Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Alito vs Schumer

Because of a steady flow of work yesterday I saw only two small portions of the Alito judicial hearings, the first of which was Senator Charles Schumer's opening remarks.

Now I know we are taught to love our enemies and bless those who do us wrong. But Senator Schumer's performance left me wondering if he was born of woman or if he was rather belched-up from the bowels of hell. So my question is, if Schumer is the very spawn of Satan do we still have to love him? No doubt there are theologians deliberating on this issue as I write.

The second portion I witnessed was Alito's opening remarks. Did he have notes with him? It looked as if he was relaxed and I thought he represented himself very well. But early-on in today's grilling we'll know the metal of the man.

Hardest for me will be keeping my religion as I watch the hero of Chappaquiddick waxing nobler-than-thou with a man whose character and intellect dwarfs that of Joe's and Rose's last and biggest mistake.

But I believe Schumer will offer up the most effective and formidable challenge to Alito's confirmation... that is, if he concentrates and keeps his head from spinning around.

My apologies to Senator Schumer's mother.


SkyePuppy said...

Oh, come on, Chris! Don't hold back. Enough with the niceties and tip-toeing around the way you REALLY feel.

Is Schumer really only the spawn of Satan?

Christina said...


I needed a good laugh today and your blog provided it! I didn't see any of the hearings yesterday as young Emily has a limited amount of patience for such hearings, but I did hear Sen. Schumer (did I spell that right?) waxing ridiculous on Meet the Press on the way home from church Sun. It was quite clear to me that he has already made up his mind regarding Alito and that there will be a filibuster unless Alito specifically says (probably in these exact words) that he will never ever under any circumstance even rationally consider the idea of reversing Roe v. Wade.

Spawn of Satan?....I don't know, but he is the epitome of slick weasel-like politicians who are smart enough to know they don't have to yell or pound on things (think Howard Dean and Teddy K.) to be dangerous.

Keep up the good work and I'll pray that you can keep your religion over the coming days and weeks. If worst comes to worst, you'll just have to adopt the policy that Andrew has...resort to Dvd's and cd's and video games...you know, avoidance of aggravation at all costs.

Malott said...

Skyepuppy, the actual prince of darkness would be much more attractive than Schumer, however if Satan was a United States Senator he would definitely be from New York or California.

And Christina, Andrew practices avoidance because he is much smarter than I.
Chucky-Chuck has definitely made up his mind how he will vote, but as of yet I don't see a filibuster in the offing.
And I really like your weasel imagery.

Larry Head said...

While I don't getpersonal with MR. Schumer...I agree that he is one of the biggest blowhards on the committee. Nothing short of an answer stating unequivocally how he would rule will satisfy Senator Schumer, Or Kennedy, or even the evil woman herself {lol} Senator Feinstein. Check out my blog tonight for a more interesting view of today's questioning of the Judge.