Saturday, January 30, 2010

Come Out... Be Separate

Abby Johnson quit her job. That simple act has become a national news story because Johnson, 29, was the director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas who said she experienced a "change of heart" while participating in an abortion procedure.

She is unclear why, as the director of the clinic, she was asked to be in the procedure room on that day, because it was not a normal part of her duties.

"I had never seen an abortion happen on an ultrasound," she said. "My job during the procedure was to hold the probe on the woman's abdomen. I could see the whole profile of the baby 13 weeks head to foot. I could see the whole side profile. I could see the probe. I could see the baby try to move away from the probe."

"I just thought, 'What am I doing?'" she said. "And then I thought, 'Never again.'"

"I looked out the window and saw a couple of women praying and I thought, 'That's where I need to go,'" Johnson said.

She walked down the street and into the welcoming arms of the Coalition for Life.

It may be time for many of us to ask, "What am I doing?... Why am I associated with this ugly thing in this sinful culture..." And walk away.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

You Elect a Leftist...

There are times in life when there simply are no sanctified words to adequately express the outrage one feels over the deterioration of something once fine and noble.

Against my better judgement I watched the State of the Union last night. For me, the lowest point in the speech was when President Obama belittled the Supreme Court for following the dictates of the Constitution when they struck down parts of Campaign Finance Reform. The nine members of the Court were sitting on the front row of the House Chamber and the Democrats surrounding them rose as one in raucous, deriding applause.

Tasteless. No class. Hopefully at the next State of the Union there will be fewer Democrats to make vulgar asses of themselves when the Leftist from the White House arrives to say something ignorant.

Democrats hate the Constitution because it limits the power of the Federal Government. Democrats want unlimited power... Especially the unlimited power to take our money and change our culture.

Barack Chavez Obama and the other Reds in Congress would turn this country into a Banana Republic if they could get away with it. The Constitution, the Supreme Court, and a very angry Tea Party Movement stand in their way. For now.

Oh, did you hear that they are coming for our retirement accounts?


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Maybe next time you'll buy my freaking cookies!"


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The New York Times Explains It All

BOSTON — The defeat of Martha Coakley in last week’s special election to fill the Senate seat that was long held by Edward M. Kennedy has reignited the debate over whether there is a glass ceiling for women in Massachusetts politics.

Oh please! Massachusetts isn't liberal or progressive enough to elect a woman? It wasn't the issues? It was the most liberal state in the union's prejudice against women that elected Scott Brown?

Maybe those redneck conservatives in the Bay State should look to that bastion of left-wing politics... Texas, that elected Kay Bailey Hutchison to the Senate four times, to learn the importance of supporting the fairer sex.


Quote for the Day

"I'd rather be a really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president."
--Barack Obama on ABC World News 01/25/2010


Monday, January 25, 2010

ObamaCare Isn't Dead

White House officials said Obama campaign manager David Plouffe would be brought on as a political consultant as the White House gears up for the midterm elections.

Writing in Sunday's Washington Post, Mr. Plouffe said Democrats needed to quickly pass a broad health overhaul, get serious about job creation even as they tout the impact of last year's stimulus package, turn up the heat on Republicans over the deficits incurred in the Bush years, and stop grousing about the political climate.

"Instead of fearing what may happen, let's prove that we have more than just the brains to govern—that we have the guts to govern. Let's fight like hell," Mr. Plouffe wrote, striking the same chord Mr. Obama did at a town-hall meeting in Ohio Friday and likely will Wednesday in his first State of the Union address.

On "Meet the Press," White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett said, "What we learned from the Massachusetts victory is that people are sick and tired of Washington not delivering for them."

So here we go. The House can still pass the Senate bill and create the program of universal health care. Then the program can be tweaked to include the public option which will easily be passed in the House, and passed in the Senate through the "reconciliation process" with 51 votes.
This guy in the White House believes he was coronated, not elected... The election in Massachusetts doesn't trouble him... A few more speeches... A little arm-twisting... He expects to have his way.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chris Matthews V Howard Dean Over Massachusetts Election

Part of this tape makes me shudder...
Matthews suggests that the House should pass the Senate Bill as is... thereby creating a new health program. Then, the Senate uses "reconciliation" needing only 51 votes to "tweak" the existing bill, adding the "public option."

This could happen.

