Tuesday, January 24, 2006

No Love for Joe Among Wild-Eyed Connecticut Dems

This surprises even me. Joseph Lieberman's support for the war has leading Democrats in Connecticut looking to challenge his re-election. Amazing.

Lieberman has the respect of the entire nation... well if you don't count the liberal loons, and is a solid moderate. He is a former vice-presidential candidate for crying out loud!

This is truly a defining moment for the Democrat Party.

And the name being floated to replace him? In an interview with FOXNews.com:
Former U.S. senator and Connecticut Gov. Lowell Weicker said he will challenge Lieberman in 2006 if no credible anti-war Democrat or Republican jumps into the race first.

This is the same Loony-Lowell Weicker that the National Review has had so such fun with in the past. This is just too sweet.

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SkyePuppy said...

This is the price reasonable Dems pay for angering the over-the-cliff Left (the ones who fork over the really big bucks). Hillary is still trying to walk that tightrope suspended between moderation and the Left cliff. If she keeps doing what she's been doing, she's going to be a bigger flip-flopper than Kerry was.

Meanwhile, Lieberman is at risk of being skewered for his sanity. It's a real shame for him, and for the remaining normal people in the Democratic party.

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