Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Abdul Rahman Update

The Afghan man who converted to Christianity is evidently going to live... and somewhere other than Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, this sign held at a Rahman support rally demonstrates the extent to which Muslims hate Christians.


SkyePuppy said...

To be fair, the Muslims don't hate Christians this much. They're content to let Christians live among them as second-class citizens. What they hate this much are Muslims who convert to anything besides Islam.

Sounds to me like a religion not of peace but of insecurity.

Malott said...

Puppy Pup...

Interesting point about the insecurity thing. As a woman do you connect that with their macho nonsense... perhaps a general fear of women? It might explain their treatment of women... if they feel threatened.

I saw an episode of Law and Order where a young American converted to Islam because he couldn't get a date or couldn't perform sexually or something like that. Anyway, he was terrified of women for some reason. I have a difficult time sitting through that show... or any other network drama for that matter. But that episode caught my attention because I like thinking there are guys out there that are bigger screw-ups with women than I am.

And on this general subject, it must infuriate you to see how Islam (radical Islam) treats its women. And women on the Left??? How in the world do they hold their tongue? It amazes me.

SkyePuppy said...


I hadn't thought about insecurity in the context of how they treat their women. My take, based on the history of civilizations, is that women have been treated as property across the board for millenia. The more respectful view of women is a relatively recent development.

If I look at our God--the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob--I see a God who is willing to allow His people to forsake Him, because then those who believe and trust in Him are truly His.

When I look at the Islamists' view of Allah, he looks like a god who is incapable of keeping his own people and who must resort to force to keep people believing in him. A god who won't risk losing believers and who has to use fanatical people to exact his revenge is a god without any power at all. That might make a believer awfully insecure.

About their treatment of women, I'm with you in wondering what's keeping the feminists so quiet. All I can think of is that they hate America more than they care about foreign women.

janice said...

Skye, you hit the nail right on the head. I've often thought the islamic community as one of very low self esteem. It comes from the belief their way to "paradise" is by works and deeds. allah expects them to meet these requirements and go to paradise, if not, why would he have given them all those prerequisites? Seeing how unworthy one is would wear on ones self esteem.