Tuesday, March 28, 2006

AOL Poll

OK, it's unscientific... but here it is:

Would you support a temporary worker program?
No 58%
Yes 42%

Would you support erecting a fence along the Mexican border?
Yes 81%
No 19%

Should those who sneak across the border be treated as felons?
Yes 77%
No 23%

Should those already in the country have a path to citizenship?
No 68%
Yes 32%

How big of an issue is illegal immigration?
Very 86%
Somewhat 10%
Not at all 4%


SkyePuppy said...

It's true that AOL's polls are unscientific, but the AOL poll results I've seen on other topics generally lean to the Left. So that makes the results on illegal immigration even more impressive.

Malott said...

My Dear Pupster,

AOL leans to the left from what I've seen of the news on their "Greeting Page."

All I can figure is that, though the Republicans know what Americans would prefer, they perhaps feel that the issue would garner them no crossover votes, give ammunition to the Democrats (mean, insensitive Republicans), and set up all illegals as a Democrat voting block in the future. Whatever it is, I figure it's all about politics.

janice said...

Sums it up quite nicely. Like Skye said, the results done scientificly would have been much closer to 90-95%.