Friday, March 03, 2006

My Apology to the Dems

Daniel Henninger comments in the WSJ Opinion Journal:

"CIA leak prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald argued . . . that as far as the perjury charges against former Cheney chief of staff Lewis Libby are concerned, it does not matter whether or not Valerie Wilson was a covert CIA agent. . . . 'We're trying a perjury case', Fitzgerald told Judge Reggie Walton. Even if Plame had never worked for the CIA at all, Fitzgerald continued--even if she had been simply mistaken for a CIA agent--the charges against Libby would still stand. In addition, Fitzgerald said, he does not intend to offer 'any proof of actual damage' caused by the disclosure of Wilson's identity." No damage?

This is, of course, outrageous. This is a special prosecutor going after a crime that wasn't... and justifying his pay by producing a crime based only on his investigation.

But my outrage is based upon my value system. I value this White House because they are protecting my way of life in a time of war. Why go after the people I respect over something that is meaningless?

So here comes my apology: Democrats, I am humbly sorry for being so angry and vindictive over the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky mess. I now understand a little how you must have felt when Bill Clinton was impeached. Based on your value system, what you worship, what was the big deal?

I value decency and a country where children can respect the moral values of its leaders. You Dems consider decency to be the welfare state, giving my money to poor people and... well all that other liberal stuff that I despise.

But Bill's impeachment must have seemed outrageous to you. It must have hurt you very much.

By my values, a good man would have accepted responsibility and resigned. But we will never agree because we've based our lives on different things.

As one of your fellow travellers, Bill Mahr, said recently on Scarborough Country, "Well, you can never reason with any religious people. And that‘s any religion. That‘s our religions, too, Joe, because religion isn‘t reasonable."

So, Democrats, I won't try to reason with your (and Bill Mahr's) religion. (...and that would be Humanism) It's pointless. But I will apologize for not being more understanding when your hero fell.


Anonymous said...

That's the problem with you Repugs. You values make it okay for thousands to die for Bush's folly. But Clinton should resign over a BJ.

Was Clinton wrong? Yes. Is Bush even more wrong? Certainly.

I don't know how you sleep at night when you equate sexual infidelity with the death of thousands of US soldiers.

Anonymous said...

This is a special prosecutor going after a crime that wasn't

Funny, but the CIA doesn't agree.

But here's a better analogy to the present case:

what would you wingnuts have said if Clinton had decided to leak classified information in order to retaliate against Linda Tripp?