Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Malott to Form CRACR

We have all heard of CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations... We've all heard their suggestions and pronouncements about how America can be better Americans by doing things that please Muslim-Americans.

Well, the entire staff at Malott's Bog plans to charter an organization named The Council of Real-American Christian Relations... or CRACR... pronounced Cracker. CRACR will venture to educate CAIR, and other Muslims in ways in which they might be better Americans and please their Christian friends.

In keeping with this theme, CRACR feels strongly that American Muslims should make an effort to appear more patriotic. Maybe Muslims could attach an American flag decal to their prayer rugs. On their web site, perhaps CAIR could place an image of Mohamed dressed as Uncle Sam. CRACR would like that!

CRACR feels that Muslims could honor the Judeo portion of America's Judeo-Christian Tradition by inaugurating Take a Jew to Lunch Day. Or, perhaps Muslims could pronounce their mosques to be honorary synagogues during Passover. CRACR would like that!

CRACR believes American Muslims might demonstrate their desire to assimilate into the American Culture by inaugurating a yearly event in which Muslims abandon habits of dress which might make their Christian friends uncomfortable... And call it Tender the Towel Day.

Muslims will be able to visit the CRACR web site where they will regularly find suggestions on how they can please their Christian friends!



Christina said...

Sounds totally ridiculous until you realize that this type of nonsense actually exists for the "rest of us" to read and from which to learn.

But of course, there's no double standard there!

Malott said...


This post is the direct result of reading another of Janice's CAIR updates... They always tick me off.

CAIR seems ridiculous and clownish to us, but I imagine they find a sympathetic ear among liberals... And sadly, the Obama Administration.

janice said...

Count me in Chris!

This is an excellent idea!

Do you want to start up a CRACR blog with me? I'll go see if it's available and let you know.

janice said...

I got it up and running Chris.


janice said...

Sorry, I had to change it and inadvertantly deleted CRACR, so we are now We Are CRACR


Let me know if you want to continue this blog posting venture. I'm all for it!

Tsofah said...


Why, you know that CAIR will say you are Crackers!

I don't understand why our present government tramps down Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, and Judaism in order to appease Islam.

I wish our founding fathers had worded the 1st Amendment a bit differently. It seems the present administration is definately making "no law respecting an establishment of religion". The only religion getting respect here is Islam.

I wonder if we are cowards...

Malott said...


The site looks great!

I hope to contribute, but I fear I may have shot my wad on my post.

We'll see...

Malott said...


I figure Obama is an atheist. All his words and decisions are calculated towards the success of his political career... Whether they are spoken to Muslims, Christians, or whomever.

His government will act accordingly... if cowardice works...

ChuckL said...