcoholic lawyer, Frank Galvin, in The Verdict. However, he didn't receive the academy award that year because the ignorant liberals in Hollywood wanted to give it to Ghandi... Or Ben Kingsley who they probably thought was Ghandi.

I could have played Ghandi. With makeup, my sister could have played Ghandi. Idiots!

But for political correctness and the worship of a liberal icon... Newman was robbed in '82.

Good actor.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Me and the Anti-Christs

There is an Internet site named "Fundies Say The Darndest Things" which is devoted to the mocking, belittling, and sometimes the spewing of hatred towards Fundamentalist Christians. My posts and comments have been featured on this site 10 times since December of 2006, garnering an average of 45 comments from the site's "regulars."

Now I can't say for sure who the "regulars" are, but based on the venom, I suspect that most of them are homosexuals. I can think of no other group that hates the Church enough to have a web site with the soul purpose of "sticking it" to Jesus.

I've read some of the comments aimed at me, and though they're insulting, I've never really felt insulted. When I shuffle through their attacks, it's like I'm at the aquarium and on the other side of the glass I see the "regulars" underwater and floundering... Hurling insults at me and flipping me off... And they're drowning. And I can't help them.

When they come to my blog and leave comments, I try to leave the comments up - if they're not profane - so that my readers can get a sense for the hatred that the Church increasingly faces.

I imagine the "regulars" are a tight-knit group, taking comfort in each other's company... Though when thumbing one's nose at our Holy God, the concept of "safety in numbers" is hardly applicable. They surely sense the coming tsunami, as they huddle together for warmth... On the beach.

Honestly, I wish them well. Their anger is no doubt the result of rejection, hurt feelings, frustration, and fear. And while circumstances may lead people to reject what they instinctively know in their hearts... Circumstances change.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rev Manning on Bristol Palin


I couldn't stop watching this... And by the end I was laughing.

Disclaimer: The views of Reverend Manning do not represent the views of Malott's Blog.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quote the Palin...

Upon hearing that Barack Obama had clinched the presidential nomination over Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin exclaimed, "So Sambo beat the bitch!"

This is the type of thing that is floating out there on the internet and making its way into people's emails and blogs.

My favorite is the YouTube video of the black guy who fathered Bristol Palin's baby.

And then there's the letters from all those disgruntled Alaskans who despise their Governor... The one with the 80% approval rating.
OK... My favorites are the photo-shopped pictures.

So it goes.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Former Christian Musician Ray Boltz Likes Guys

I learned about Ray from a commenter on this blog. Oddly, she seemed to rejoice in Ray's temptation by writing, "Ray Boltz coming out made my day." Anyway, I found his official site, hoping to find his request for prayer... His hope for victory over sin... But I found nothing like that.

I feel for Ray, because I too have a dark sexual temptation... I'm attracted to girls. No, it's true. I can't help it... God made me that way.

But we are not spiritually defined by what tempts us, but rather how we respond to temptation. I respond by choosing not to sin... I respond by avoiding sin... Even though God made me with a desire for women.

Now, the fact that women generally don't find me attractive has proven to be invaluable in my ability to resist fornicating. Still... I don't chase skirts and I don't sleep around... I do resist temptation.

Like most Christian men, my battle is in my "thought life."

I hope and pray that Ray Boltz' sin is limited to that.


BornAliveTruth.org Gianna ad

After a botched abortion, a nurse took Gianna to a hospital where she was saved, and later adopted. The abortion left her with cerebral palsy.

Maybe Obama would abandon his hardcore infanticide views now that the world is watching... But his votes are still on the record, and hard to explain.

I believe you would have to be a very small, vacant person to put your political career ahead of infants fighting to survive.

Obama attacks McCain

Obama always voted for medical care to protect "wanted infants" the ad should have said.

Did McCain approve Jessen's add? Did he pay for it? No, I believe that was Born-Alive-Truth.org. McCain certainly got attacked for it.

I personally think the "sleaze" label belongs to the guy that voted against laws that protect infants after a botched abortion.

But that's just me.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Weekend Palin

I've never seen anything like this, and I've been watching politics since 1968. I've never seen such hatred as has been displayed by the far left for Sarah Palin.

The latest example is the far-left Jewish comedian Sarah Bernhard. You can watch it here, but I must warn you that it contains very foul language.

Is it simply Palin's effect on the polls?

Is it that she is a pro-life woman? Is it that she is an Evangelical Christian... If McCain had chosen Huckabee, who believes much like Palin, I doubt the far left would be so filled with rage.

