Monday, January 09, 2006

The Alito Siege Begins

The Alito confirmation begins today with Democrats already threatening to filibuster the confirmation vote if the nominee doesn't say he'll uphold Roe vs Wade, (I know, but thats what they mean) and Republicans saying they will remove the filibuster option for judges from their rules if their hand is forced.

This may not be pretty?

I think we know that the decorum that will be displayed by panel Democrats will be directly proportional to their character and sense of fairness... which suggests that anything goes for these reprobates.

And I am equally confident that many Republicans, suffering from their unrequited love affair with the press, will be as concerned with appearances as they are with the actual qualifications of Alito.

I'm torn. I want to watch... I want to look away. I'm interested... but I hate getting angry. I love seeing Teddy-Ted getting intellectually destroyed (not exactly a Herculean feat), but when the press doesn't report it that way and the public is too stupid or too ignorant to get it... its a hollow satisfaction.

But the one truth that stands above all else is that this confirmation process is face-time for some of the biggest egomaniacs that have ever walked the halls of Congress. And the biggest difference between the two Parties' approach is that the Democrats know they can count on the media to edit the proceedings for public consumption in a way that will show these Dems in the best light.

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