Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Al Gore Makes Friends

Last Sunday Al Gore traveled to a foreign – and hostile – country to denounce his commander-in-chief who is fighting a War on Terror initiated by citizens and expatriates of that nation, Saudi Arabia. In a surprise moment of solidarity the former Vice President announced that he would be legally changing his name to Al Jazeera Gore in honor of the Arabic language television network, and terrorist sympathizing, Al Jazeera. Mr Gore stated, "I've never met Al Jazeera, but he and I obviously have a lot in common."


janice said...

The man is truely unhinged. I've been searching for the audio to no avail. Just finished a great book,
"Age of Tolerance, From Al to Allah". An alternate history had Gore won in 2000. I shudder to think.

Anonymous said...

Unhinged, yes. But what pretty hair he has.