Saturday, March 25, 2006

See Any Illegals?

"They're here for the American Dream," said Malissa Greer, 29, who joined a crowd estimated by police to be at least 10,000 strong. "God created all of us. He's not a God of the United States, he's a God of the world."

Thank you Malissa. And God instructed us to obey our leaders and respect our laws.

But I just have one question: All of these freedom-loving people crossing our borders illegally... They're just here for the American dream, right? They don't want hand-outs like free education, free healthcare... stuff like that? I mean, they don't want to steal money out of my pocket by grabbing some of the income tax I pay, right? I trust not, Malissa. Otherwise I might have something to say about it.

With the poor (and rapidly deteriorating) condition of our Congressmen's and Senator's spines, I figure the immigration problem will be fixed just as soon as America is as poor as the rest of the world... And that should make all those liberal egalitarians happy.

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janice said...

If the looney left gain power and pass their "cradle to the grave" social programs for the benefit of ALL America, we'll look just like Europe, needing more and more fertile "imagrants" to pump money into the tax system to pay for all the gimmes. Come and get the American Dream, we've opened the floodgates and all you have to do is "break into our home" and take it!
Nice post Chris