Saturday, January 21, 2006

Gays Portraying Christians

SkyePuppy's blog, which is always worth your time, brought to my attention a movie called "End of the Spear" that was made about the five missionaries that were killed in Equador and the families who subsequently took up their work... a story you've probably heard on Moody Radio or from your church's pulpit. It's supposed to be a very good movie that apparently adheres to the "spirit" of the event... (will inspire Christians that know the story)... and yet waters down the Christian evangelism stuff to make it more palatable for other audiences. (Which should surprise no one.)

And now the controversy.... A gay man, Chad Allen, who is also a gay activist is playing one of the missionaries... and some Christians are upset.

So Chad Allen is a sinner. It's too bad that the producers didn't find that out before they cast him. Only men that do not sin should play missionaries.

Oh wait... there are degrees of sin. Its on a ten point scale where child molestors are (10) and those who litter are (1). That of course puts Gays at (8)... (7) if they just kiss.

But I fear the gay community may not sense our Christian love and concern for them when they hear about all this. They may take it the wrong way. They may think some of us are hypocrites (5) and bigots (6). Most of them are liberal Democrats (9) and already don't trust us, causing them to spit on the street (1) at the very mention of the word "Christian."

This little controversy seems to me a no-brainer. If we are against hiring gay actors or seeing a movie with a gay actor, are we against hiring a gay machinist to work the line at Chrysler? Is the LeBaron he makes "unclean?" This is important because there may be a gay person at all the automobile manufacturing plants and I live several miles from my work.

I have not seen this movie, but I would guess that if a Sunday School class of teenagers went to see it they would not be inspired to become gay... but they might be inspired to do something very special with their lives.

I think Jesus would take His Sunday School class to see this movie. Would He pay those ridiculous prices for cokes and popcorn? No, He would not.

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SkyePuppy said...


I must confess I am a sinner. I went to see "End of the Spear" yesterday (that wasn't the sin), and I bought Starburst (not my usual at the movies) and a large drink. At movie theater prices (yes, that was the sin)!!!

I have obviously failed the WWJD test. I'm so ashamed...