Monday, March 20, 2006

V for Vacuous

Don Feder writes for Front Page Mag:
"V for Vendetta," which opened on Friday, combines all of the celluloid left’s paranoid fantasies – Christian conservatives in charge of a brutal regime, the war-on-terrorism as an excuse for the suppression of civil liberties, homosexuals harassed and killed by conservative Christians, a pedophile priest (who works miter-in-had with the regime) and an attack blamed on terrorists that’s really a right-wing conspiracy.

And the DaVinci Code comes out in May? I think I see a pattern here. I think a blind man could see a pattern here.

"V for Vendetta" is distinguished by envelope-pushing, combined with an unapologetic glorification of terrorism.

Perfect. But I guess the fact that Liberals would make a movie that glorifies terrorism should surprise no one. They have been encouraging terrorists for three years now.

The bloodless Civil War in this country continues... good against evil.


Anonymous said...

Listen to yourself. You are so threatened by a movie you probably haven't even seen. Maybe you should try repeating to yourself:
It's just a movie.
It's just a movie.

And as for the Da Vinci Code, the church has survived for a couple thousand years, in spite of some of its representatives. I think it will survive Hollywood.

I would be more worried about it surviving Pat Robertson.

All_I_Can_Stands said...

And what is with Natalie Portman and her "hairless" appearances? She seems to have an obsession with baldness or the stubby look.

Anonymous, Chris does not have the least tone of being threatened. He is simply pointing out what they are doing. After all why should a christian feel threatened? Persecution has always resulted in more christians. This may not actually be on the same level as persecution, but it has the same effect. The only danger to the church is apathy and the chronic attacks and cheap shots by Hollywood are quite an effective antidote for apathy.

SkyePuppy said...


What's with your obsession with Pat Robertson? You bring him up when he isn't even mentioned. Maybe you should try repeating to yourself:

Pat Robertson is not the church.
Pat Robertson does not speak for the church.
Pat Robertson is just a man with a TV show.

Christianity will survive quite nicely, with or without Pat Robertson.

Jack W. said...

The problem with your mantra, anonymous, is that "It's just a movie" is not accurate. Yes, Chris is writing about just a movie, but Hollywood is not just producing any old movie. They have been pushing an agenda for quite some time now. They are anti-American (anti-good) and for just about anyone and anything else (particularly secular humanism and ultra-liberal "tolerance"). This bias was more subtle at first, but now their true colors are shining through. They are trying in not-so-subtle ways to influence young Americans (who make up the largest segment of the movie-going population) that they need to be sympathetic to the terrorists and that America is wrong for defending itself, even after an unprovoked attack. My guess is that it is this kind of propaganda that Chris is "threatened" by. (I maintain that he is probably more concerned than threatened however.)

Regarding your comment that the "church will survive Hollywood", I couldn't agree with you more, but I don't think that means we as Christians shouldn't stand up against false teachings and things that might lead others down the wrong path.