Friday, February 03, 2006

The Justice Ginsberg Record

Rising conservative talk show host, Peter Heck, has a great post about the double standard for Supreme Court nominees. About half way through he discusses some of Ruth Bader Ginsberg's views. It gives the reader some idea of what is "mainstream" to the Democrat leadership.

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janice said...

Frightening to think how close we were to having like minded jurist appointed to the court. It's sad the left can't understand elections have consequences. Bush won, Alito and Roberts are his appointees, barring extreme circumstances, the circus hearings show the desperation of their democratic base. They can't win elections so they'll try to win legislation in the courts.

Larry Head said...

They can not win elections on the merit of their ideas. Accordingly, they have increasingly been using the courts through their extremem left wing proxy groups like the ACLU to do their dirty work. I was amazed by the amount of rancor and abject terror shown by Ted Kennedy in the final moments before cloture. You would have though someone brought up Chappaquiddick