Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Feingold Seeks Dean's Maniacs

Russ Feingold stood in front of the Senate yesterday stating his case for the censuring of President Bush over the wiretapping of foreign terrorists and their sympathizers in this country. Hearing him speak one would have thought that there simply was no argument over whether or not this was legal or illegal, and that everyone in the Senate, the House of Representatives, the White House, and the Supreme Court were simply biding their time until the president's punishment or means of execution had been determined.

Following Feingold's "one-man-show" Senator Lieberman stood before the cameras and said he didn't know of anyone in the Senate who wasn't in favor of this wiretapping, saying that it was necessary for our security. Even Harry Reid chose not to get on board with Feingold expressing only his admiration for the man.

In fact, none of the Senate Democrats seem to want this to come to a vote. How odd. They have been talking about this for weeks and now when they have the chance to publicly and officially express their outrage... they cave. So maybe it's easy to daily lob criticism at the president, but when it comes to putting their names down as being against a security program that a majority of Americans feel is keeping them safe... they back down. Hmm, maybe it's just politics?

But let's cut to the chase where Russ Feingold is concerned. He is running for president and yesterday was his moment in the sun. He wants to run to the Left of Hillary Clinton (He was the only U.S. Senator to vote against the Patriot Act) and pick up the Howard Dean left-wing America-last maniacs. He is a calmer Dean and a smoother version of John Kerry and he may be successful. But to get the nomination he will have to travel so far left that he will be unpalatable to mainstream America. And to overcome that will take more than a political stunt ...like the one he delivered yesterday.


janice said...

Russ planted the democrats flag on that "hill", let them defend it. That circus will reap many rewards for the republicans.

Malott said...

Well said.