Thursday, February 02, 2006

Rudy's Promise

I believe Rudy Guliani is at this time the strongest Republican candidate for the presidency in 2008... at least among moderate Republicans and Independents. I don't know that he's running, but I'm sure he would receive more votes than any of the candidates that the Democrats might choose to run... at least more votes among moderate Republicans and Independents.

"But Christopher!" you say, "What about the Conservative Christian Right? Guliani is pro-choice, and the Republicans can't win if the CCR stays home."

True. But the Conservative Christian Right will come out to vote for Rudy if he makes a simple promise. All he has to do is stand up and say, "Its my belief that the current Supreme Court has made it its policy to usurp the constitutional authority of the state and federal legislatures. If elected I promise I will nominate to the Court judges like Rehnquist, Scalia, and Roberts who interpret the constitution, not establish their personal preference as law." If the CCR balked he could start naming names or simply provide a pool of judges he would nominate.

Would he keep his promise or would he go moderate? That might depend upon whether or not he wanted a second term.

I've often said that you don't need to be pro-life to know that Roe is a power grab by the Supreme Court. You don't have to be a conservative to see the advantage of nominating a strict constructionist to the court. Guliani knows that striking down Roe wouldn't outlaw abortion and I have no reason to believe that he doesn't believe that laws should be made only by elected representatives.

Guliani isn't my first choice... or even my fifth choice. But so much rides on this next election that I believe the Republican Party needs to consider who might be the strongest candidate. And if Rudy makes "the promise" ... he's the man.


All_I_Can_Stands said...

I think any popularity Guliani enjoys today due mostly to his 9/11 performance as NY mayor will only partially transfer to a presidential campaign. I also think whatever does transfer will quickly evaporate during a campaign.

He is likeable, but he has weak points that will be targeted quite easily.

the wall said...
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