Saturday, June 30, 2012


I believe that God has given even the least among us those things they need to have "a life" that is independent of wealth, relationships, and experience. How often have we heard of the poor frightened soul on his deathbed who in a torrent of regret realizes the most horrible of all realities - that he is about to die... and he has never really lived.

What nonsense. The richest, most famous and celebrated human beings on the planet already have, or will, pass through the same portal as I will, possessionless and anxious, into our Maker's presence. At the point of entering eternity, having known the extravagances of travel, great possessions, relationships, and fame will pass with the same notoriety as yesterday's cup of coffee.

I've come to believe that there are really only two experiences in life... Our faith, and the distractions from our faith. Could it be that the poorest among us is he who can afford the most distractions? Is an hour spent on your knees in prayer a less monumental experience - or less real - than a Caribbean cruise or a trip to Hawaii? If a man walks with God, is he alone if he has no wife or family? If a child dies, has he really missed anything as he is gathered into the arms of Jesus at Heaven's gate?

Christianity allows a rapidly aging, untravelled, childless, and unloved old bachelor such as me an amazing freedom from regret, as I bathe in the contentment of knowing that this life is not the party, and that every disappointment and pain is a garment for my soul as it is readied for its trip home.

I believe that developing a spiritual life, a connection with the real world, is key to contentment. It is like developing a new consciousness, and a process that is only impeded by the craving for, and possession of, material things. If we spend our lives chasing the next possession... the next experience, comfort, relationship, or pleasure... we miss our portion, our God-given blessings that have nothing in common with the little illusions we so desperately build around us, seeking to grasp control of something of which we can never have control. Life was meant to be lived, but its fullest expressions are available to the timid as well as the bold, the plain as well as the pretty, and the poor as well as the rich. The best of life can take root in the poorest soil. It can blossom in the most unlikely heart.

In a few minutes I will go out and squat in my garden and pull weeds from my carrots. I will listen to songs of praise on my Walkman tuned to Moody radio. There will be a breeze on my face and the sun on my bare back. It may not be as good as Disneyworld. But I will be content.

I wrote this in August, 2006 I wrote better back then.  I still believe every word, and I still have as much trouble living what I believe. 


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quote of the Week

"Because the Constitution permits such a tax, it is not our role to forbid it, or to pass upon its wisdom or fairness."
-- Chief Justice John Roberts writing the majority opinion - Affordable Health Care Act

I'd like to think that Chief Justice Roberts' opinion was a principled decision.  I'd like to think that Roberts personally believes the Health Care act is a bad idea.  I'd like to think that Robert's sees nothing in the Constitution that would allow him to overturn it.

I believe the liberals on the court who care nothing for the Constitution decided based upon their own personal preferences... As they always do.

I also believe this is going to light a fire in The Tea Party.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jerry Sandusky Found Guilty Amidst "Gay Pride Month" Celebrations

"June is 'Gay Pride Month,' which immediately begs two questions: Says who? and, How is it that we have become a nation of such compliant sheep that we accept this rubbish?"
--Brent Bozell

I was developing a theory that suggested that every development in our American Culture was a reflection of the condition of our Churches.  But that's not true... The Bride of Christ is doing great!  It is better stated that every development of our American Culture is a reflection of the condition of our believers... Or a reflection of organized religion.

You believe?  Good for you!  The demons believe... And they have the sense to tremble.  Organized religion in America has forgotten how to tremble.

It's hard to find the Bride among the rich... though Believers abound.

Now if you asked any one of the worldly, lukewarm believers that populate our pews (and pulpits), they would say, "I do not approve of 'Gay Pride Month' and I would have protested... but I was busy watching my favorite reruns of Will and Grace."

Anyway, I believe history will show that Jerry Sandusky was found guilty for messing with little boys two thousand years too late... and a few years too early.  And I predict that when the homosexuality of Ancient Greece is legalized in this country, the American Church-goer will shrug his shoulders and plan his next purchase.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Gay Bowel Syndrome

Gay bowel syndrome is an outdated term first used by Henry L Kazal and colleagues in 1976 to describe the various sexually transmitted perianal and rectal diseases and sexual traumas seen in Kazal's proctology practice, which had many gay patients.  The term "gay bowel syndrome" is considered obsolete and derogatory.

The term was not specific to any particular disease or infection, and was used clinically to describe proctitis and a variety of other complaints caused by a wide range of infectious organisms.  Transmission of disease was considered to take place by two routes: anal sex, and fecal-oral route (anal–oral sex or coprophagia).

Now, I believe whatever consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home is none of my business... ... ... ... But C'mon!   Anal-oral sex?  How perverted do you have be to be do something so unpleasant and disgusting -something that is totally contrary to everything you learned in toilet training?

Momma don't let your babies grow up to be coprophagiacs...

I mean, I like to think of myself as a fun guy... adventurous, and a good sport... But some things would just never occur to me.  I don't think straight people do that kind of thing.

I figure left-wingers, the Democrat Leadership, and the Gay Community are all cut from the same cloth.  I mean,  once you've sanctioned the killing of the unborn, just where does your moral compass kick in and say, this is wrong.   In the same way, once you've embraced perversion, the most disgusting acts are a matter of taste... So to speak.

As for me, my poop-chute is, and forever will be, a lonely place.


Friday, June 15, 2012

While We Were Working

Our secretary has always had a job.  For a while she drew blood at our lab during the day and then worked at the local Pizza Hut at night.  Then she left us and managed the Pizza Hut.  Then she came back and became our secretary.  Recently she took a job at a local Super Market to help make ends meet.

Yesterday she told us a story about a woman who came to her checkout with a basket full of cookies and candy and pop... Lots and lots of pop.  The woman had her Food Stamps in hand when she was told that the paper plates she'd picked up (so that she wouldn't have to do dishes) could not be paid for with Food Stamps.  The woman rolled her eyes, and with manicured nails, retrieved a One Hundred Dollar Bill from her wallet.

I'm sure this same woman is first in line when the local food bank opens.

I figure it this way:  I can give my money to IDES, which builds shacks in India and digs wells in Africa... Or, I can give to local charities so that our poor can afford Cinemax.