Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Democrat Leaders Most Dangerous When Dead

Coretta Scott King was just a sick old woman a week ago, but now that she is dead she has become a weapon in the hands of the Leftists and the Democrats. Reminiscent of Senator Paul Wellstone's funeral, when this relatively unknown dead Minnesota Senator was used to attack Republicans, Mrs. King's funeral proved to be a vehicle to embarrass and chide President Bush who had come to pay his respects to the dead woman and her family.

Former President Jimmy Carter, practically dead, used the funeral of the dead Civil Rights widow to scold the President about the NSA wiretaps and all those dead black people in New Orleans.

Reverend Joseph Lowery, certainly no stiff, but still very effective, blasted the president for the dead killed by "smart bombs" and the fact that no WMD were found.

With so many left-wing leaders growing old, Republicans must despair wondering which dead Democrat will be the next to rise up and attack them.

Whether it's on the Judiciary Committee or at funerals, it's the Democrats who best reflect the manners and polite sophistication of this country's "Jerry Springer" culture.


Bryan Alexander said...

It's disgraceful that these people don't even have enough respect for the people they claim to revere to refrain from turning their memorial services into political rallies.

Kudos to President Bush for having enough class to not further denigrate the service by lashing back.

Christina said...

I think this is just another example of how the Democrats use people to further their own agendas. They pretend to care about certain people or groups, but the truth is, any one of the those special groups of people can and would be willingly sacrificed on the altar of Democratic self-preservation and elevation of power. The Democratic party and particularly its leadership are a disgrace to our nation.

Larry Head said...

Bravo...yet another examle of the difference between the conservative movemen and the far left. At least consrvatives respect the funeral of apivotal american as a time for reflection on the life of the deceased ndividual...and not a platform for spewing the hatred Mr. and Ms King fought so hard against.

All_I_Can_Stands said...

Dems always make sure nobody will ever accuse them of being a class act.