Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Altar of Multiculturalism

I may die of old age before my small town sees its first mosque. Forgive me, but that would suit me just fine. I'm already ticked off that my bank machine requires an extra keystroke to choose between English and Spanish. I put money into a tax system that pays billions in healthcare and education costs for illegal aliens so that I can save 15 cents on the piece of fruit I buy at the grocery.

And I've got a snippet of reality for my congressman... There are groups of individuals that are coming to this country not to immigrate, but rather to colonize this land. There are cultures colonizing our country that are incompatible with our culture. Do you think maybe we should apply the brakes to immigration until we figure out where Europe went wrong?

My questionaire for immigrants...
1) Can you speak English?
2) Is your religion historically peaceful?
3) Do you have a college degree or a marketable skill?

That's a start... and by the way the answer to all the above would have to be in the affirmative to qualify for immigration. If a person comes to this country they should have something to offer this country. Something positive.

This is important because thousands of cars have been torched in France and Australia. It's important because in Sweden and Norway, once peaceful societies, there is an epidemic of savage rapes and violence commited by third world youths whose only contributions are births and a drain on the welfare system. It's important because Europeans are fleeing European cities.

In Detroit hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants refuse to speak English... nor do they embrace America’s culture and separate from their former countries and cultures. In the southwest millions of legal and illegal immigrants refuse to learn and speak English, expecting every tranactional experience to be translated into their language.

There is not even selective immigration allowed in China, Russia, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and most other countries for that matter. Are they suffering race riots, car burnings, a language crisis, and other such problems? No, these problems are reserved for the sophisticated, liberal countries of the West.

People who come to America should come because they want to be Americans. We speak and conduct business in English. We love our country and our culture.

I've got nephews and nieces. I want them to be able to raise their children in the same culture that I was raised in. I don't want their future sacrificed on the altar of multiculturalism.

Look at Europe. Look around America. Multiculturalism doesn't work. It's time to deal with that fact.


Myron said...

Illegal immigration is out of control and we are in a dangerous situation when a so-called conservative president decide to do nothing about our broken border.

janice said...

Nice post Chris. The muslims in Detroit have their own "muslim only" bank. "Our tolerance of their intolerance will murder this country"