Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Judgement Day Tip: Don't Stand Too Close to Dan Brown

There is bad news and then there is really bad news. Today I heard some terrible news on Moody Radio. A man was commenting that people who were outside the Church and that had read The DaVinci Code were now less open to the Gospel. He said a Muslim friend who had read the book told him, "It affirmed my worst suspicions about Christianity."

I think its effect on lukewarm Christians and those weak in their faith may prove to be a lifelong impediment that leads to destruction. And... its coming out in a more effective form soon... when it reaches theaters. "The Passover Plot" and "The Last Temptation of Christ" were just blips on the radar screen, but Hollywood may have really "split the atom" with this one.

Having lead people astray is a particularly damning epitaph. It's an evil that ventures beyond the realm of suicide bombers and riots and plants itself right next to child molestors and torture. Eternal damage is damage indeed.

To the author of the DaVinci Code I say, "Dan, you're in a bad spot, boy. And Opie, Tom... what were you thinking?" Mel Gibson and James Caviezel will be known through eternity as makers of a movie that quickened faith. Ron Howard and Tom Hanks will be known as spiritual pornographers.

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