Her lack of experience on the national stage might be a talking point, but I doubt it would explain the hatred.

You don't see this caliber of personal attacks on the conservative front.

And it's aimed at the vice presidential candidate? Unprecedented... And very disturbing. Can anyone explain this?


Biden Asks a Gentleman in a Wheelchair to Stand Up

I think Biden recovered pretty well.

But from the New York Times: "But the reality for Mr. Biden is that while running mates are second-fiddlers by definition, the phenomenon of Ms. Palin has rendered him something of a fourth or fifth fiddle. It is not like last month, when reporters swarmed Mr. Biden’s Delaware home and delegates swooned at the Democratic convention. He is now trailed by just a few national reporters, and struggling to break through in a race marked by historic firsts, political celebrities and charismatic newcomers — none named Joe Biden."

I don't think Obama's choice of Biden adds much to the ticket. With Indiana now, unbelievably, a toss-up state, Evan Bayh might have at least given him the Hoosier state.

Bill Maher New Rules Sarah Palin

Roseanne Displays Palin Derangement Syndrome

Friday, September 19, 2008

Democrat House Ways and Means Chairman Calls Palen "Disabled"

Already under fire for his tax troubles, Manhattan Congressman Charles Rangel really put his foot in his mouth on Friday.

The question was simple. Why are the Democrats so afraid of Palin and her popularity.

"You got to be kind to the disabled," Rangel said.

CBS 2 HD: "You got to be kind to the disabled?

Rangel: "Yes."

CBS 2 HD: "She's disabled?"

Rangel: "There's no question about it politically. It's a nightmare to think that a person's foreign policy is based on their ability to look at Russia from where they live.

Maybe Rangel was referring to the Saturday Night Live skit in which Tina Fey, impersonating Palin said, "And I can see Russia from my house." But calling Palen "disabled" seems a little insensitive considering she recently gave birth to a special needs baby, her son Trig.

You just don't hear this kind of things from Conservatives.

All aspects of life boil down to good vs evil. Always have. Always will.

Charles Rangel represents the Left very well. Keep talking, Charley.


The Daily Palin

This woman has the four things that Ronald Reagan brought to the federal government: A basic conservative philosophy, likability, optimism, and the ability to communicate.

Any lingering doubt or prejudice I have against her is purely sexist in nature... But I'm working on it.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Charles Gibson's Interview Differential

All I Can Stands has a great post about the way Gibson interviewed Obama... Compared to the way he grilled Sarah Palin.

He also discusses camera angles and techniques that I mentioned here.


From Canada's CBC and Heather Malick

She added nothing to the ticket that the Republicans didn’t already have sewn up, the white trash vote, the demographic that sullies America’s name inside and outside its borders yet has such a curious appeal for the right.

Palin has a toned-down version of the porn actress look favoured by this decade’s woman, the overtreated hair, puffy lips and permanently alarmed expression. Bristol has what is known in Britain as the look of the teen mum, the “pramface.” Husband Todd looks like a roughneck; Track, heading off to Iraq, appears terrified. They claim to be family obsessed while being studiously terrible at parenting. What normal father would want Levi “I’m a f in’ redneck” Johnson prodding his daughter?

From the Huffington Post and Michael Seltzman

Basically, I want to have sex with her on my Barack Obama sheets while my wife reads aloud from the Constitution. (My wife is cool with this if I promise to "first wipe off Palin's tranny makeup." I married well.)

... if you watched those interview excerpts and weren't scared out of your freakin' mind, then you're mentally ill, mentally disabled, or mentally disturbed. What you are NOT is responsible, informed, curious, thoughtful, mature, educated, empathetic, or remotely serious. I mean it.

These people are nuts... And classless.

I'm sure you can find this kind of stuff on right-wing blogs... Maybe... Somewhere. But not on our respected, major sites.
The Daily Palin

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Daily Palin

Asparagus and Urine

I read over at Skyepuppy's that Bekah hates asparagus. I think I know why.

When some people eat asparagus, it makes their urine smell as if they have a urinary tract infection... Or UTI as we say in Greentown.

When we used to do employee physicals here at the hospital... Physicals which included a urinalysis... We would insist that the cafeteria not serve asparagus that day. The smell would have driven us out of the lab.

But Bekah, just in case it's the taste that you don't like... Follow this procedure.

