Sunday, March 05, 2006

Tippy Toes and Eggshells

Jancan has an interesting take (link at bottom) on the Muslim cartoons and I agree. I'm just not comfortable in a country where I can't express myself, even if that means being a complete jerk. It's just my way. It's always been my way. Eggshells were made to be stomped on.

This is America. It's not Amerika. It's not the Estados Unidos de América... not on my street. In my town we have no colonies of people who hate this country. We don't want them. I know a Chinese family that we've embraced... their English is getting better... sort of. There is a family from India that's trying hard to fit in, though the parents are concerned that their children are becoming a little too American. We have a lady who has been here a long long time, though she is originally from Mexico (pronounced me'-hee-ko). Her English abilities peaked long ago but her grandson (the one who is fighting for his country) speaks quite well and can help her. My favorite is a Philippina, although she is a bit prejudiced... against people who don't want to work.

I had a point here somewhere.

Maybe we need more cartoons. Maybe our national personality should express itself as an irritant to all who are humorless. Maybe we should make this country into a place that is uncomfortable for all those who don't wish to embrace our culture and become patriotic, flag waving Americans. This land and its freedoms are not for everyone, so it follows that everyone should not be setting up shop here. It's being a little more exclusive than we're used to, but I don't think any other policy for immigration works.

I don't tip-toe. I stomp on eggshells. While inside our borders I personally reserve the right to be politically incorrect, loud, and offensive. I'm an American.


janice said...

Thanks Chris, I'd be proud to stomp eggshells with you anytime.

SkyePuppy said...

Maybe our national personality should express itself as an irritant to all who are humorless.

It would be a wonderful idea to only admit people into our country if they can demonstrate a good sense of humor. We have enough humorless people who were born here. We don't need to import any more.

SkyePuppy said...

Uh oh! I reread my comment, and it looks completely humorless. Good thing I was born here, or they'd have to deport me...

Larry Head said...

Very good Chris...It is just not the way of most conservative thinkers to walk on egshells where their ideas and thoughts are concerned. I my self will never do it...Walk on Eggshells...But laugh I must and humor is something one should not be without....Having said that...Kudos on a well written piece