Monday, March 27, 2006

A Problem Illustrated

Sometimes one picture speaks louder than a thousand stories and news reports.

When the American Heartland witnesses a sea of 500,000 illegals and their supporters marching in the streets of Los Angeles and talking about their rights... many waving not the American flag, but the flag of Mexico... the American Heartland starts wondering about it's own rights and how much longer our culture can survive the invasion. They wonder if we are still a nation of laws when illegal aliens have supposedly done nothing illegal by coming here illegally. They also start looking for political candidates that are willing to stand up to the rhetoric while legal Americans still have the majority vote...

It's time to put up the fence. It's time to establish our culture, our language, and our laws. It's time to stop talking and start doing everything we can to halt this insanity.

My feeling is, if you want to hire a person who speaks no English, or poor English, they better have their immigration paperwork in hand. They better be registered with the INS, picture, fingerprints and all. If they don't and you hire them anyway... you lose your business and you go to jail. That's where we start.

Am I alone?

Wall Street Journal/NBC News, December 1998
72% feel "immigration should not increase because it will cost U.S. jobs and increase unemployment."

Horatio Alger Association, August 1996
67% of teens feel legal immigration to the U.S. should be reduced.

NPG/Roper Poll, February 1996
83% of Americans favor a lower level of immigration.
70% want immigration reduced to 300,000 annually.
20% want to halt all immigration.
...respondents who support immigration of less than 300,000 per year¨
70% of All Respondents¨
73% of Blacks¨
52% of Hispanics¨
72% of Conservatives¨
71% of Moderates¨
66% of Liberals¨
72% of Democrats¨
70% of Republicans

CBS News/New York Times, September 1995
63% of Americans think immigration levels were too high.
66% of Republicans want less immigration.
60% of Democrats want less immigration.

Time/CNN, September 1993
80% consider it important for the federal government to track down illegal aliens living the United States.
73% feel the U.S. should "strictly limit" immigration.
50% favor requiring all U.S. citizens to carry a national identification card.

Newsweek, July 1993
59% feel that immigration was a good thing for this country in the past.
60% feel that immigration is a bad thing for this country now.

CNN/USA Today/Gallup, July 1993
76% feel that immigration should be stopped or reduced until the economy improves.
65% believe immigration should be decreased generally.

Hispanic USA Research Group survey of Hispanic Americans, June 1993
89% of Hispanic Americans strongly support an immediate moratorium on immigration.
74% feel fewer immigrants should be allowed and stronger restrictions should be enforced.

I guess I'm not alone.
It's time to elect politicians who listen to the American people. The legal, American citizens.


SkyePuppy said...

I heard a commercial on my local radio station requesting people who are fluent in Spanish, Tagalog, and something else, to work in the polls on voting day.

I thought only citizens are supposed to vote. And I thought people had to demonstrate proficiency in English to become citizens. So why do we need other languages at the polls?

Malott said...

I suppose there is no way to find out, but I wonder just how many illegals vote in our elections. We would probably be surprised.

And why Tagalog? I don't know the spelling, but that is the way you pronounce the main Philippine language, and they also speak English.

Malott said...

And SkyePuppy,

How do Californians generally feel about immigration? Same as other border states, I suppose?

I've heard (or read, rather) little from you on this subject.

SkyePuppy said...


We have a lot of Philippinos here, and yes, they tend to also speak English. I can't remember if the other language they wanted was Korean or Hindi or Farsi or something else.

You make my point by saying the Philippinos tend to speak English. All citizens should speak English, so we shouldn't need poll workers who speak other languages.

I'm not sure how California as a whole feels about immigration. I live and work in the more Republican counties, so I'm surrounded by people who share my sense that "illegal" actually means "against the law."

Mostly, people resent being forced to pay (hospitals, schools, welfare, prisons) for people who aren't even supposed to be here, and then being called racist when we dare to speak up.

I think I've commented about illegal immigration on other people's blogs, rather than writing about it on mine. Not for any particular reason, really. I just had other things to say at the time.

My biggest concern with President Bush's guest worker program is the part where it says we'll send people back home after their guest time is up. How will we be able to do that, when we can't keep track of anybody now to send them home? I don't want to invite more people to come and then overstay their welcome, when we can't figure out how to get rid of the ones don't want to be here.