Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Slandering Alito

At some point Sam Alito has to say to himself, "I've worked all my life at being a good man and honest judge... I've served my country... I'm respected by my colleagues... my reputation is spotless... and now these Democrats, in front of my family and the entire nation make me out to be a racist... a liar... as they drag through the mud the good name I've spent a lifetime making."

A man's good name is a precious thing. It should be sacrosanct. Those who would steal it, misrepresent it, and bear false witness against it... have no honor. The Democrats on the Judiciary Committee are doing a shameful thing... a thing they've done before.

The circular published by the Concerned Alumni of Princeton organization, of which Alito was once a member, has contained inflammatory and hateful rhetoric in the past. But the Democrats know that this has nothing to do with the nominee and in no way reflects the way he has lived his life or performed his duties. Still, Ted Kennedy feels inclined to sit and read these hate-filled words before the cameras, hoping that some of this dirt will stick to Alito. Character assasination is all Kennedy has to use against this judge, and Kennedy's pathetic character does not prevent him from using it.

Martha Alito has handled the lies and insinuations well. It wasn't until Republican Senator Graham apologized to her husband for his fellow Senators' behavior that her feelings finally surfaced in tears. It must be terribly painful to sit and helplessly listen as someone you respect and love is unfairly abused.

But the Democrats will pay a price for this evil. And as the nation continues to lose respect for these honorless men, they have no one to blame but themselves.


Andrew said...

Good post. You are absolutely correct in your analysis. The tactics being employed by the Democrats are deplorable. This whole affair bears no resemblance to what the hearings are truly to be about. Rather than question Judge Alito about his judicial philosophy, etc., these despicable Senators prefer to grandstand for the cameras while using libel and slander in an attempt to paint Alito as something he isn't. It reminds me of the schoolyard bully who makes himself feel more important by putting down others.

Of course, as you point out, this is not a first. We witnessed it with Bork, Thomas and now Alito. Hmmm, am I seeing a pattern? And with which nominees did we not see this type of behavior? Well, that would be Breyer and Ginsburg. Based on that, what sort of conclusions can we draw about the character and respectability of the individuals on each side of the aisle? The evidence speaks for itself.

The whole thing is simply disgusting. It is, however, a perfect representation of what the Democratic party has become. Unable to compete in the arena of ideas, they resort to character assasination.

I enjoyed Skye Puppy's post about CAP. I heard Laura Ingraham say today that, not only was she the editor of the organization's publication, her predecessor was Dinesh D'Souza. I assume you are familiar with D'Souza, but if not, you might want to look for some of his books. He was Senior Domestic Policy Analyst in the Reagan White House. I heard him speak when I was in college and was quite impressed. More importantly in this context, however, he is of Indian descent. So, let's get this straight. This organization's publication had an editor that was of Indian descent, followed by a woman. Now what was that the Democrats were trying to tell us about CAP being anti-women and anti-minorities?

Larry Head said...

Great Post Chris. Responding in such a manner would have been responding in a way which is incosistent with his nature and would have been disastrous. Check my current post for a shallow analysis of why they do what they do.In the next couple days, I plan to do a deeper analysis into what these hearings were really being used for. In regard to CAP, were we to infer impartiality to someone because of their association with one organization or another, than most leftist legislators and presidential candidates would be disqualified based on their love afair with the NY (Socialist)Times. And any book by Mr. D'Souza is a fascinating look into conservative politics and ideology.