Cook your asparagus in a sauce pan with a little water. Drain all but a little bit of the water, and add a few slices of Velveeta or Kraft American cheese. Mmm Mmm!

This also works with frozen Fordhook lima beans. I hated lima beans until my sister-in-law fixed them with cheese sauce.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quote for the Day

Go to the surgeon last, because he has to cut you to make his nickel... I mean, to help you.
-- Malott


Palin and Clinton on SNL

So Palin is a little idiot woman and Hillary is a man-eating shrew. No sexism... No stereotypes here...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Left-Wing Evangelicals

When Jessica Stollings learned on Facebook that John McCain had named Sarah Palin as his running mate, the 26-year-old from Bristol, Tenn., took the day off and picked up some campaign yard signs. Just like that, she went from “just a voter” to a McCain evangelist.

The mood was darker on blogs and social networking sites that connect more center-left young evangelicals. There, McCain’s choice has been greeted as a cynical political ploy, a depressing return to the culture wars and damaging to efforts to broaden the evangelical dialogue. (emphasis added)

I'm trying to imagine a left-wing Evangelical... A person who has studied God's word to show himself approved... Who seeks first the Kingdom... Who embraces holiness and strives for sanctification...

And then this person turns around and says... "I think a woman should have the right to kill her inconvenient child... And though homosexuality is a stench in God's nostrils, I can get on board with the Gay Agenda... And the ACLU rules! Let's keep God out of the classroom and the public square."

The Church does not play patty-cake with the Left. The Left and the Right serve different Masters.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Why My Life Is Better Than Yours...

My garden did not produce good crops of spinach, collards, kale, or peas, because it was just too cool this spring. But my tomatoes, corn, and onions did quite well.

My onions dried nicely this year.
Though I'm not done - I have put up (from left to right) - frozen, peeled and diced tomatoes for chili soup and vegetabe soup... Tomato juice... And canned tomatoes.

I also grew garlic. Obviously I love garlic... As I am shown below lovingly rubbing them against my face. I had a picture of me kissing my garlic, but it made me look silly.

In late October I'll harvest my carrots... They are shown below in their raised beds. They'll go into bread sacks and into my refrigerator's humid drawers (and keep through next spring)... And I'll be done.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Palin's First Interview

Charles Gibson, who sat back in his chair and wriggled his foot impatiently, had the skeptical, annoyed tone of a university president who agrees to interview the daughter of a trustee, but doesn't believe she merits admission.

I only saw the "internet version" shot from one camera... A very unflattering angle... Palin looking like she was on a witness stand, and Gibson looking like a prosecutor. It managed to pretty much eliminate all of her warmth, appeal, and sincerity...

If you saw the televised version and it was different, please comment.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lipstick Slurs

"The difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? ...Lipstick."
--Sarah Palin 9/3/08

“There’s no way you can dress up that record, even with a lot of lipstick.”
--Joseph Biden 9/9/08

"You can put lipstick on a pig... It's still a pig."
--Barack Obama 9/9/08

I don't believe in coincidences.

It's interesting that the good-old-boy ticket has taken to thinly veiled slurs. Sexist rhetoric must be part of Obama’s promise of change.


Gov. Sarah Palin Biography Video

This video was supposed to precede Palin's Convention speech. But Rudy Giuliani's speech was interupted so many times by applause, there wasn't time for the video.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fort Patriot

FortPatriot.com LLC was founded in 2005 for the purpose of providing resources that promote and defend the founding principles of the United States of America (the greatest nation on the earth - past and present). Chris Peterson is the company's founder and has served onboard a fast attack submarine (SSN-682) in the Pacific. During his tour in the Navy, Chris learned first hand the great sacrifice the men and women of the Armed Forces (along with their families) make to protect and defend freedom. As the war on terror continues, Chris wanted to do something that promoted freedom, so that our young people have a clear understanding as to what it takes to maintain it.

FortPatriot.com LLC is a for profit company; we hope to grow as a company; and God willing, continue providing these kinds of resources for many years to come.

This young company is doing the Lord's work, and deserves your attention.

Just take a look! And check out the "Weekly Challenge" to win a free gift!


Bill Maher's Class on Display

This is what Obama and The Left thinks of our faith.

Blessed are you when people insult you. Matthew 5:11 NIV

My check to the campaign just grew by 50%.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Freedom of Speech in the Pulpit

CHICAGO -- Declaring that clergy have a constitutional right to endorse political candidates from their pulpits, the socially conservative Alliance Defense Fund is recruiting several dozen pastors to do just that on Sept. 28, in defiance of Internal Revenue Service rules.

