Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Praying in the Name of Jesus

Back on November 30th Judge David Hamilton ruled that the Indiana State House could not open its work day with prayers that mentioned Jesus. Hamilton's ruling was based on a 1983 Supreme Court decision, Marsh vs. Chambers, which upheld prayer in the Nebraska Legislature after references to Jesus had been removed.

So I guess our legislators are allowed stand up, close their eyes, and talk to no one in particular about ways in which no one in particular might bless their efforts.

It was thoughtful of Judge Hamilton to ESTABLISH rules about how we approach God. Most people would be so short-sighted as to give everyone the freedom to pray in his own way, but where would we be then? Not to worry... our Judge David Hamilton has already ESTABLISHED his understanding of religion and how it relates to government. Thanks, Dave.

So the Indiana State Legislature is back in session today. House Speaker Brian Bosma has said, "we will find a way to have prayer within the (judge's) order in one fashion or another." Maybe they could end their prayer: In the name of Joseph and Mary's kid who happens to be the Son of the God of Abraham...

Sorry, Dave... still too specific?

It would please me if today the desinated prayer person would stand up before the legislative body in Indianapolis and mention the name of Jesus about ten times. He could always run out immediately afterwards and hide from Dave and his ACLU stormtroopers.

But maybe its time for our judicial system to find some Christians in contempt of their rulings. Maybe this judiciary which rules by personal preference needs to find out how the public feels about their efforts to change this country into the People's Republic of China. Maybe its time for men to be jailed for speaking the name of Jesus.

You see, I think this situation calls for civil disobedience... but then I am a dark and mighty ruffian in whom submission can find no purchase.

In Jesus' name I blog, Amen.

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