Friday, January 20, 2006

Iran... Suicide Nation?

We have seen the results of single suicide bombers. But what will be the effect if Iran's government is willing to commit suicide to destroy Israel? Mutual Assured Destruction worked with the Soviet Union but a disastrous outcome may be welcomed or tolerated by the theocracy in Iran.

I believe we need to make it clear that if a government attacks Israel that the entire weight of the U.S. arsenal will be used to punish that government and remove its ability to threaten its neighbors. It's also important that the Iranian people understand fully their isolation and the danger in which their government is placing them.

The U.S. government should be contacting the Iranian military covertly to see if their leaders approve of the current threats to the security of their lives and families... and offer our support.

This is not the time in our history for weak-kneed leadership. Aggressive and preemptive action must remain our policy as long as there are governments who support terrorism and threaten to produce WMD.

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