Saturday, February 11, 2006

Take My Wives... please!

In case you missed it, The Weekly Standard had an article about a Dutch man named De Bruijn and his bisexual wife who were part of a wedding ceremony which brought another bisexual woman into their marriage.

Stanley Kurtz writes in the WS:
More important, the De Bruijn wedding reveals a heretofore hidden dimension of the gay marriage phenomenon. The De Bruijns' triple marriage is a bisexual marriage. And, increasingly, bisexuality is emerging as a reason why legalized gay marriage is likely to result in legalized group marriage. If every sexual orientation has a right to construct its own form of marriage, then more changes are surely due. For what gay marriage is to homosexuality, group marriage is to bisexuality. The De Bruijn trio is the tip-off to the fact that a connection between bisexuality and the drive for multipartner marriage has been developing for some time.

Peter Heck's web site (which I highly recommend you bookmark) was the first site I saw that explored the highly bizarre possibilities that could arise from adjusting the traditional meaning of marriage. What I first thought was simply Mr Heck's hyperbole may instead prove to be prophetic.

The problem with a slippery slope is not the fall, but the momentum that quickly gathers.

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