Thursday, March 27, 2008

Frances Jane Crosby

Warning: This is yet another "When I was a little boy story."

When I was a little boy - sitting bored in Church - I played a game in which I went from page to page in the hymnal looking for the songs whose lyrics were penned by Fanny J Crosby. I never had to turn many pages to find one.

Fanny Cros­by was prob­ab­ly the most pro­lif­ic hymn­ist in his­to­ry. Though blind­ed by an in­com­pe­tent doc­tor at six weeks of age, she wrote over 8,000 hymns. About her blind­ness, she said:

"It seemed in­tend­ed by the bless­ed prov­i­dence of God that I should be blind all my life, and I thank him for the dis­pen­sa­tion. If per­fect earth­ly sight were of­fered me to­mor­row I would not ac­cept it. I might not have sung hymns to the praise of God if I had been dis­tract­ed by the beau­ti­ful and in­ter­est­ing things about me."

In her life­time, Fan­ny Cros­by was one of the best known wo­men in the Unit­ed States. To this day, the vast ma­jor­i­ty of Amer­i­can hymn­als con­tain her work.

This past Monday was her birthday - she turned 188 years old. I meant to send her a card.
My favorite:
All the way my Savior leads me;
What have I to ask beside?
Can I doubt His tender mercy,
Who through life has been my Guide?
Heav’nly peace, divinest comfort,
Here by faith in Him to dwell!
For I know, whate’er befall me,
Jesus doeth all things well;
For I know, whate’er befall me,
Jesus doeth all things well.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Huckabee Says "Cut Jeremiah Wright Some Slack"

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, who won Tennesee’s Republican primary, said that Americans should remember the South’s segregated past before judging the Rev. Jeremiah Wright too harshly.

Huckabee loves "All God's Children"... as long as they aren't Mormon.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Jackson Browne - Rock Me on the Water

"How long have I been sleeping,
How long have I been drifting alone through the night?
How long have I been running for that morning flight,
Through the whispered promises and the changing light,
Of the bed where we both lie,
Late for the sky."

When I was in college, many of the smart, sensitive girls were big fans of Jackson Browne. I know this, though I spent more time with the shallow bimbos, where I enjoyed more success. The smart girls usually weren't interested in me because they were... well... smart.

Anyway, no one wrote lyrics like Jackson Browne. Here are some samples:

"Everyone I've ever known has wished me well,
Anyway that's how it seems - it's hard to tell,
Maybe people only ask you how you're doing,
Because that's easier than letting on how little they could care.
But when you know you have a real friend somewhere,
Suddenly all the others are so much easier to bear."

"It's like you're standing in the window,
Of a house nobody lives in,
And I'm sitting in a car across the way.
Let's just say it's an early model Chevrolet,
Let's just say it's a warm and windy day.
You go and pack your sorrow,
The trash man comes tomorrow.
Leave it at the curb,
And we'll just drive away."

"If you need me, like I know I need you,
There's just the one thing I'll ask you to do,
Take my hand and lead me,
To the hole in your garden wall,
And pull me through."

"Now we're lying here,
So safe in the ruins of our pleasure,
Laughter marks the place where we have fallen."

And my personal favorite...

"You could be laughing at me,
You've got the right,
But you go on smiling..."

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Barack Explains It All

In what has been called the greatest speech ever delivered on the subject of race (forgive them MLK for they know not what they do) Barack Obama forever tarred his white grandma when he described her as:
"a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed by her on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe."

This woman - by the way - is still around to hear these comments. Nice.

Anyway, Barack was asked about the comment and he answered by saying:
"The point I was making was not that my grandmother harbors any racial animosity. But she is a typical white person. If she sees somebody on the street that she doesn't know. . .there's a reaction in her that doesn't go away and it comes out in the wrong way."

"Typical white person." Does that not sound exactly like something Obama's preacher, Jeremiah Wright, would say?

We need to keep this guy talking!

Posted by Malott (a typical white person)

Friday, March 21, 2008


The real test of the saint is not preaching the gospel, but washing disciples' feet, that is, doing the things that do not count in the actual estimate of men but count everything in the estimate of G_d.