The effort by the Arizona-based legal consortium is designed to trigger an IRS investigation that ADF lawyers would then challenge in federal court. The ultimate goal is to persuade the U.S. Supreme Court to throw out a 54-year-old ban on political endorsements by tax-exempt houses of worship.

"For so long, there has been this cloud of intimidation over the church," ADF attorney Erik Stanley said. "It is the job of the pastors of America to debate the proper role of church in society. It's not for the government to mandate the role of church in society."

I love this. There is a candidate running for the most powerful office in the world that is more radically pro-abortion than NARAL, has promised to be the best friend the gay lobby has ever had, and has performed sufficiently to the liking of the anti-Christian ACLU to be given an 82% rating. What could be more natural than for men of God to speak out against him?

Labor unions enjoy tax exempt status, and they openly support candidates that are sympathetic to their interests. Why not the Church? The Church has interests, too.


A Golden Moment at the Convention

Game... Set... Match.

I particularly like Keith Olberman's attempt to recover after his Obamessiah was stripped naked by the former Speaker.

This encounter has multiple postings on YouTube and it looks as if, added together, has been played close to a million times.

I know I can't get enough!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

McCain's Convention Speech

I finally watched the speech on YouTube this morning. It was surprisingly good. The size of the television audience was even more surprising... Considering there were no Greek columns.

During the celebration afterwards I particularly liked the choice in music... Heart's "Barracuda," in honor of "Sarah Barracuda," was choice... Considering that she was the big story at the convention.

Anyway, John McCain was inspiring... And I didn't believe that was possible.


I Talk to the Trees...

I've never seen "Paint Your Wagon"... Maybe this is a scene from that.

We were created to be worshipers... And everybody worships something.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Quote for the Day

Seek immediate medical help if you experience an erection lasting longer than four hours.

Yes, get some help and then come see me... I'd just like to shake your hand. --Malott

America More Impressed Than The Media
Obviously The Today Show's Meredith Vieira, shown in this very flattering picture, is a little bored with the Republican National Convention. But America tuned-in in record numbers... Something that surprised me - and - the mainstream media, I'm sure.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

My Phone Call from the Republican National Committee

As I've said before, if you ever contribute money to a political party... You will never be lonely.

I got a call yesterday afternoon from a woman who, after mispronouncing my last name, launched into a spiel about how I needed to be sure to tune-in to McCain's speech, and blah blah blah... I knew where we were headed of course.

I cut her off after about 15 seconds by saying, "I don't like John McCain... I wanted a Conservative. But because he chose Governor Palin as his running mate, I plan to write a check to the campaign."

She said, "Well we can take care of that right now on the phone..."

"No..." I said. "I'll wait to hear from Governor Palin."

I love being me.

Piper Palin Grooming Her Little Brother Trig's Hair

This is just too cute.

Another High Tech Lynching

If you're a white male seeking to serve in high office, it's OK to be a Conservative Republican. But if you are black, or a woman... God help you.
Ask Justice Clarence Thomas.

It's always a mistake to underestimate the power of the Liberal Media. It's a bigger mistake to underestimate their ruthlessness and their willingness to destroy good people who don't fit in with their prejudiced views.

The treatment that Governor Sarah Palin and her family have received is a national disgrace. We've seen it before, and we'll see it again.
I'm getting out my checkbook.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Quote for the Day

...And we need a President who doesn't think that the protection of the unborn or a newly born baby is above his pay grade. --Fred Thompson... speech at 2008 RNC

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Strong Women

I've never felt threatened by strong women. Incompetent women frighten me a little... And women on cell phones that almost drive me off the road give me a distinct pain... But strong women are OK. In fact,... Strong women are generally the only ones that are attracted to me, not being intimidated by my strengths or put off by my weaknesses.

I believe the selection of Sarah Palin will teach us a lot about ourselves. We'll have to confront the knee-jerk prejudice we all have - both men and women - against women.

It's especially interesting for us Evangelical Christians who hold that - while Palin may lead our country - she must not be head of her home, or a preacher in her church.

We are already learning how ugly the Far Left is. We are learning about paybacks after the vetting of Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko, and William Ayers... And that teenage girls are legitimate targets. We are learning what happens when the supposed inevitable is threatened... by a strong woman.

We are learning that inexperience is much more acute and crippling when it travels in pumps rather than wingtips.

So much to learn and so little time.