Friday, January 13, 2006

Alito and the Dems

Its been an interesting week. The Dems performed in accordance and proportionally to their character... as did Alito. The Dems followed the money and looked kookie and mean just like their base. Alito followed the same principles he has followed throughout his life and looked... like a Supreme Court Justice. So it goes.

The Committee vote was supposed to take place next Tuesday, but now Senator Leahy wants to postpone that for a week.... more fun and games. According to Fox News the Leftist interest groups that give money to the Democrats have a big war chest to use against Alito by purchasing commercial time targeting the "gang of 14" senators, hoping to persuade them to support a filibuster.

Leahy isn't doing his Senator buddies in the "gang" any favors by postponing the vote. It puts them in a very difficult position. Do they keep their word or do they get the money? Time will tell.

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