Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hillary's Plantation

First of all, do the Dems really want the word plantation floating around considering the way blacks have been treated by Dems in the distant past... not to mention the present? Hillary used this inflammatory word in front of a black audience on MLK day to describe the Republican run House of Representatives... but I think it much better represents the Democrat Party.

Is there anything whiter than the Democrat leadership? Look who's calling the shots! The Republican base wants Condi Rice for its candidate in 2008... and the Democrat's prominent black is...?

The closest thing to a serious black Democrat candidate is Senator Barack Obama... the son of a Kenyan college professor, a white mother from Kansas, born in Hawaii, raised by an Indonesian Muslim step-father, educated in a Catholic school... not exactly an Alabama sharecropper's son, now is he. His heritage in no way reflects black America but his physical appearance... well its all about appearances with the Dems. And this is typical of the "kind" of non-black black man that the Dems are comfortable with.

The Democrats have kept African Americans in their place for several hundred years now. But conservative and moderate blacks are finding a home in the Republican Party... a home where they are embraced and elevated.

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