Monday, February 20, 2006

Muslim Sensitivities

Yes the Muslims are a sensitive lot. Much has been said recently about how the press wishes to avoid hurt feelings by not publishing the infamous cartoons that caused the "cartoon riots," and that precipitated the death threats made by these poor sensitive Muslims. These are the same simple, sensitive folk that celebrated 9/11 and then bought videos of the event so they could re-live that day. Yes, this magic, colorful religion of suicide bombings, gang rapes, and beheadings has produced some of the most sensitive people on the planet.

But when these meek, gentle people possess nuclear weapons and turn Tel Aviv into a cinder, will it hurt their feelings if we retaliate? If we level Tehran will it cast a gloom over the Muslim world? Have we sufficient stockpiles of anti-depressants and mood elevators to treat so many sensitive people who are culturally prone to hurt feelings and being downcast?

Some would say that loving your neighbor and blessing those that persecute you... and turning the other cheek... is meant to be applied on a personal level and has no bearing on the actions of governments in their self-defense. But was Jesus aware of how sensitive these people are?

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