Thursday, March 23, 2006

Come to Jesus... and Die

Chris Rice sings a song that calls us to "Come to Jesus and live," but for Abdul Rahman the promise in these lyrics may hold true only for the next life. Rahman, a former Muslim, converted to Christianity 16 years ago and is now facing the possibility of execution for this unforgivable act. His fate lies in the hands of an Afghan Court. Yes, the same Afghan people who owe their freedom to a Christian American President and his army of soldiers, mostly Christian, may kill one of their own for becoming a Christian.

But don't feel bad for his family... because they are the ones who turned him in. (Thanks a bunch, Uncle Omar, Cousin Mahmoud.)

The Islamic death penalty for apostasy is as old as the Muslim Prophet Muhammad’s command that “if somebody (a Muslim somebody) discards his religion, kill him” (Bukhari, vol. 4, bk. 52, no. 260). It is deeply ingrained in Islamic culture, and that's not going to change anytime soon.

Hey, wait a second...maybe people who have religious intolerance and murder deeply ingrained in them shouldn't be allowed to immigrate into this country! But don't bother introducing that bill in Congress because the Democrats would wisely and immediately perceive it as being much too pro-American-security, pro-conservative, pro-Christian, pro-common-sense... and would kill it... just as they are focused presently on killing a bill sponsored by Rep. James Sensenbrenner that would make illegally entering the U.S. a felony.

Anyway, our prayers are with Abdul Rahman. He probably hasn't heard Chris Rice's song... and the part that says, "Fly to Jesus, and live."

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