Citizens United (Hillary: the Movie) v. Federal Election Commission

The democrats threw a fit over the recent Supreme Court ruling. They want free speech at election time to be limited to CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, PBS, The New York Times, The Washington Post... So Corporate NBC would have more speech rights than corporate Bayer, corporate State Farm, and corporate Boeing...

Quote for the Day

"Let's see. Would you call what happened to Air America jobs lost or -- well, you'd have to say jobs lost. Why couldn't Obama save those jobs? Air America, Chapter 7, fini. I thought talk radio was so easy."
--Rush Limbaugh


More Things to Like About Scott Brown

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hitler Finds Out Scott Brown Won Massachusetts Senate Seat

Fort Hood Teaches Nothing

The Pentagon Report on the Fort Hood shootings does not mention Islam. It refers to the Muslim murderer as "the alleged perpetrator," not mentioning his Muslim-sounding name.

The two investigators, Togo West and Vernon Clark, are Clinton appointees who have been involved in developing military policies that stress diversity, affirmative action, and oh yes... Political Correctness. These investigators were chosen for a reason.

As I said, the 86 page report does not mention Islam once. It does not question how an obviously troubled officer like Hassan made it through personnel reviews and was actually promoted. But West and Clark can't be expected to find fault with the policies they are personally responsible for.

The report suggested that the military needs to improve its ability to respond in such situations.

How true!

The political correctness that contributed to the Fort Hood Massacre survived the Pentagon Report and is alive and well. We'd better be ready to respond!


Thursday, January 21, 2010


It's 5AM, I'm sitting at my computer, and I'm 56 years old. My house is filling with the aroma of my kick-arse hash brown casserole baking in the oven... And may I take a moment to say that I really am a terrific cook. It may sound like I'm bragging, but actually I'm holding back. I am still single today because women of every race, creed, and sexual eccentricity are intimidated by my cooking... And my abs, but surely that goes without saying.

I'm also very clever and bright... Witty? In Spades! I would be the life of the party if I had any friends that threw parties.

Amazingly (and this will forever humble me), I'm just getting better with age.

And today is my birthday... So I expect to actually get away with saying all of the above.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Looking back on my 55th Year

The Good

1. Prayer and Fasting: I found new ways to honor God with my life. I developed new disciplines. My prayer life is much better... My thought-life is getting a little better. I still have issues, but I am confident that the Lord will deal with those in His time. I'm bearing personal fruit, and it's hard work. But I have joy in knowing that my feet are on the path. I'm never going back. I may fall back, but I'm not turning and walking back.

2. Helping my parents: They need me and I can give them security. It's wonderful.

3: Enjoying my sister and her family. Lisa is such a good woman.

4. My blog buddies: Skyepuppy, Tsofah, Janice, Christina, Miss Bekah, Grammy... And others that keep me entertained and connected.

5. Finding Doreen: My best friend from college... I found her happy and successful... And knowing that she remembers me fondly is such a joy.

6. My health: I can still run.

The bad

... Can't think of a thing.


Ted Kennedy's Seat

Scott Brown, a Republican wins in Massachusetts.

No, really!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Church is for Extroverts

I listened to the second interview of Adam McHugh on Prime Time America, in which he stated that extroverts were generally more valued by the Church than introverts, especially in leadership positions... The more gregarious the better.

He reiterated that extroverts get their energy from socializing and that they often think best while talking something through. For introverts, socializing is energy-sapping and they do their best thinking in solitude.

Making small talk wears me out faster than anything. I walk into church and I am immediately self-conscious, uncomfortable, on guard, and my thinking is anything but creative. I would rather have root canal than clap my hands or raise my hands during the worship service.

A couple weeks ago the preacher said that at the end of the sermon we were going to break up into small groups... ... ... So I left.

Once in a while I'll nonthreateningly share something about my faith with an un-churched friend at work. I wouldn't think about sharing my faith with someone at church. They want to talk about the Colts. The weather. Stuff like that.

But I digress.

I suppose McHugh's point is that the Church tends to ignore and marginalize us introverts... Which... Sounds pretty good to me!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quote for the Day

"For the Christian who is an introvert, walking into the average Evangelical Church is like walking into a non-alcoholic cocktail party. It's this talkative, chatty, mingling... A setting that drains the introvert's energy... So there is this need to return to solitude to regain his energy."

