Monday, March 06, 2006

Judge Napolitano's Hair

This just isn't right.

It's the kind of thing that keeps me up at night.

Andrew Napolitano (right) only has half a forehead. Does this bother anyone else besides me? Is there a medical condition associated with having only half a forehead? Did he have half of his forehead surgically removed? Would bangs make his picture look better? What if he wore caps? He definitely had more forehead as a child actor when he played on the Munsters, but since then his hair seems to be taking over his forehead.

They never talk about this on Fox and Friends. Judge Napolitano's hair is the elephant in the living room at Fox and Friends and yet they never discuss it. Maybe E.D. and Steve and Brian are just too polite to mention it.

It bothers me.


we saw that... said...

lol thats hilarious.

Andrew said...

Chris, help me out. I can't tell from the picture: did the Judge play Eddie Munster or his doll?

Neil Sasquatch said...

It's simple... He combs it forward from the back & has it trimmed so it looks like a regular haircut. He has to trim the forehead area though, it looks totally unnatural

Neil Sasquatch said...

On occasion, when his hair is growing you can notice the fake hairline area get all uneven, that's when you can really tell he's combing it forward.