Thursday, August 26, 2010

Muslim Update for September

As you may know, the entire staff at Malott's Blog have two major passions in life... A sincere and unapologetic appreciation for all things Obama... And an unbridled affection for unassimilated Muslim-Americans. It's just who we are.

With this in mind, Malott's Blog is in the process of contacting key congressional players in Washington with the following proposal...

In the name of tolerance, and in order to demonstrate our trust and confidence in the Muslim-American communities across America, the Treasury Department should immediately begin enlisting young Muslim males from the mosques in Flint Michigan to form an all-Muslim Secret Service detail to protect President Obama.

It just makes sense.

Yes, it's time for those of us who preach tolerance to place our own butts on the line... And what bigger butt can be placed on that line than President Obama's?

I don't know about you, but those of us at Malott's Blog are ready to build some bridges!


Monday, August 23, 2010


I still get an occasional email and picture from my college girlfriend who still refuses to be my Facebook friend. Isn't she lovely? She is three years my younger, but looks about twenty years younger... Which is why she occasionally sends me a picture... Lest I forget. She and her husband are about to become footloose and carefree empty-nesters, as their youngest heads for college. I'm so freaking happy for them.

Anyway, I was wondering how far I would have to drive to have my picture taken with a background like this. There aren't many ocean wharfs in my neighborhood... Corn fields? No problem.

Mountains might be nice.

Malott Has Gout

And oh! ... How he has suffered.

So I'm not eating meat, I'm drinking cherry juice, I've finished a round of Prednisone... And this thorn in my flesh is still stealing my abilities to lead a life of pleasure and general fulfillment.

I've also given up drinking red wine on spaghetti night... spaghetti night here defined as an evening when I drink red wine (as did our Savior), and at some point I either eat spaghetti or get sleepy and go to bed. Some conservative Christians might argue that gout is the Lord's way of persuading me to give up the concept of spaghetti night. If so, it worked.

So there it is.

Anyway, if my faithful readers have any home cures for gout, I would welcome their sage council. My current plan is prayer and fasting... If I don't eat... and I pray (and cut out every comfort in my already Spartan and joyless existence...) Surely healing is in the offing. Don't you think? Surely!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

From Ann Coulter

"Cristobal Silverio came illegally from Oxtotilan, Mexico, in 1997 and brought his wife Felipa, plus three children aged 19, 12 and 8. Felipa ... gave birth to a new daughter, her anchor baby, named Flor. Flor was premature, spent three months in the neonatal incubator, and cost San Joaquin Hospital more than $300,000. Meanwhile, (Felipa's 19-year-old daughter) Lourdes plus her illegal alien husband produced their own anchor baby, Esmeralda. Grandma Felipa created a second anchor baby, Cristian. ... The two Silverio anchor babies generate $1,000 per month in public welfare funding. Flor gets $600 per month for asthma. Healthy Cristian gets $400. Cristobal and Felipa last year earned $18,000 picking fruit. Flor and Cristian were paid $12,000 for being anchor babies."

In the Silverio's munificent new hometown of Stockton, California, 70% of the 2300 babies born in 2003 in San Joaquin General Hospital were anchor babies. As of this month, Stockton is $23 million in the hole.

This problem may take care of itself once the Obama Administration and the Democrat Congress makes us poorer than Mexico.


Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Death is Not Dying

When you have time to watch something that will touch you... Watch this...