Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Favorite Mormon

Lunging to the right on two red hot social issues, Gov. Mitt Romney said he would sign a bill outlawing abortion, even in cases of rape or incest, and agreed to meet with the state’s Roman Catholic bishops to discuss their bid to exempt Catholic Charities from gay adoptions.
On abortion, Romney spokeswoman Julie Teer said the governor would back a state ban on abortion if, as occurred in South Dakota, lawmakers passed such a measure.
“If Gov. Romney were the governor of South Dakota he would sign it,” Teer told political newsletter The Hotline yesterday. “The governor believes that states should have the right to be pro-life if that is the will of the people.”

This is happening in Massachusetts? It's one thing to put the welfare of children above the supposed rights of gay couples, but to actually say that you would sign a bill outlawing abortion... in the land of the Kennedys?

Mulling a run for the presidency, the governor previously supported legalized abortion. He has said on several recent occasions that his position has “evolved” and that he now opposes legal abortion.

The simple fact that this Republican, a Mormon for crying out loud, was elected as governor of the most liberal state in the union suggests that he has the political talent and gravitas to be a serious candidate for president. And after his second place showing in the Tennessee straw poll, I'm thinking this could be the guy. So it's time for conservatives to start nailing his feet to the floor on the issues of Supreme Court nominations, preemptive defense, government spending... conservative stuff like that.


Mary said...

Oh, he is conservative enough, I suppose, but coulnd't we find someone who is good looking?

I mean, he is cute, but he certainly is no Chris Mallott.

Malott said...

How true, Mary.

But that is why I will never run for public office. The election would degenerate into a lust-fest and no one wants that.

SkyePuppy said...

On a more serious note:

Hedgehog Blog had a post on all the uproar and/or expected uproar among Christians over Romney's Mormonism. (

I left a comment, and I'll summarize, that I used to have a Mormon as my Congressman. From a conservative Christian's political perspective, my Congressman voted right down the line the way I wanted him to vote.

I have no problems with Mitt Romney's faith when it comes to running our country.

Out of utter discretion, I reserve all comments on the cute question...