Thursday, February 09, 2006


What you see here took me about 3 hours to produce, but involved less than 30 minutes actual hands-on work. There is a reason why people have been baking bread for centuries... it's easy, it's practically fool proof, and its smells even better than it tastes.

That said, not many men bake bread... and brings us to the major reason why I never married. Yes, it's my cooking. The women I dated were always intimidated by my cooking... my potato salad, my lima beans in cheese sauce, my various hot dishes and sides. Why, even my green beans made many feel inadequate. I took no pleasure in shaming these women. But I had to be me.

Oh sure, I'm proud of my cooking. But late at night you can't cuddle up to a casserole.


Anonymous said...

But look at the bright side:
If you eat enough of the casserole, you won't feel like cuddling anyway.

SkyePuppy said...


Your bread is a thing of beauty. I used to have a bread machine (and my daughter is lobbying for me to get another one--not going to happen), but I ditched it. The bread just wasn't the same. It didn't last the same or taste the same as bread that you sink your hands into.

Now, I mostly make whole wheat bread, but I make it into rolls instead of a loaf, and it lasts longer for me that way. Freeze most of them and keep some in the fridge for sandwiches that stick out the sides of the rolls. Yowza!

You can get so much done when the dough is rising. Thanks for the reminder. I need to bake more rolls.