Monday, January 23, 2006

Self Portrait

I turned 52 years old on Saturday. That's why I look like this... although I don't think my face is really that fat. My ears are really that big, but my face... In fact, my big ears generally make my face look thinner but it seems they are letting me down these days. If you click on my face it will become its "actual size," depending on the size of your monitor... but that may not be a priority for you.

As you might have guessed, self deprecation is a way of life for me. In fact I try to deprecate at least once a day, even if I have to strain to do it.

I purchased a new digital camera for my birthday... you can see it in the mirror. There is nothing quite like being 52 and having a new toy. I'm sure you'll be seeing digital pictures of my vegetable garden later in the year on this site. I'm the Carrot King of my neighborhood. (Yes, I'm proud.) I was thinking I might have a weekly garden-picture moment on my blog... me tilling my garden... me pulling weeds... me looking troubled over blossom end rot... stuff like that. Rivetting journalism at its best.

(Here is an actual photogragh of me holding carrots.)


Bryan Alexander said...

Happy birthday, Chris.

SkyePuppy said...

Those are some nice-looking carrots!

Here in So. California, we grow stunted vegetables, because we have mostly clay or sand and no nutrients to speak of.

Happy birthday.

Christina said...

Nice pictures, Chris. I'm glad you bought a nice new "toy" to play with.

Speaking of the camera...what kind did you get? We've been looking into buying one to try to capture the elusive Emily (she moves so fast these days, and alas, our camera moves more like a snail.) So, do you have a recommendation, or is it too soon to say?

janice said...

Happy belated Birthday Chris....