Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Impeach Bush?

In concert with Al Gore's tirade, Zogby ran a poll asking if Americans favored Congress looking into the matter of impeachment.

SkyePuppy has a great post on the subject.

I just checked the blogosphere and the left-wing loons are going nuts over Gore's speech and the Zogby Poll. One reported that a majority of Americans wanted the president impeached... not exactly what the poll indicated... but accuracy never got in the way of the Left.

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Gary Gross said...

There's a longstanding tradition in the Democratic Party that says that they don't have to pay attention to verified information if it gets in the way of advancing the Agenda. Teddy's been using it on judicial nominees since the Nixon Administration.

It became such accepted practice that the erstwhile MSM started practicing it. I no longer call the NYTimes or Washington Post the MSM. Instead, they're called the Agenda Media on my Let Freedom Ring blog.