Oswald Chambers

I honestly believe that we are clueless as to what is really going on around us. Most of my day I remain "in character," but as I get older I find my eyes drifting from the stage, seeking the reassuring face of the Director.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Malott Leaves WMTT

Yes, I just wanted to officially announce that I have left the White Medical Technologists for Truth organization because I believe that any group that identifies itself with a race of people is by definition racist. Of course I left the National Association for the Advancement of White People years ago, though I found leaving the White Tigers later that year more painful. And just to be consistent, I haven't bought white bread since 1982. I will not purchase White Cloud Bathroom Tissue... Will not eat white fish... Will not drink white wine... Will not participate at Church in the singing of the hymn Whiter Than Snow.

And about my Church... While it's true that for the past twenty years I've sat through many sermons which stressed the importance of water baptism, I personally do not, nor have I ever believed that you must be baptized to be obedient to God. I believe you must be tattooed. Preferably with the name of an apostle. One of the big ones. Like Peter. Not Simon the Zealot or Thaddeus.

But anyway, I will not be a member of any organization with any white in it.

But The Association of Black Journalists, The House of Representatives' Black Caucus, The Black Nurses Association, The Association of Black Accountants, The National Black Police Association, The National Black Business Trade Association, The Association of Black Telecommunications Professionals, The Association of Black Cardiologists, The Association of Black Social Workers, The National Black Law Students Association, The Black Native American Association (I have no idea either)... They're all OK.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I read a great story by one of my favorite writer/blogger friends - Bekah - and it reminded me of a story I've wanted to relate for some time.

I have a friend who was a publicist for Eagles singer-songwriter Don Henley, and who helped organize Henley's "Walden Woods" environmental project and yearly "rally."

Super-model Christi Brinkley was one of the celebrity guests one year and it was my friend's job to assign people to escort the celebrities through the festivities. My friend assigned a very bright, but very unattractive girl to assist Brinkley. As soon as my friend had done this, she began fretting that the girl might be uncomfortable accompanying, and being seen next to, such a beautiful woman.

After the rally my friend caught up with the girl and asked her how it went. The girl excitedly told my friend that the first thing Christi Brinkley did was complement her on her earrings and say how good they looked on her. She said Brinkley was among the nicest people she'd ever met and really enjoyed her time with her.

I love telling this story because... Instead of laughing up her sleeve at this girl... Instead of seeing an inferior human specimen... Brinkley saw a sensitive girl and quickly searched for something positive and encouraging to say.

As we get older... More successful... Less insecure...More comfortable in our shoes... I think we tend to be less fixated on our own reflection and more tuned to the needs and insecurities of others.

At work I try to be respectful of everyone. But I confess that I delight in being no respecter of persons. And, in a small hospital, this attitude creates a few minor waves. Doctors have amazingly large egos. Administration and managerial personnel seek constant stroking. Even nurses with associates degrees have illusions of goddesshood. And all of them rural enough to be moderately insecure...


I've found that I can say almost anything if I smile and feign innocense. And the props beneath these people are so fragile. And, having your own drummer affords more than simple entertainment value. People still mess with you... But they are more careful and cautious when they mess with you.

But back to topic.

I try to know the names of my colleagues at work. But I make a much bigger effort to know the name of every person in housekeeping, in the laundry, and in food services... And I call them by name. I've observed over the years that when people serve you and clean up after you, it is so easy to treat them as less - and generally - marginalize them. When I see that happening, it ticks me off.

Anyway, I challenge you to find in your workplace the shy... The young and unattractive... The marginalized soul stuck in the menial job... And give them your attention.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Victim Obama

Obama suggested that more and more is being made of racial divisions as his contest with Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton heats up.

"I noticed over the last several weeks that the forces of division have started to raise their ugly heads again. And I'm not here to cast blame or point fingers because everybody, you know, senses that there's been this shift," Obama said.

"It reminds me: We've got a tragic history when it comes to race in this country. We've got a lot of pent-up anger and bitterness and misunderstanding. ... This country wants to move beyond these kinds of things."

