Monday, January 02, 2006

Lethal Peace

I've long believed that the U.S. needs to stay militarily engaged in the Middle East and that Iraq is as good a place as any. On the other side of the political spectrum the Leftists, Democrats, and Anti-War crowd insist that it is time to disengage from Iraq and start bringing our troops home. Evidently to their way of thinking the danger is over, we can finally relax since 9/11 is ancient history, and the United Nations can handle the terrorist problems in the future. More importantly, this liberal conglomerate has changed the domestic political landscape making it doubtful that the U.S. government would preemptively engage a hostile and threatening country... at least not until there was another devastating attack on our soil.

With every word that proceeds from the mouth of Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, I believe we can imagine the source and nature of the next attack.

With Iran's nuclear future left in the hands of United Nations negotiators, our future is a very troubling one. The liberal media and the Democrats have effectively made any move against Iran political suicide for any American president, so unless Israel saves us by inserting sanity into the equation and taking matters into their own hands, Al Qada may possess Iranian-made nuclear devices in the not-so-distant future.

If I was Bin Laden or Zarqawi this is how I would use them: I would place one device in a large American city and the rest in Israel. I would announce to the world that there were two nuclear devices in two American cities that would be detonated one after the other if the U.S. did not remove all their troops from the Afghanistan, Iraq, and the rest of the Middle East. Our government would not comply so at that point much of Washington, Los Angeles or maybe Chicago...would be erased.

I would let the horror sink in for a couple of days while the U.S. government promised to find the source of the weapons and threatened retaliation... but where would they strike and what good would it do?

Next I would threaten to detonate the second device if my demands were not met.

As the inevitable retreat of U.S. troops began, I would start on Israel.

Even with all our weapons and soldiers, we are only as powerful and effective as our political system allows us to be. Its sad that the radical base of a party that controls neither the White House nor either body of Congress can team with the liberal media to effectively emasculate our defense and foreign policy. I suggest that it may be a very "lethal peace" that they procure.

Do you think maybe if a nuclear bomb was detonated on American soil the Democrats might approve of the NSA wiretaps? It would definitely be harder for them to convince the country that we are not at war.

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