--Adam McHugh, from an interview on "Prime Time America"

Friday, January 15, 2010

God and Man in Haiti

My visceral reaction to the events taking place in the Caribbean is pity and a very human reaction of wonder that a loving God would allow such suffering... A wonder that crowds my faith.

But I believe the images I've seen on my television provide an insight into the regard God places on this earthly human existence. It suggests that He did not create us to be happy, rich, comfortable, materially satisfied, and all those other illusions we claim as our birthright as we sit in Church surrounded by the rich of this world.

Our inability to see His blessing in these events betrays our misunderstanding of God and our purpose. The prayers and supplications that have risen from this poor island in the past few days represent an insight into the purpose for which man was created. For the woman trapped beneath the rubble, Jesus is not just an accessory in her lifestyle... He is become her fervent prayer and the focus of her hope. Her situation is suddenly less desperate than ours, as we travel through our short life comfortable and distracted.

We sate ourselves in the pleasures of our entertainments while questioning the justice of Hell. We flirt and laugh and compromise... Relaxed in half-truths about Grace, and oblivious to the Holiness of our Creator and his attitude towards sin. We love the world and we bathe in its culture. We offer up to Heaven our leftovers... A lukewarm and casual glance. We try and find time for Him.

But who does He pity. Who has His hand truly blessed?

Oxymoron for January: AT&T Service

My modem, or router, or whatever goes from my computer to my phone line, is producing a smell like burning wires. It still works, but it smells as if it might burst into flames at any moment.

So I call AT&T... I get some foreigner... No help. I call their "Store"... No help.

I may just pick up my email here at work and be done with it.

Blogging may be rare in the future.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Scott Brown "It's the peoples seat" - Please support him!

This guy may not have a chance, but I love what he has to say and the way he says it.
I don't think he will win even if he gets the most votes... Because it will be close, and there will be a re-count... And we know how that will turn out.
Mass. is a Democrat state and Democrats cheat.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Brit Hume Drops the "J" Word

I love this. Peter Heck has read on his radio show some of the comments that Keith Olbermann made criticizing Hume. Many of the Left have gone balistic.
There is just something about That Name...

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Finding Doreen

Chapter One: Bitterness Sets In

A while back I made contact on Facebook with my college girlfriend, Doreen (which I wrote about here) and we've passed a couple notes back and forth since.

I'm posting a picture that she sent to me... that I really don't have permission to post... But I figure, hey! What she gonna do? Call things off? Of course she could send her brutish husband after me. He works for the phone company and probably has a pair of those boots with the spikes for climbing poles... Those spikes could really do a job on a guy! But no matter...

When I knew Doreen in college, she was the complete package. She had great legs and she laughed when I tried to be funny... Which pretty much constitutes the complete package for me... The sum of all my needs.

Anyway, last week she sent me a picture of her family. She has a daughter in her twenties that is cute as a button. Her eighteen-year-old son is a good looking kid. And her husband... well... I suppose he's OK. They all look ridiculously happy. The bottom line is this...

Dang! She looks terrific! Still thin. Still pretty. She wasn't supposed to look this good! This woman is fifty-two-freaking-years-old. She's supposed to be at least a little frumpy by now. I mean... Dang!

She sent me a second picture of herself and her son on his recent 18th birthday.

I figure she sent the first picture because she is proud of her family. But I'm pretty sure she sent the second picture just to torture me. I suppose next there will be photos from the beach.

I know, I know... I let her get away. But I'm not bitter. After all, I have a good life, don't I? I have some money in the bank. I've beaten cancer. I'm healthy enough to run a couple or three miles. I have all my teeth. I'm a fruit-bearing Christian with a great future!

... ... ... ... ... But dang!

I'd write more, but it's getting late. I need to go switch on my electric blanket... And finish my stale bread and porridge.


Sunday, January 03, 2010

Worlds Tallest Tower Opens

The Burj Dubai (Burj being Arabic for Babel) stretches more than one half mile into the sky. It's height is equivalent to two Empire State Buildings. It's weight, more than 110,000 metric tons, is equivalent to 237 Al Gores.
The Burj has over 1,000 rooms, a swimming pool on the 76th floor, and will feature the most incredible bungee jumping in the history of the sport.
It took a billion dollars to build it, but will take just one crazy Muslim in an airliner to bring in down.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Quote for the Day

"But, that it would have been better for me if my wife could have helped me more, and shared the many thoughts in which I had no partner, and that this might have been; I knew."
--David Copperfield from Dickens' David Copperfield