Friday, March 17, 2006

Internet Connection Trouble

I'm at work blogging on the company's time. I don't know how they feel about that and neither do I care. I'm a much too important tooth in the cog in the wheel that runs this place for them to raise it as an issue... (he said, right before he was shown the door).

Back at home I could not get connected to the internet. So once at work, I went to and began exchanging messages with a technical support person named Shelly. Shelly is a demure, leggy little beauty (I could just tell) who was very helpful.

According to Shelly, my AOL isn't getting along with my Norton. But if Shelly's instructions work, I'll be back online by tonight. If not... any suggestions on replacing my AOL?


Andrew said...

Not to burst your bubble, but I once met a Shelly that works for AOL tech support. I remember her distinctly because her appearance did not match your description of a demure, leggy little beauty.

Instead, I found her to be a grossly overweight, 4'2" tall, bald woman with 3 teeth and a unibrow.

Malott said...

Oh. It's you.
I thought it might be Christina.

Bryan Alexander said...

Get rid of AOL even if Shelly's instructions do work. It's too expensive.

SkyePuppy said...

I'm with Bryan. Dump AOL. Shelly might be brilliant (and she might be leggy), but she's working with AOL, and there's no saving grace for that.

I tried DSL, back when it was in its infancy, and I spent more time on the phone with customer service than I spent on the internet. So I dumped them for cable internet and have been happily interneting with them for years.

Other people at work have DSL and love it, so it looks like the kinks have been worked out.

DSL or Cable. Shelly will break your heart.

janice said...

Wednesday I was unable to log on because I was a Trojan Horse and Norton was protecting me, from me. I lowered my firewall then re-installed CS. So far I don't appear to be a myself.

Malott said...

AOL's (Unibrow-Shelly's)instructions didn't work. (And thanks again, Andrew, for destroying my fantasy) But the general idea that AOL proposed allowed me to cope with the problem and get on-line after a couple hour's struggle. Over night the idiots at Norton finally fixed the problem that they initiated.

So I'm ticked at AOL, Norton, and especially Andrew.