I wonder if this kind of whining will work against Al Qada and North Korea.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Obama Throws Minister Under Church Bus

Obama did not clarify whether Wright volunteered to leave his African American Religious Leadership Committee, a loose group of supporters associated with the campaign, or whether the campaign asked him to leave.

Let us all take a moment and guess.

Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., condemned racially charged sermons by his former pastor Friday and urged Americans not to reject his presidential campaign because of “guilt by association.”

He can urge all he wants, but it's obvious to any reasonable person that Barack has emotional ties with this racist, hate monger - which suggests he is sympathetic to his views. I wouldn't sit through the sermons of a racist white minister for 20 years... I know a couple guys who would, but they shouldn't be president either.

I listen to this minister rant and it's obvious to me than he wouldn't like me because of the color of my skin. (I am a little pasty - especially this time of year.)

Anyway, Barack has made his minister go bye bye. My sources tell me that friends of Michelle Obama have cautioned her to keep her controversial statements to herself.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Obama's Preacher Says God Damn America

And Obama has attended this Church for 20 years?


Most people find a church where they agree with what is being taught... Where they are inspired by the preaching.

You've got to dislike this country and its white people - to enjoy this kind of preaching.

Heart Cath in Brief:

1) Friday - Heart cath in Indy. I try to post "Will the Circle Be Unbroken," but it doesn't appear until Tuesday.

2) Tuesday - Another heart cath in Indy with the insertion of a stent.

3) Wednesday - On the trip home I'm driving my parent's car with Mom beside me and Dad in the back seat. Halfway between Kokomo and home, my mother loses her ability to speak. I rush her to a hospital in Kokomo where she slowly recovers her ability to express herself. A mini-stroke. They keep her overnight and run some tests.

4) Today I got her all the way home. She seems Ok, but a little overwhelmed.

I don't know what the Lord is doing. Maybe he is just getting her attention. Maybe He has made plans, and is polishing her up a bit. If he is getting ready to take her home, I pray He takes her gently.

When I was rushing my Mom to the hospital - their car travelling much faster than it's used to - I held Mom's hand and spoke comforting and encouraging words... Something I learned from her.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mom's Heart Cath

See... I'm superstitious. I figure, if I post this... Everything will go fine.

Besides, I love Iris DeMent (brown dress)... "Americana in a skirt."

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Loading Toilet Tissue

Haven't blogged much lately. Been studying my navel... Takes all my time.

But there is a confession I must make that is long overdue: If I use a public restroom, or the restroom in someone else's house... Whether it's family, friend, or stranger... And if the toilet paper rolls out from the bottom and not from over the top... I change it.

Oh sure, a well adjusted man would just mind his own business... But I figure - The poor souls probably don't know any better. Besides, how can anyone be happy living like that?

So if I should happen to visit your home, you could save me some time in the toilet by following the helpful diagrams below.



There will be an exam on Friday.

10,000 BC

I want to see this movie. For one thing, look how the women looked 12,000 years ago. Very nice. Did they smell as good as they looked? This movie-goer would like to think so.

Also, the movie uses "B.C." - Before Christ, instead of "B.C.E." - Before Common Era... And I like that. I think the entire Church should get out and support this movie for that very reason!
The use of B.C. simply has to irk the ACLU... And perpetrated by their friends in Hollywood? What a shocking lack of political correctness and support.

I also dislike the use of "C.E." - Common Era, instead of "A.D."... Which I grew up thinking stood for "After Death." It Actually stands for "Anno Domini"... Or "Anno Domini Nostri Lesu Christi," as we say in Greentown.

I think the entire Church should get out and support the use of "In the year of our Lord Jesus Christ 2008" when filling out various forms of every kind that require the date... Even if we have to write really, really small.

A Canadian site called Religious Tolerance dot Org says that "Christian" can always be substituted for "Common"... Yielding "Before Christian Era" and "Christian Era"... Which is just fine with me. However their site also has articles on Wiccans and Nudists, so I'm not sure we can take them seriously.