Friday, February 17, 2006

Liberals, Famous Muslim Comedic Legends, and Free Speech

...then Abou says to Mahmoud, "So how many virgins does it take to have a respectable Jihad?"

Yes, who hasn't had a good belly-laugh at this classic punch line. But Islam isn't just light-hearted fun. No, lately it has shined a light on the inconsistencies of the liberal's notion of free speech.

Liberals love free speech. Well, they love the free speech that they love. They love it when it involves the hate-filled demonstrations against the Bush Administration, but not when it is what they call hate-speech on a college campus. They loved the "P_ss Christ," but they don't publish the Danish Mohammed cartoons, even though a major news story of the day revolves around these drawings.

That shy and demure little wisp of a woman, Ann Coulter has a new article which the Left would no doubt call hate speech. She calls the enemies of the civilized world derogatory names. For Ann this is an uncharacteristic departure into the land of sarcasm and political incorrectness. Perhaps it was something she ate.

Nonetheless, I will not be a party to the publicizing or circulating of this ribald, vulgar, and insensitive piece. You can find it here:


SkyePuppy said...

And I will not be a party to reading (twice) this ribald, vulgar and insensitive piece and commending you on your ability to avoid publicizing it.

Nope. Won't do it.

Malott said...

Thank you, SkyePuppy.

We must hold fast to our standards.