Monday, January 16, 2006

Planned Parenthood's Help

Last week we heard from Peter Heck about the tasteless "condom key chains" that Planned Parenthood is promoting, and then today I find this from and :
Consumer Reports, in a study focusing on the effectiveness and quality of condoms, says Planned Parenthood offers the worst ones on the market.
In its February issue, the magazine takes the nation's largest abortion operation to task for its poorly made contraception devices. Two of the three types of free condoms offered by Planned Parenthood received low ratings in terms of strength and reliability.

MSNBC reports on the Consumer Reports story:
A melon-colored model distributed by Planned Parenthood performed the worst, bursting during a test in which the latex condoms were filled with air.

So Planned Parenthood is giving out free condoms to kids... and these condoms are some of the least reliable on the market? I guess it makes business sense... people in the abortion business spend 25 cents on a defective condom and reap a few hundred dollars in charges for their services. (This would be like a lung doctor handing out cigarettes?)

Abortion is big business, and anyone or any business whose ethics would allow them to snuff out a child... would surely have no trouble passing out defective condoms to stimulate profits. And, our taxes support them.

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Douglas Ryan VanBenthuysen said...

The element of the abortion mill as a business is truly distrubing. The industry seems interconnected: faulty birth control, encouragement for pre-mariatal sex, abortion.

Christina said...

This story just illustrates my firm belief that Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics do NOT have the best interests of young people in mind. They are much more concerned with pushing their ultra-liberal agenda than doing what is best for young men and especially women. If they were truly concerned with preventing pregnancy, they would spend a lot more time teaching abstinence and the very real consequences (both physical and emotional) of premarital sex. They would be completely honest about all the options available to pregnant women and about the health risks involved with abortion. They would, in other words, truly care about the woman (or possibly young man seeking advice)and not push a political agenda down their throat even if it means putting the individual's health and well-being at risk. It is disgusting, plain and simple.

Sorry, this post is a bit rambling and not all that eloquent, but as one who fought hard to have a child, who lost one very early in pregnancy despite doing everything "right", and then finally knowing the blessing and miracle of a healthy baby, abortion is a tough and emotional subject. I just wish more young women in particular knew the truth about the miracle they are so quick to throw away because it is "inconvenient".

Malott said...

Well said, Christina. Its too bad that there isn't a way to place a woman's baby in her arms before she chooses to abort it. If that could be done abortions would be very rare.

Thanks for your heartfelt comments.