Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Secular and Religious Fascism

On 9/11 the civilized, educated Muslim world sat silent, probably enjoying just a bit the West being hit so brutally. But now they are the ones under the gun in the Middle East where government by mob is becoming the law of the day and the list of extremist Muslim restrictions on free speech increases each day. Journalists are facing trial in a time where holding a second opinion might lead to their death. Any influence reasonable Muslims had in this region is quickly being ceded to those who will gladly embrace a religious police-state.

Our country has watched this kind of thing before and delayed acting until the cost of action was tragically high. The secular Fascism of Hitler grew out of control and was the cause of enormous death and suffering. In the Middle East the juggernaut of Religious Fascism threatens to do the same.

Just as during the Cold War, today Liberals love to dream that evil can be thwarted with the right words and that mankind can rise above its darker, ugly side with just the right coaxing. But it's the hawkish, conservative leaders that lead us through the storms... and all those brave young men... and women.


janice said...

Great post Chris. It seems like the parasite will kill the host.

All_I_Can_Stands said...

Love that last paragraph. Very well written. I sometimes have a good post that I just do not know how to end without it just fading away like an old soldier. Yours completed in style!

SkyePuppy said...

How hard it must have been for the ones with open eyes to have watched Hitler's fascism grow and spread unchecked as they stood powerless in the wings. But we can forgive the appeasers of his time, because they had no way of knowing what was coming.

We do. We've seen this before, in the 1930s, and for the liberal leaders to ignore the signs and pretend not to see where they lead is unforgivable.

Even the soldier or marine on the ground understands reality infinitely better than today's liberal.

Christina said...

Good post, Chris. The liberals are acting like children where matters like this are concerned. They cover their eyes and hope the problem will go away. They refuse to see the dangers that are very real and not only not going away, but growing stronger and closer to us here in America with each passing day. There is a time for peaceful words and there is a time for strong action...after all, actions speak louder than words and that is a truth that cuts both ways.