Thursday, January 05, 2006

Compassion for Gays

Peter Heck wrote a great post about how liberals claim to have compassion for the Gay community but do nothing to discourage their wreckless and sometimes fatal lifestyle.
He writes:

The reality is that just like physical laws, our universe is governed by moral laws. When those laws are broken, serious consequences prevail. If the cultural elites would spend more time loving and caring for homosexuals, attempting to steer them away from a deadly lifestyle choice...they might be more believable when they claim to have the best interest of homosexuals in mind.

I would only add this: When an Indy-Car driver goes head-on into a wall and dies, I'm sorry for him. But I'm not sorry in the same way as when a woman dies of breast cancer. When a mountain climber falls to his death I feel bad, but not in the same way as when an old person falls and dies of a brain hemorrhage.

Neither the race car driver nor the mountain climber want me to step in and stop them or discourage them from what they enjoy doing because they have made the choice and decision that their activity and its rewards are worth the risk. The common expression is,"Well, they died doing what they most enjoyed." And there you go.

The gays and the liberals have all this worked out. Homosexuals do what pleases them and the liberals support their passive death-wish by calling their behavior an "alternate lifestyle." Then when they die of hepatitis or AIDS the liberals weep and and blame Republicans for underfunding research.

I'll agree that the Christian approach to homosexuality is more compassionate, but I think Mr Heck would agree that its the liberals who are giving Gays exactly what they want.

And by the way, there is a cure for mountain-climbing deaths. Its called staying off the mountain.

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