Monday, January 09, 2006

Best Sitcoms

And now for something really important. Beneath my rough and rugged exterior there lives a certifiable geek. Did I play an instrument in the high school band? Oh yes... I did.

As a geek I love to make lists whose titles involve words like best, biggest, most... etc.

So here are the best sitcoms of all time... or at least of my time.

1) The Dick Van Dyke Show
Great characters. The first year was the weakest, but finished strong. Carl Reiner was a genius.
2) The Andy Griffith Show
Would be #1 except for the post Barney Fife years.
3) The Bob Newhart Show
Great characters and great writing.
4) Mary Tyler Moore Show
Was there a bad episode? Three spin-offs: Lou Grant, Phyllis, Rhoda... and four if you
count the Betty White Show.
5) Seinfeld
Not as broad an audience appeal, but merits top five.
6) I Love Lucy
7) All in the Family
A bit preachy at times, but great entertainment.
8) Cheers
Lost a little when Diane Chambers left, but other strong characters filled in.
9) Barney Miller
You could count on your fingers the scenes outside that one squad room.
10) Frazier
Sophistication with belly-laughs.
11) Newhart
Bob Newhart at his second-best. Started on video-tape, later filmed.
12) Taxi
Danny Devito teams with Christopher Lloyd again... first played together in "One Flew Over
a Cookoo's Nest."

Honorable Mention:
1) Mash
In the top ten till Henry and Trapper John left. Then it became a weekly sermon with a couple laughs mixed in.
2) The Practice
Little known, short-lived Danny Thomas vehicle... every episode a gem.
3) Night Court
Great characters
4) Best of the West
The first time I remember seeing Christopher Lloyd. Only 13 episodes. Very funny.
5) Everybody Loves Raymond


Anonymous said...

Where's Perfect Strangers? Balki, Larry...hilarious!

Malott said...

I would bet that you're 10 to 20 years younger than I.

SkyePuppy said...

What about Batman? What about My Favorite Martian?

Christina the music major said...

Okay, not a lot to disagree with here, but you left out a rather obvious one, didn't you? What about The Cosby Show? That has to rank above Night Court and The Practice.

Not bad for a "band geek", though.

Malott said...

Skyepuppy, first of all I'll assume that you saw Batman only in reruns because you were much too young to have watched TV in 1966... but frankly Batman didn't occur to me... nor Did MFM because my parents forced me to go to church on Sunday night and I missed it along with the Disney program. But we made it home in time to watch the ABC Sunday Night Movie while we ate left-overs.

And Christina, before I shortened this post I had a "family fare" portion that included Leave it to Beaver, Home Improvement, and Cosby among others. I envision you watching Cosby cross-legged on the floor with pigtails.

D. B. Light said...

Excellent taste in sitcoms. I remember them fondly, of course we are both showing our ages, me perhaps even more than you. I for instance, remember "Life of Riley," "Father Know Best" and "Ozzie and Harriet." I even can vaguely remember back when she was Harriet Hilliard and sang for her supper.